The Insiders' Guide to Landing Page Builders

So here you are, looking for tips to guide you through the vast land of landing page builder and discover this post. And you know how they say that some are born with a silver spoon in their mouths.

Well, you may not be among the rich and privileged, but since you were lucky enough to come across this post, please allow me to conclude that you were born with a… Hold on… Builder spoon in your mouth.

And excuse my messy pun (oh my god, here's another one) but it is true that after reading this guide you will be ready to choose the best landing page builder for your business, effortlessly and effectively.

So dig into this guide for landing page builders and you can thank me later for feeding you with this precious spoon!

11 Killer Landing Page Builders

1. Moosend

Moosend Home Page

Advantages :

Charity starts at home they say so … An all-in-one solution that helps anyone create well-designed pages in minutes, Moosend provides an out-of-the-box builder for all industries.

Drag-and-drop functionality with emphasis on professional and elegant landing pages without any coding experience, fully optimized for mobile devices.

It also offers a large template library filled with ideas for various marketing purposes, as well as important features like countdown timers, forms, and anti-bot protection


Offers three different plans, monthly, 6-month, and yearly, starting at $8. 

Free Trial:

No free trial included, but landing pages are available on all paid plans. 

2. Instapage

For easyInstapage by Landing Page Builder conversions Benefits: Create stunning landing pages from scratch without any programming experience.

With a simple drag & drop feature, you can create professional-looking mobile-friendly landing pages in minutes.

You can set up your landing pages in WordPress and completely customize anything within a block.

It also offers a MailChimp integration and a large template library full of up-to-date ideas.


You can choose between Core and Enterprise plan, monthly or yearly.Core starts at $99 while Enterprise comes with custom pricing.

Free Trial: 14-day free trial with all the features of the Core plan.

3. Wishpond

To simply grow your businesswishpage builder landing page Benefits:With a simple user interface, Wishpond offers a wide range of quality and fully customizable templates with the help of drag-and-drop elements.

It allows publishing to your own domain, offers A/B testing, and also allows you to give parallax effect, and is an easy-to-navigate platform that allows you to integrate your landing page with over 300 tools.  

Pricing: It offers three different plans, starting with, everything you need and growing fast, starting at $49.

Free Trial: Y ou can try all of the above for 14 days.

4. Cancel

For PPCLanding page constructor is canceled campaigns Benefits: By combining creativity and flexibility, Unbounce helps you quickly create engaging, high-converting landing pages.

It may not be the cheapest but it's definitely one of the fastest around.

It offers a very simple drag-and-drop feature and integrates with almost any software on the market.


Three plans starting at $79.

Free trial: 30-day trial.

5. Lander

To easily create landing pages that convertlander landing page builder Benefits: Lander is one of the most popular platforms among newbies as it makes it easy to create a landing page with its simple drag-and-drop tool and all the features accessible with a single click.

It also offers a mobile version of their landing page creator, which helps improve mobile conversion rates. 

Although it doesn't allow you to use your own domain (subdomain only), it does allow A/B testing, which you can also get with the cheapest plan.

You will love the countdown timer feature that gives a sense of urgency and motivates the customer to act faster.

Pricing: The basic annual month starts at $16 per month while the pro costs $83.

There is also a monthly subscription.

Free Trial: All plans include a 14-day free trial.

6. Launchrock

For beginnersLanding Page Generator LaunchRock Benefits: This web-based software is ideal for newbies and users with no coding experience, while also offering full access to HTML, CSS, and Javascript code.


Clutter-free and easy to navigate, Launchrock offers good control over design and style, and also has some powerful analytics features built in.


T wo plans.Starter: free of charge.Pro: Starting at $5 per month.

Free trial:

Y eg.

7. Ucraft

For professional-looking pages at low costucraft landing page builder Benefits: Offering mobile-friendly templates and a convenient dashboard with an attractive interface, Ucraft is a block-based landing page builder that helps you create an impressive landing page without coding knowledge.


Four floors, one of which is free.Prices start at $10 while in all paid plans you can have your own domain name.

Free Trial: You can try all plans for free for 14 days.

8. OptimizePress Property

For WordPressLanding Page Builder Optimizer lovers Benefits: With an updated 2018 platform, OptimizePress offers a range of powerful templates that can be almost completely customized.

It comes with over 40 custom elements such as buttons and boxes and can also be integrated with a variety of software.


It offers three plans, starting at $97.All plans include unlimited landing pages.

Free Trial:


9. Home pages

For responsiveLanding Page Builder Leadpage landing pages Benefits: One of the most powerful landing page builders for growing email lists, Leadpages offers a fantastic setup with over 150 free, mobile-friendly templates to choose from.

It also offers models used by influencers, along with their average conversion rate.

You can design your landing page the way you want through simple drag-and-drop operations and also add images, videos, text boxes, etc. To make your page more appealing.

Pricing: Offers three different plans, starting at $17 with the two-year plan.They include all their own domain features while the Pro and Advanced plans both offer unlimited A/B splitting testing.

Free trial: 30-day free trial.

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10. Landing

For quick landingLandigi Landing Page Builder page creation Benefits: Landingi lets you create awesome landing pages with its simple drag & drop elements and 800 free fonts.

It also offers A/B testing without technical setup and is fully integrated with Google Analytics.


Four floors, starting at $29.All of them include unlimited landing pages, unlimited custom domains, and unlimited account users.

Free Trial: You can try any plan for free for 14 days.

11 .ClickFunnels

For funnelLanding Page Builder ClickFunnel traffic Benefits: The goal of ClickFunnels is to help you make money online.

Sophisticated and professional-looking, this landing page builder easily integrates with any software and tool and offers a wide selection of page elements.

You can easily create sales funnels, duplicate, and run A/B split tests, and you have complete freedom to create a landing page the way you want.

Pricing: Two plans ranging from $97 to $297.

Free Trial: Both offer a 14-day free trial.

Essential landing page builder features

You want your landing page to be perfect.

Even if we take a step back before we search for " how to create a landing page ".

You want it to have everything the best landing pages have and more.I hear you.

And so I give you the 8 must-have features that your landing page builder should always offer.

1. Drag and drop

Landing Page Builder drag and drop editor

Typical case of "cakeism" if you ask me, and probably the No.1 function to look for in a landing page builder.

Unless, of course, you prefer HTML.

Because who doesn't want to create a well-designed professional landing page that generates like crazy without spending a lot of time and effort on it?

I can tell you from experience, none.

The drag-and-drop feature allows you to fully customize your landing page by adding and moving any element of the landing page without the hassle of coding.

That basically means taking things like text boxes, images, buttons, forms, social widgets, and other features on your screen and placing them wherever it suits you.

I'm sure you realize how important it is, since with the help of simple drag-and-drop software you can create a truly spectacular and unique landing page that has nothing to do with the premade templates that everyone else is using. 

And all this in the blink of an eye.

Or let's say in less than 30 minutes.Still, not bad, huh?

2. It's a movable thing

Landing Page Builder - Mobile Responsive Design

This is 2019, in case you haven't noticed.

The complex and fascinating times in which everything seems like a science fiction movie of the 80s.

(Leave me a message if you also have fantasies of a Blade Runner life maybe a little too often.)

Where mobile phones lull us to sleep.And do you think you can escape with a landing page that looks good only on a desktop?

You're so much fun!

Because, according to Zenith, "mobile phones will be used for 80% of internet access by 2019."

Who laughs now?

A responsive mobile landing page is like the Trojan horse feature that will ensure you enter the mind of every single potential customer.

Of course, you don't expect them to pinch with the zoom to read your copy or give you an endless scroll down to find out what you want from them.

You have to offer a super pleasant landing experience, no matter what device they are using.

3. Put your name on it

Let me understand well.

No one will give you their money if, first of all, you are not willing to invest in it.

So, assuming you already know this fun little fact, I guess you'll find it pretty easy to see why a custom domain name is a must-have for your website and not technical jargon! 

Using your domain adds credibility to your business because it makes it look more professional.

And it also raises awareness, as it makes it easier for your visitors to remember your name and return to your website.Which will ultimately result in more customers and better sales.

In other words, choosing a landing page builder that allows you to use any domain is your one-way ticket to go from beginner to professional.

4. No tests, no rest

A/B Test Your Landing Pages

If you are a fortune teller you can skip that part.

For the rest of you, listen because there's no other way to learn what your customers like and what you don't. There is only A/B testing.

A landing page builder with an A/B testing feature allows you to design and submit multiple different versions of your landing page, channel your visit rate, measure engagement levels, and finally see what works best and impact conversion rates.

Find out what texts, images, social proofs and other elements make your customer's heart melt and stop leaving money on the table!

5. Connect with the world

Preferred password software, the integration can save your company time and offer a greater customer experience, since it keeps everything in one place.

The built-in software combines several applications into one program, managing all aspects of your landing page faster and easier.

With a built-in landing page you can say goodbye to manual porting to your visitor's information and welcome to identify the prospect anywhere on your site.

If this is not a real cure-all, then what is?

6. Speed issues

landing page speed

Did you know that, according to Google, 53% of visits are abandoned if a mobile site takes more than three seconds to load? 

It's too small, isn't it?

And the only thing you can actually do about it is trust a landing page builder that uses CDN!

Content Delivery Network aka CDN is a geographically distributed server system that works together to deliver Internet content faster, both in response times and load times.

This results in increased sales and increased loyalty as customers tend to return to a fast-loading website.

And you know what else?Along with your visitors and sales, you also make Google happy.Because CDN helps you strengthen your SEO efforts and rank higher.

7. Fancy

There's probably no better way to introduce someone to parallax scrolling than to submit it to The Walking Dead website .

Drawing on its comic legacy, this site takes you into its dark world and scores a perfect 10 on fancy effects.

The comic example dead dead

On this one-page site, visitors follow the story by scrolling with the mouse as they unravel several layers in the form of a virtual comic script.  

Hands – down one of the hottest landing page design trends, parallax scrolling offers an interactive viewing experience using different backgrounds to navigate at different speeds, creating a 3D effect as you scroll down.

Wondering why you should choose a landing page builder that offers that feature?

It offers an overall better user experience because it piques their interest and provides a more realistic product description that results in increased sales.

It also gives you the ability to put all your content on one page so that users don't have to navigate their hearts in your different pages.

Therefore, you have more chances to keep them on your website!

Visually appealing and great for SEO, parallax scrolling is your ally in the fight for a landing page that stands out and converts.

8. Analysis

landing page builder with analytics integration

It happens to everyone.Some landing pages convert, others don't. So you always want to have some landing page best practices in mind .

Some quit before you even submit your offer, while others generate leads in no time.

But why, oh why?

The best way to understand your customers' behavior is to know how your landing pages are performing.

As?With powerful landing page software that offers analytics.

Measure your ROI, see where your visitors are coming from, find out what people are looking for, and most importantly reach the right customers using a landing page builder that offers real-time analytics and tracks your data.

Success is waiting.

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E – bam! 

Do you have the features, you have the software, what are you waiting for?

Roll up your sleeves and build your moneymaker: a landing page that converts like crazy.

Build with professional landing page builder software.

And don't be a Scrooge.

Share your spoon with us – oops, I meant your recommendations!