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The method of passive income of 99% with almost 1 minute of work per day

It is possible with a fairly new project called is a brief story about my experience with the app so far.Someone on a Telegram channel was talking about it, so I thought I'd give it a try.

Note: While your hi Dollars remain locked for the duration of 1 year, this ensures that the value of "hi" remains intact.This is actually a really cool feature!Knowing that you won't be able to cash out for 1 year means that when you do, the payout will be MUCH bigger (maybe even life-changing)!!!


Team members include the former CEO of, the former CMO of and many other highly skilled professionals.One of my favorite aspects of the project is how much money they invested in the beginning.In addition to buying the "" domain for $12 million, they also have an incredible incentive program in place to use the service daily and become partners (which is why I signed up).As a result, 1.5 million people signed up for the service (in just a few months).

"revolutionizing the global financial infrastructure and rethinking how digital services can maximize value for stakeholders."— , 2021


  • Sign up with your favorite chat app (Telegram, WhatsApp, more coming soon)
  • WebApp
  • Send money to your friends
  • Flexible gain on your cryptocurrency holdings (earned in $HI dollars)
  • Agriculture CIAO
  • Earn HI for free

What are the ways to make money with

Daily request for hello

Basically, they allow you to claim $1 HI per day (*$1.30) as a daily reward (to increase their daily users).


Plus, you get half of the daily rewards for any friend you've referred and claiming every day.And your friends' friends also give you rewards.


You can earn $HI by locking your coins (in the WebApp select the Menu and select Earn).There are many products available.

Returns are paid in $HI and you can select when (Daily, EOT (End of Time))

When you click on one of the products you can enter the amount and also check if you want to automatically renew the period automatically.


There is a BUSD-HI LP pair available on PancakeSwap and you can point it to the HI Farm page:

At the time of writing, the APY is 440%!


  • The program lasts only 90 days
  • You have a threat of extra pool bonus of 1 million HI (I don't know how it works by the way)

Add liquidity

You can add liquidity here:

After that you can deposit LP tokens into the Farming contract and earn more $HI.


I realize that many people will be impressed by such an incredible offer.And believe me, so was I.The reason I joined was definitely the team behind the project and the immense capital they raised to build their brand.Come to think of it, the core value of any financial institution is trust.You need to trust your finance department, otherwise you will not rely on them with your funds.Therefore, needs to build trust from the start with huge upfront investments.Therefore, do not miss the opportunity and take advantage of the main advantages they currently offer.