Email subject texts that subscribers can't resist

Over the years I have done a lot of testing with email marketing trying to increase my open rate. I believe it doesn't matter how many subscribers you have on your list because if they are NOT opening your follow-ups, it will be impossible to convert them.I decided to do a bit of research and browse the web looking for case studies on email topics and where people are having the most success.For example, if you do a quick search for email subject lines in Google, you'll be able to find huge case studies conducted by my marketers testing different lines and calculating ROI.The ROI in this case will be the actual open rate and the number of people who click on your call to action.It's great what you'll find online and how this information can help you change your overall strategy.

Let's take a look at some statistics and which email lines had the highest ROI.Next to each line of the subject I will write a brief explanation, if any, why they are so effective.Start.

Here's a quick statistic provided by of over 40 million emails, the 10 most effective subject lines (60-87% open rate) were: (most to least popular)

  1. [Nome commerciale] Sales and marketing newsletters

The effectiveness of this newsletter will depend on your niche, however if you're an online entrepreneur, it's nice to see why.Everyone is looking for creative ways to sell and market their business so that they are attracted to follow-ups that provide detailed information about their industry.However, be sure to include your business name before the subject line to increase your opening potential.Subscribers remember when they signed up for a newsletter that provides value.

  1. [Nome azienda] Content Update (Oct 31 – Nov 4)

Dates are just an example, however it is strongly recommended to replace the correct dates.I had written extensively about the power of compiling the content of the previous weeks into "1" single newsletter.This will save you from sending too many emails every time the content is published and give people a chance to read the ones they find interesting.This has been the second most popular theme and continues to produce fantastic results.

  1. ATTENTION Subscribers [ragione sociale]

This email subject line is effective for obvious reasons.The first few capital letters always stand out, and the word ATTENTION is something we've grown up to accept.We automatically attract when we see or hear it, however it is important at the same time to provide value when the subscriber opens the message.For example, email follow-up will NOT be effective if you later DO NOT provide a quality message.

  1. [URGENTE] You have ONE DAY to watch this

I have to admit that this is very strategic in getting subscribers to open your email, but you MUST provide exceptional value when people click.Why is it so effective… Simple:

First, it provides people with a time limit by forcing them to act immediately.Subsequently, you think that something with a time limit automatically provides value, which is why I emphasized the importance of the substance in the follow-up of your email.

  1. 212 Blog Post Ideas

I'm surprised that this isn't the MOST popular because I've been getting emails from my subscribers about content ideas for years.Not to mention the highest open rate I've achieved, I've used these lines in my topic, but you have to keep a few things in mind.First, I think a lot of the success will have to do with the niche you're involved in because a lot of big companies have in-house writers and don't need to send these kinds of emails since their subscribers are different from online content blogs.

Secondly, the speed at which you send these emails is much slower than that of others.For example, how many times you can send a follow-up outlining 212 Idea Blog Post … right?However, if you pay close attention to the rest, you can send them at a rate of 2-4 times a month.The strategy you will use will depend on your niche, which is why testing is very important.However, from the above case studies we know which thematic lines are most successful so far and these should be used effectively in the future.