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Easy Ways to Make Money Fast: 30 Ways That Work

Featured at Forbes, Washington Post.

Bylines: Experian, Time, Inc., CNBC, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, USA Today and many more.

If you need to know how to make money fast, this guide is for you.

I've been there before. That's why I wrote it.I was so short at one point that I vowed never to be broke again.So I've spent the last ten years of my life learning from some of the richest, smartest, and most successful people on the planet about how to make money fastProof:

make money fast

make money fast

It's me with billionaires like Bill Marriott (you know, Marriott hotels), Mark Cuban, and Joe Gebbia, co-founder of Airbnb.I've also chatted extensively with entrepreneurs and entertainers like French Montana, DJ Khaled, investors like Daymond John of Shark Tank, No. 1 5x best-selling author Tim Timississ, and much more. 

Over the years I have also started several successful initiatives.

So, if you are serious about learning how to make money online fast, listen to me.

Note: not everything here will work out for you, and I'm not saying you'll get rich by following my suggestions. But you could justAnd everyone can help you make money fast, which is the goal of this guide.  What matters most is to choose some of them and run with them .Now let's go! 


Entrepreneurship is the gateway to financial freedom.It saved my life.And  Shopify  is the easiest way to start an online business.Now, I'm not talking about documents to formalize your business.Visit IncFile  for this.I'm talking about a way to earn extra money, day and night, 24/7/365, selling products online.It's painfully easy to get started.  

I sell high-quality vegan leather bags on Shopify right now through my shop Refined Traveler:make money fast

make money fast But I started making money with Shopify back in 2014, when I was selling gold grills

It's a lot of fun and not as complicated as you think. 

You can start with them for $0, as they offer a 14-day free trial.

After registering : read this detailed post from them on how to make your first saleI recommend everyone to open a shop on their own. This will take some time in advance, but $0 out of pocket.So try it now before moving on to the other choices on this list. 

Survey Junkie

You won't get rich by doing online surveys. But you will make money quickly with them. 

And  Survey Junkie  will pay you up to $45 per survey, although in my experience payouts average between $0.50 and $2.50 (I earned $19.05 spending a few minutes a day).It's not much.I know.

But you can beat these polls pretty quickly, and there are no skills involved.And that's the point: make money fast.If you have time, read my  review on Survey Junkie.Or, if you learn as I do, jump in and  begin


This is another way to make money fast, so easy that it almost feels like a scam.InboxDollars offers several ways to earn money, from using their search engine (paid for searching), to their video catalog (paid to watch videos).They also offer paid surveys and other easy ways to make money quickly.  Sign up to get a $5 bonus right away.


The easiest way to make money fast is with a cashback app.All you have to do is link your credit or debit card and shop as usual.Pretty much every time you scroll, you'll get up to 20% or more back.And  Dosh  is our top choice when it comes  to money-making  apps.You will receive cash in the bank (no points).It works in thousands of stores.Plus, you'll get $5 for each friend you refer to.It's quick and easy money.

Robin Hood

Investing, like entrepreneurship, was another life change for me. And  Robinhood  is the easiest way to invest in anything from stocks and options to ETFs, cryptocurrencies, and more.All with no commissions with no hidden costs.You can read my full Robinhood review to learn more, or you can sign up now to get a free stock from me.    


If you want to save money on autopilot (and get better returns than your bank pays), Acorns is a no-brainer.This is how Acorns works: it rounds transactions to the nearest dollar and automatically invests the difference.It's free for college students, and you can  get a $5 free bonus by opening your Acorns account now.


If you're really struggling,  sell your phone.You can quickly make $100 to $200 or more if it's a newer smartphone. Gazelle will give you a free quote on how much your phone is worth and it takes two minutes. 

Here are some other ways to make quick money:

Earn fast driving

Most people treat their cars as a way to get from point A to point B. But you can use your car for much more, especially in 2019. From delivering groceries to delivering people to places they want to go, you can drive around your car in a money-making car if you're experienced enough.

And luckily, we've detailed the best ways to make money with your car.


This is one of the most reliable ways to quickly earn on our list.And if you drive Uber at the right times, in the right places (eg. Early in the morning, at airports, etc.) You will have 10 times the earning potential.

According to the Washington Post, Uber pays about $20 an hour.

The factor in Uber requires 25% per ride and the average will be anywhere from $6-$12 depending on where you live.

  • Denver drivers can earn up to $11.21 per hour.
  • While in Detroit the average Uber driver earns $ 6.60 per hour.
  • Compare that to Houston, where the average Uber driver earns $8.43 an hour.


We've all seen that bright pink Lyft light resting on someone's dashboard.For good reason, too.Lyft is a surefire way to make money fast.The startup process is quick and easy.Unlike Uber, with Lyft your background check and document verification process happens in a flash!

In addition, Lyft consumes 5% less per ride than Uber.Lyft also pays more per ride than Uber, which is another good reason to join.The national average is $17.50 according to a 2017 survey of 1150 bike sharing app drivers.Meanwhile, in New York, you can earn up to $40.62 per hour driving Lyft!


Do you want to make money as a personal shopper?With Instacart you search for hard-to-find shopping list items and then leave them with customers.Instacart doesn't incur as many expenses as Lyft or Uber.

When you receive an order, you will get paid better than average.The average order value ranges between $15 and $48, dropping the average hourly rate between $7 and $18 per hour.

In addition, you can keep all your tips and bonuses, and receive a $5 bonus for orders over $200 and additional bonuses for exceeding a certain mileage per delivery.Would you turn down a suggestion after someone has spent an hour shopping for you?Most don't, hence why Instacarters can make good money.

Getting around

Get Around is a car sharing platform similar to Turo founded in 2009. GetAround allows regular people like you and me to rent cars from colleagues in the city.You can get complaints that you can make:
  • $10,000 per year
  • $800 per month
  • $5 in an hour

Getting around is an easy way to make money since you do nothing while your car does all the work, you can do what you usually do in everyday life

Uber Eats

"No boss.Flexible schedule Fast payment. "This is Uber Eats, and it might be the easiest of all on how to make money so far.Already an Uber driver?Making deliveries with Uber Eats is easy, as you're matched with orders through their app.

Here are the basic requirements:

  • Have car insurance and a valid driver's license
  • Have at least 1 year of driving experience.
  • Can lift up to 30 pounds
  • Have a vehicle built in 1996 or newer

On average you make $3-$6 per delivery.In an hour you can earn up to $ 12 per hour or more after the expenses of the vehicle.

Here's a professional tip: If you're looking to earn more money fast, it's absolutely crucial to work in lunch and dinner!


Postmates is "the largest, most reliable on-demand delivery and pickup platform" and (you can only tell how fast the money comes from).

From shopping to fast food delivery, with Postmates you keep 80% of each delivery and you can set your schedule without minimum days required.Deliveries start at $5 depending on the exact distance + tips.The high-end goes up to $25 per hour and the national average is $12 per hour.

Make money quickly offline

The internet has opened doors for regular people to make money fast, whether through surveys, apps, or other web-based offerings (more on these methods later).But there's something to be said about making money fast the old-fashioned way: offline, helping people, going out into the real world.Not only is it healthy to disconnect this way, but you can also gain a lot!


With cleaners earning up to $22 an hour and handymen earning up to $45 an hour, Handy is a great way to make money fast while maintaining a flexible schedule.Payments are easy and often go through direct deposit directly into your bank after a job has been done, it's a fantastic side hustle, one of our favorites on the list in fact.The application requirements are minimal and the works are numerous.

sitter City

Connecting parents with babysitters for the past 15 years, Sittercity is one of the most trusted hubs on the internet for someone looking to make money fast while doing important work like babysitting.It has over 7 million members in 50 states and offers full-time, part-time and counting jobs.

Since 2001 they have helped connect millions of families to sitters (one booking every 9 seconds) and the highest-earning sitters can earn up to $18 an hour or more.

Task Rabbit

TaskRabbit is a platform that allows people to hire someone they trust to perform various household tasks, errands, and much more.Becoming a tasker is simple.Here's what you need:

  • Have a Social Security Number
  • Be 21 years of age or older
  • Pass a background check
  • Have a bank account
  • No prepaid accounts
  • Pay the $20 registration fee
  • Have a smartphone
  • Have the skills to do the job

TaskRabbit takes 15% off every concert you book.The average tasker earns around $110 per month from TaskRabbit but in an hour you can earn $58-$100 per hour.


Rover is an online dog network for dog lovers and fur parents.Local pet lovers perform tasks such as pet sitter, dog nursery, overnight stay, feeding, accompanying assistance and walks.Many even sleep in the homes of their owners or take care of several pets at once!Services vary:

  • Dog boarding starts at $20 per night
  • Drop-in tours start at $10
  • Dog daycare can start at $20 per day
  • Three minutes of dog walking costs only $12 per walk.

If you love animals like cats and dogs (although exotic animals occasionally appear), then Rover is the way to make money fast.As a dog owner with a heavy travel schedule, Rover has been a lifesaver.(It was also extremely lucrative for the pet sitter I meet through also feel comfortable with the same person there, so there are repeated deals.Also, keep the people you like the most.

Want to make money fast? is another excellent option.How can you make money quickly with you can carry out activities ranging from babysitting, errands and housekeeping, tutoring, pet care, and elderly care.

"Having a certification is a great way to access higher-paying jobs on"

They also offer subscription plan benefits that come with a DMV and a background check as a means to help you stand out from the crowd.However, this does not require certifications or titles.However, you need a premium plan to meet selected customers.

The nice thing about is that you can access healthcare (and even submit your annual fees) through their platform.They calculate everything.

  • Babysitters can earn $15 an hour in care
  • Senior caregivers earn an average of $16 per hour.
  • Cleaning ladies earn $14 per hour.
  • Pet care costs about $10 per hour.
  • Private lessons range from $15 to $25 per hour.
  • Fees range from $12 to $15 per hour.

In short: is a great way to make a quick money and make a difference.

Make fast money online

Amazon Affiliate

Amazon Affiliate is the affiliate program of the second largest retailer in the world, Amazon (only behind Walmart).And you can make money fast by recommending products to others on Amazon thanks to their affiliate program.

Here's how it works: you earn a certain percentage of each sale based on the category the product is in. For example, you'll earn 7% of the transaction value for any clothing, jewelry, or baggage you sell, and 8% for any piece of furniture or household products.


Upwork is another great option for someone looking to make money fast.Depending on your skill set, Upwork can be extremely lucrative, where some charge up to $250 per hour for certain tasks.Getting started is quick and easy, and you can start applying for a job the same day.

The rental work you can do on Upwork is vast and includes everything from audio transcription (see below) to writing, design and programming, administrative, legal, accounting, customer service, and much more.Regardless of your skills, you can get hired and work from anywhere thanks to Upwork.Try!


Do you want to earn fast and get paid weekly? Rev is a great option.Rev is a transcription application that everyone from interviewers to doctors uses to transcribe notes.Payments happen every week and are sent via PayPal, with the average transcriber earning an extra $245 per month based on the Rev. Meanwhile, the first monthlies earn an average of $1495.

Best of all, it is completely free to apply.Enter your name and email and take a grammar and transcription test and Rev will inform you within 48 hours if you have been approved to start working!


If you want to make money fast and I'm talking very fast, Fiverr is one of the best options out there.Every 5 seconds a concert is purchased by someone on their platform and they handle over 25,000,000 since they were launched in February 2010. And don't be fooled by the "fiverr" moniker.Although concert amounts start at just $5, they go all the way up to $10K!From designing and voice over work to music or singing, there's pretty much a concert for pretty much everyone.

Mechanical Turk

Have you heard of Amazon, but heard about its crowdsourcing marketplace Mechanical Turk?

First launched in 2005, a highly efficient worker can make fast money with MT, earning up to $21.60 per hour according to one account on

Projects on Mechanical Turk are on the more technical side and include everything from data collection and transcription to translation, product labeling, surveys, and website research.

Make money fast using apps


Paribus registration page

Paribus registration page

We have already talked at length about Paribus, and also for good reasons.You can learn more about our Paribus review, but the short version is this: it's one of the best ways to put money in your pocket.Because?Because it will scan your past purchases via email, it automatically sends refund requests on your behalf for all products that have suffered a price reduction since the date of purchase.

If Paribus manages to get a price adjustment, say something you bought a week ago just went on sale, they will take a 25% commission and give you the difference.Most importantly, it is entirely hands-free.Just set it up and forget it.That's all!


Used by over 4 million people, Acorns invests your savings from purchases, helping you make money quickly through savings and automated investments.With some of the lowest fees you can find for an investment service, Acorns only charges $1, $2, or $3 per month depending on your account balance.

For that price, it's an even better value because they have consultants ready to answer any questions.Acorns are at the top of our list of easy ways to make money — and for good reason — they do it on autopilot in the background.

It's that easy, you'll forget it works!

Started in 1998, Ebates is one of the oldest and most reliable sites you can use to make money fast.How do you make money with Ebates?You earn money with Ebates by earning money on your online purchases, all without a credit card.With over 2000 retailers in their program, you're not limited to shopping at stores you don't know just to earn extra money.


This spectacular app ranked first on our list of "Best Refund Apps". Also for good reasons. 

It is one of the most beautiful and performing applications in the cash back space.

Installation is also quick and easy.Simply link your card, link your cards, and every time you pay with a linked card, Dosh will refund you quickly.

Like Ebates, it can get you cashed out at thousands of stores, and you can expect a 10% refund automatically in your Dosh wallet.

This is a considerable saving!Next, transfer your money to your bank account, PayPal, or even donate it directly from the app.That's all!


Trim is a great way to make money fast using intelligent saving and expense tracking. Using automation, this neat mobile app will remind you when a charge is a recurring expense or if you're overpaying for a service. Featured everywhere from The New York Times and NBC News, Trim users have saved over $20 million by tracking their day-to-day financial health.


Letgo is like Craigslist with a beautiful revamped design and intuitive interface.Started in 2015, it already has over 100 million downloads and with hundreds of millions of lists, Letgo is the fastest growing application for buying and selling locally.

Given this huge and ever-growing user base, it's a great place to go to make quick money on your used items.Listing items is much faster than other Craigslists or eBays, and potential buyers often contact you within minutes (if you're listing a requested item, of course).


Launched in 2008, Gazelle is a great way to make money quickly from your old smartphone.With millions of devices bought and sold and over $200 million dollars in payments made, it's the best choice for those looking for easy ways to make money.You won't get rich quickly, but it's definitely one of the quick ways to make money when you're short on options.

How to make money with Gazelle is simple: just enter the conditions and information of the device, select the payment method, receive a payment on an Amazon account and automatically earn an additional 3%, enter the shipping details and you're done!


With 2.9 million hosts, an average of 800,000 stays per night, and 14,000 new hosts uploading each month, Airbnb is one of the best ways to get exceptional passive income. Do you have a spare bedroom? Rent on Airbnb!One of the best ways to generate passive income, Airbnb is a simple and secure solution to generate money on the side.

Most importantly, Airbnb covers each person who lists with them up to $1 million dollars in property protection and another $1 million in accident protection.According to their "Earn money as an Airbnb host" calculator, if you live in New York City, you could rent a private room to a guest once a month and earn $560 dollars.

With the ability to list your place for free and save big fees, Airbnb is a great way to make money fast.So quickly, once a guest checks in, you'll receive your money via PayPal, direct deposit to your bank account, or other payment options.


Lending Club is a peer-to-peer lending service started in 2007 that has connected millions of borrowers and lenders over the years.If you already have extra cash on hand and are looking to make quick money in a multiple, LendingClub will allow you to invest in companies.

As with any investment, nothing is promised and is not risk-free, but you have their advanced algorithms at your fingertips to help you understand what level of risk you'll be comfortable with.


Etsy is unparalleled when it comes to selling unique, handmade, and vintage items.With over 35 million active shoppers and nearly 2 million sellers, it's a vibrant and popular marketplace for specialty products of all kinds.

Best of all, it's super easy to set up, you don't have to be technically savvy, and with those over 35 million active buyers, you're sure to have plenty of existing traffic that you can leverage to get interest and exposure for your shop (one seller went from cents to five digits in 5 months on Etsy).