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Swagbucks Review: Is It Legit?

Hi everyone, you may be wondering if you can actually make money doing online surveys and I'm here to tell you that the answer is "Yes!"

Just this week I was talking to a friend (we'll call him Andy) from Swagbucks and he told me that he recently registered and used the site to earn free money for the bus.Andy completes surveys from the site when working from home.

In this post I will talk about Swagbucks, a review of Swagbucks and how you can use it when you are at home to get paid to do online activities.

What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is a survey company, and the site is an online rewards site that offers free gift cards and money in exchange for survey responses, web searches, video viewing, games, and shopping at many retailers. 

It costs nothing to join, and members can earn money online by doing activities on their computer or mobile phone.This paid survey site is a way to earn extra income by working from home.By filling out surveys and doing other tasks, you can earn fast money on Swagbucks.

You can join Swagbucks on your computer or download their mobile app.

Is Swagbucks Legit?

Online surveys found on Swagbucks ask a variety of questions ranging from those related to marketing new products to questions about politics.

My friend Andy spends about an hour almost every day filling out surveys to earn a few dollars, which makes him extra money to pay his bus fare.This helps him a lot as his current job cannot give him more hours, and due to an injury, his hustle and bustle options are limited. 

Another friend of mine, we'll call her Kim, does online surveys to pay for her vending machine money while she's at work.She works long hours at night and can be very busy during her shifts. 

There's not much time to get food offsite, so Kim uses the money to run to the vending machine and grab a sandwich or a drink.

I personally use my Swagbucks rewards as money for energy drinks.Energy drinks cost me $1.60 each (I buy them in packs of 10 and drink most mornings).I can earn $1.60 on Swagbucks in 30 minutes.

You can also earn free gift cards to shop online at major retailers.

You can really do online surveys for money and the money adds up.On average you can earn $100 to $200 per month by doing online surveys.So yes, Swagbucks is legit and Swagbucks is worth it!

Sign up for Swagbucks and start earning!

What types of personal information are requested by Swagbucks sites?

I will be the first to say it, I do not like to disclose my personal information to sites that I do not know.Swagbucks seems to require the least amount of personal information for the online survey sites I've verified.They collect data on income, age, gender, status, job type, marital status, and other demographic information.

They ask this so that the companies that issue the surveys can better aggregate all the responses. 

In the end, if you don't feel comfortable sharing your personal information, I'll totally understand, but you won't have to sell your soul to earn extra money to get paid for your time on Swagbucks.

Is it worth Swagbucks?

If you're wondering how you can make money by doing online surveys, look no further.

Swagbucks has a currency called SB and you earn SB points while conducting surveys and other activities on the site.Each SB is worth 1 cent, so 100 SB is $1.Most surveys pay 30-200 SB each.You won't do a murder while doing them, but online surveys are mostly easy when it comes to answering questions.

The worst-case scenario is that you don't qualify for a survey and earn 1 SB.This can be a bit frustrating if it happens frequently, but the purpose of surveys is to do some kind of market research, which means the company may be looking for a very specific target audience.

Swagbucks also has a daily survey to make sure you earn SB every day.

The best part about completing surveys is that you can do them in your spare time or when you're just waiting for something (think: waiting for your stop while you're on the bus).

Survey sites, such as Swagbucks, occasionally offer exclusive offers, where you'll earn more money for your time or receive a bonus for registering an offer.Other times, you'll earn cashback points when you spend at select stores.

Set daily goals for yourself and you'll easily earn extra money up to $200 per month.

Interested? Sign up for Swagbucks and read on to learn more!

How much can you do by doing online surveys?

On a survey website like Swagbucks, you can expect to earn between $2 and $3 per hour, depending on how efficient you are and whether you can find surveys that have a high payout for the time it takes to complete.

If you can spend 2 hours a day filling out surveys, you could earn an extra $200 per month.If you can't make $200 more per month due to lack of time or the surveys offered, you should at least be able to earn $100 more per month, which is still pretty cool.

Tips for taking online surveys

When it comes to how to earn money by taking online surveys, consider these tips for participating in online surveys.

  • Answer honestly:  Swagbucks tracks your demographic information and passes it on to the companies that issue surveys.You will be asked for your information on many surveys and it may seem repetitive, but this is to filter out people who rush through surveys and do not give honest answers.You can also ask yourself the same question more than once to see if you're consistent.
  • Take your time: Many of the longer surveys are scheduling your responses.If you rush to find the answers, society may think you don't read the questions.By taking your time to read each question and answer them truthfully you can earn bonus points on the platform, which will influence future offers.
  • Find time every day: Are you trying to make money by surveying at home?Make time every day to take surveys.By taking surveys consistently, you'll be able to earn a regular income every day that can turn into an extra $200 per month.

Do you have those tips in mind? Join Swagbucks today!

Other ways to earn money on Swagbucks

You can earn money by setting Swagbucks as your default search engine and searching as you normally would on sites like Google and Bing.Another way to earn money is to install the Swagbucks browser extension and earn SB by simply visiting websites and online retailers as you normally would.

Yet another way is to share your Swagbucks referral link. When a user signs up with your referral link, you earn $5 when your referee earns his first 500 SB plus 10% of your life's earnings.Sign up to enough people and you'll get a lot of extra money on top of your survey money.

How do I redeem rewards?

Swagbucks offers rewards by earning free gift cards and paying through your PayPal account.You can cash out in increments of $1, $5, $10, and more.After earning enough points, you will be able to cash out.

You can then earn money and gift cards at your favorite online stores.The Amazon gift card is one of my favorite rewards because I shop on Amazon for almost all my general retail needs.

In the screenshot below, you can see the famous $10 gift cards offered on Swagbucks.This is just a small list of the rewards you can claim.

Earn Swagbucks | Rewards  Earn SB |  you can really earn money with SwagbucksEarn Swagbucks | Rewards  Earn SB |  you can really earn money with Swagbucks

You'll also receive $5 for each person you send with your Swagbucks referral link after earning 500 SB in their first 30 days.Not only that, but you'll earn 10% of their lifetime earnings by giving you the ability to earn money fast with Swagbucks just by registering people.

How much do online surveys pay

Online surveys generally pay the equivalent of 20 cents to 50 cents each, with some paying over $1.Surveys that pay more often take longer or are more selective in the demographics they accept.However, you can earn money in your spare time by completing these offers.

With that in mind, you can definitely earn $200 a month on Swagbucks by doing surveys regularly.This extra $200 per month could be earmarked for paying bills, the emergency fund, or even an investment account. 

Of course you could also use that money to save for a vacation.If you could earn $200 a month from Swagbucks and put it into a savings account with your vacation fund, at the end of the year you'd have $2,400 to do whatever you want.Not bad!

Filling out online surveys might be something you'd like.Or not. It's all up to you if you want to try it.I know I do them here and there.

How do I get started?

Which Swagbucks review would have been completed without information on how to get started?To get started, sign up for Swagbucks and enter your information.Don't forget to confirm your email address and you'll be ready to start earning. 

Offers will be displayed on the screen and sent to your Swagbucks inbox.This will give you a lot to do whenever you have time to access the website and start completing tasks. 

Earn SB |  Earn Swag |  Earn SwagbucksEarn SB |  Earn Swag |  Earn Swagbucks

On the screen above, you can see what a typical login screen looks like.I am currently offered a limited-time bonus to all SB revenue.Many of these surveys offer 50-125+ SB per completion, with estimated completion times also listed.

On the left side there are other ways to earn SB.From top to bottom:

  • Answer: These are surveys and what you are seeing above.
  • Buy: Buy online and earn money back in the form of SB.
  • Discover: find offers just for you that also give to SB when you sign up.
  • Watch: Earn SB while watching videos.
  • Search: Use Swagbuck's search engine as you would Google and earn SB while performing a search.
  • Play: Play on your computer or phone and earn SB in return.

Below shows the top bar of Swagbucks where you can view some information.

how to earn money on Swagbucks |  Earn money on Swagbuckshow to earn money on Swagbucks |  Earn money on Swagbucks

On the left side, you can easily search the web to earn SB.On the right is the daily goal.Each day you will be presented with a daily goal and you can earn extra SB if you complete it.

In addition to earning SB from filling out online surveys and participating in other activities, you can earn SB using SwagButton as shown below.SwagButton will let you know when coupons, sales, or other cashback offers are available as you regularly browse the internet.

This is useful if you are in one of your regular online stores and Swagbucks as a discount that you can avail.

what is SwagButton |  How to earn money doing online surveys can you really make money doing online surveys?what is SwagButton |  How to earn money doing online surveys can you really make money doing online surveys?

Swagbucks offers membership recognition for those who have earned the most SB.There are ten levels of member recognition, and each offers an increasing amount of one-time and permanent rewards such as SB bonuses, purchase credits, extra offers, and more.

Alternatives to Swagbucks

To complete this Swagbucks review, let's talk about alternative sites for if you want to earn even more money every month or just don't like Swagbucks.These sites also pay you to fill out surveys even though I have less experience with them personally.

That said, it's still worth looking into to maximize your earnings on multiple survey sites like Swagbucks.Here they are:

  • Voci survey
  • Survey Junkie
  • Signature Inquiries

It is definitely possible to earn more than $200 per month by doing online surveys using multiple survey sites.By switching between sites every day, you can earn more money than if you were to simply stay on one site.


Conclusion?Swagbucks is legitimate.While you won't make a lot of money per hour by filling out online surveys on Swagbucks, you'll definitely make some minor changes that add up.That side change could help you pay a bill at the end of the month, get you going with an emergency fund, or even fund a vacation.I'd love to know if you managed to earn money by filling out online surveys!

Join Swagbucks and earn extra money today!