CLICKFUNNELS Review with Specific Examples: Pros and Cons

If you're in the internet marketing space and haven't heard of click funnels, I'd be a little surprised.ClickFunnels was founded in 2014 by Russell Brunson and has morphed into a $360 million SaaS business.What's even more impressive is that it was entirely self-funded.

Russell Brunson, the founder of ClickFunnels is an Internet marketing expert.He had a considerable online presence and focused a lot on the initial sale of his software with webinars and a lot of email marketing.Fast forward to today and is one of the fastest growing landing page builders you can use to create landing pages and membership groups.

If you want the short version of this review, let me answer this question right away: would I recommend buying a ClickFunnels subscription

The answer is yes, absolutely, but it just depends on your position in your online business.   

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As I just said, ClickFunnels is essentially a landing page builder on steroids.The biggest selling point is that it is easy to use.It has some drawbacks that I will cover later.But overall it's an excellent tool that you can use to create landing pages, sales funnels with upsell/downsell features, and even membership groups.

It's packed with pre-made templates that you can customize as you see fit, so you can really make your brand stand out.

ClickFunnels integrates with Stripe, PayPal, and other types of payment processors.This makes integration extremely easy if you accept online payments for your services.It also allows you to insert a custom code virtually anywhere on a given page, which allows you to truly customize your landing page and even provide other payment options as PayPal for your customers.  

You can also provide different price points and pricing options for your customers, integrated directly into landing pages.

ClickFunnels is a tool, just like any other software.You can earn money online in many different ways, and Clickfunnel can help you achieve your goals, but ONLY if you put in the effort.ClickFunnels isn't a quick scheme for getting rich—it's a tool to help you reach your customers and sell more products.

ClickFunnels is quick to admit that they are not the best tool for everyone.They back up their software with a 14-day free trial so you can figure out if it works for your business.

So who shouldn't use ClickFunnels?


WordPress and ClickFunnelFirst, WordPress is great.If you're running a strictly content-based website, WordPress should be your preferred content management system, and there's no reason for you to work through ClickFunnels.If you're not selling something online or don't need a membership platform for whatever reason, use WordPress as your default CMS. 

MA – I think ClickFunnels has a full suite of options for any niche site builder, and you should consider it if you're thinking you're going to start outsourcing some of your work.If you run an Amazon FBA business, a ClickFunnels subscription is worth considering; Especially if you run paid traffic to your products on your ecommerce site. 

For content-based niche websites, I've been able to set up a membership site for my contractors so they can log in and see what I expect from them when working on my sites.It's a crucial part of my business.While I could set up a password-protected page for them on my site if I wished, I personally like to have a separate site that provides easy-to-use instructions that cover ALL of my online properties and not just one specific website.

If you sell any type of product, both physical and digital, (software, website, etc.), I think it's worth checking out its advanced selling features.


Easy buttonI've used several page builders (mostly Thrive Architect and Divi Builder by Elegant themes).I will say that I believe that ClickFunnels is the most complete suite of solutions for the costs that you can buy.The ability to easily create your membership site is fantastic.You can use membership sections for several things. 

You can sell your courses or you can do what I did, which is use it as a place for my writers, editors, and link builders to access and view their briefs for what I expect them to do after hiring them.It's basically a training program for how I run the backend of my content-based website business.

It's easily integrated with a custom domain, so you can set up your landing pages, membership site, and/or sales funnels on your website or a custom domain.

ClickFunnels has a plugin that allows you to integrate it with WordPress as well, although you can't accept payments on your WordPress site if you charge for services to your customers, as they have their own SSL requirements when accepting payments.You can also initiate funnel on your website and host the next steps of the funnel where payments are made on the default platform for ClickFunnel.

What I love most about the ClickFunnels software is the drag-and-drop functionality.If you have any kind of internet marketing experience, it's much easier than using WordPress natively and literally build the page as you're looking at it.You no longer need to "save" it and press "Preview" to see how it looks.

WordPress is still what you should use for content-based websites, but ClickFunnels can become a powerful ally if you intend to sell subscription programs or products to your customers who visit your website.The customization options are virtually limitless when creating a proper marketing funnel.


Before we get into some live examples, let's look at the pros and cons of using ClickFunnels software.


  • Easy-to-use drag and drop functionality
  • Affordable (basic membership costs $97/month and has everything you need)
  • Can be integrated into custom WordPress domains/sites
  • Legitimate Page Builder: You can see changes as you make them
  • Can integrate with Stripe to easily take payments
  • Can integrate with Convertkit or other email providers to send automated emails
  • Can be used to sell physical or digital products
  • Members Area Features
  • The support is really good, it will often create video screenshots just for you
  • You can share funnels among people (funnel design business opportunities)
  • Lots of pre-configured FREE templates that you can use and customize instantly
  • Features a comprehensive split testing tool that allows you to split tests into different landing pages and declare a winner
  • Conversion tracking statistics so you can compare which offers convert best
  • Email integration that enables complete marketing automation


  • It's more software you'll have to spend time learning
  • Support is top-notch, but it can take a few hours to respond
  • URLs can be funky if you don't use a custom domain

As you can see, the pros definitely outweigh the cons.Some of the cons are pretty talkative, including the URL which is messy, but it's more of a personal preference than anything else.I know there are many other landing page builders that people will use, including Thrive Architect's Thrive Themes

For me, I have found funnel phase integration to be one of the easiest funnel software to design. 

With Thrive Architect, you'll need to design the page, then link to the following pages in the sequence and it's all done within WordPress.While I love Thrive and their themes, I think ClickFunnels is inherently easier to use than Architect, but it obviously comes at a monthly cost.


I understand.There's no point in taking the floor when I can show you what I'm talking about.We'll go ahead and look at some landing pages that we've created using the software.We started most of these using a basic template, which we customized to our liking for the specific offer we were promoting. 

Keep in mind that this is a small example of funnels we've created and seen with software!We use it extensively with our physical products companies and have many other funnels in play on a daily basis.

Let's dive in.


First, when we built the Table Labs sales funnel, we used ClickFunnel to design the entire sales funnel.Here are the sales funnel pages created with the funnel software:

  1. Sales page
  2. Order form
  3. Unique Offer (Pursuits Insider Niche Special Prices)
  4. Thanks page
  5. Affiliate page (where affiliates can sign up and promote Table Labs)
  6. Affiliate Area

The best part is that there are often multiple steps in each part of the funnel.This means that when a user clicks on one of the sale price points on the sales page, it takes them to a dynamically updated pricing page for the next step in the sequence.You can use these steps to test different price points on your sales page, keeping the original sales funnel intact.It's extremely easy to execute, and the best part is that you can simply continue by adding new steps in the funnel whenever you want to launch a new offer. 

This is the backend of the funnel we used to create our Table Labs.
Here's the backend of the Table Labs sales funnel we recently ran last month.

This is how the funnel currently works.At the moment we want people to see the sales page first.Once you have chosen the desired price, they proceed to the corresponding order form.Once the order is completed, they will see the unique offer for Niche Pursuits Insider as a discount.If we wanted, we could put another step in the funnel here and offer a "downsell" to another product. 

We don't have a downsell offer at the moment, but we may test something in the future.After that page, they go to the thank you form, where they get their login credentials and become a customer.All this is integrated directly into stripe, so payments are collected through the ClickFunnels interface and the user never knows the difference. 

It was an extremely effective funnel and it was great because we can simply clone the entire funnel and modify it as we see fit when we launch it for other products.


When we first purchased ClickFunnels for the Niche Pursuits team, we used it to build the Niche Pursuits Insider sales funnel, as well as the entire membership section! 

This was pretty funny, because when we initially purchased the software, the members section was almost an afterthought.We were going to use it primarily to build landing pages for physical products we planned to sell on Facebook, but while we were all discussing through a subscription program, using ClickFunnels made perfect sense, so we got to work.

The Niche Pursuits Insider funnel is similar to the Table Labs funnel.We have multiple steps for the sales process and finally close it with the login and signup page.These are the following steps:

  1. Optin (lead magnet for some funnels)
  2. Sales page
  3. Order form
  4. Order confirmation
  5. Member Access
  6. Members Area

The only thing missing from this funnel right now is an upsell page for Table Labs.We may test this feature in the future as many of our NPI members would like to take advantage of a long-term license from Table Labs.

The biggest difference between this funnel and our Table Labs funnel, however, is the area you belong to as mentioned.The membership section is solid. 

You can customize everything: appearance, fonts, etc. Some can take a little longer to get familiar with customization when adding multiple areas for columns and rows on your pages, but overall it's pretty intuitive when building it. 

Another great feature is that you can simply clone a previous lesson.If you set up a lesson and like the format/layout of that lesson, you can copy and reuse it for the next section, which is what we do.This way our brand remains consistent and the layout looks familiar.

Niche Pursuits Insider Sneak Peak
Here's a preview of the Niche Pursuits Insider membership area we created using ClickFunnels.

We incorporate content, YouTube videos, downloads and many other things into our home area.Most Pursuits niche Insider members would probably agree that the layout is pretty simplified and they hang around the back quite easily. 

You can also provide anyone with a "secret" URL to create an account from scratch if you have people you want to review the membership area before deciding to send it live. 

The screenshot below shows how much content we have in the membership section we created over the past year.It's extremely robust, and if you haven't committed to joining Niche Pursuits Insider yet, you should definitely take another look at the unique pricing we're happening right now.


Nordic Shift is my medium umbrella company.I have been using ClickFunnels on this site since I created it.I initially created the entire site using ClickFunnels, but decided to switch to WordPress for the main site itself, then use ClickFunnels for certain landing pages and my media portal. 

I recently launched a coaching service where I offer 1 on 1 coaching as an hourly option where you can choose your meeting time with me. I coordinated everything through ClickFunnels and integrated with Calendly so that anyone who purchases a session can schedule one of my openings immediately. 

I'm only hiring 4-5 clients per month and integrating that requirement with Calendly with Clickfunnels for creation has been extremely easy to set up.

Here's how I install my sign-up funnel for my contractors.

But my favorite feature that I used to build my coaching funnel was the media portal.I installed a media portal on the Niche Pursuits Business account and then launched my coaching funnel.I exported my subscription from the NP business account and was able to download the entire funnel directly into my ClickFunnels account. 

This is great if you have people in the IM world that you work with, because you can literally share any funnel with them via a secret URL and they can download and embed that funnel directly into their dashboard and then customize the funnel as they see fit.

This also makes the sale of funnels a profitable business. Just like with WordPress and theme development, people pay money for sales funnels that are already put together that they can download and implement into their own sales process.Then they take those funnels and customize them as they see fit in their projects.Let's take a look at Nordic Shift Consulting's funnel and what it consists of:

  1. Sales page
  2. Order form
  3. Thanks page

We also have a separate funnel for the media portal that simply looks like this:

  1. Login page
  2. Members Area
  3. Product page (explain below)

So the funnel for my consulting business is simple.It's a 1-2-3 approach because I'm not trying to augment other services with coaching packages.If I wanted to, I could create some kind of affiliate program for people who refer me to coaching clients and integrate it into ClickFunnels.

But realistically this is a big effort when I'm only taking 4-5 clients per month at most because my time is extremely limited.

Here's an example of the simple funnel I made to sell my consulting services.

As for the media portal, it is a bit more complex.We have the login page and membership area, but since I'm not selling anything with this funnel, I had to create a "hidden" product page so I could identify users with specific products.There may be another way to do this, but this was the easiest method I could figure out through multiple trial and error sessions. 

Basically, because I have several jobs I hire for, I restrict access to other modules for each role I outsource.ClickFunnels allows you to do this.It's a manual process (I have to assign each person a role manually in ClickFunnels) but since I don't have more than 20 people I currently outsource to, it's not a big deal for me. 

If I had outsourced a ton, I could see it as a waste of time where I would want a VA to run that business.Below you can see a screen of where I need to enter and assign each person a role.Overall it's basically the same structure as our membership funnel, but just customized for the SOPs I run on my websites. 


NichePursuits Rating

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Once the user is created in the backend and assigning them a "purchase" from the product page that is relevant to their role, they can only see that section and not others.Why else could it be good?Well, if you want to sell an online course and want to sell it as a "cost per course" section, you can divide it into modules and sell them a la carte. 

This would be a perfect solution not only to sell them one at a time, but also to give you the opportunity to sell the entire course via an upsell/downsell sequence.You can easily create an email sequence through an email provider like ConvertKit, which would tag someone and put them into the appropriate follow-up sequence.This would segment your audience and allow you to sell other products via email.


DotCom Secrets is a funnel used and owned by the founder of ClickFunnels himself – Russell Brunson.

Russell uses this funnel to sell his DotCom Secrets book and increase enrollment in Clickfunnels or the special courses he created. You can check the funnel yourself.This funnel has a video, explains the benefits of buying the book, has user testimonials, features Amazon reviews, tells you what you'll get, and more.

And all this is created within ClickFunnels.

Dotcom secretsBuilding something like this is pretty complex, but it's pretty easy with Clickfunnels.You can easily insert videos, titles, and opts into forms.Get reviews from Amazon, show the user where to sign up, add buttons, and show your audience the benefits of buying with you.


ClickFunnels makes it easy to do some things that would be very difficult to do within WordPress.It has a powerful drag and drop editor.It allows you to set up easy upsells/downsells for your audience.It makes it easier than ever to build the subscription, product, ecommerce, or even information funnel your business needs.

For the right kind of business, ClickFunnels is a breeze.

So what is the right kind of business?


Whether ClickFunnels is right for you will depend a lot on its cost.I'm pretty glad to say that, for what it includes, Clickfunnels isn't expensive.

ClickFunnels offers 2 different price packages: ClickFunnels Basic and Etison Suite.Both plans come with a 14-day free trial.


The ClickFunnels master plan costs $97 per month.This plan comes with a lot and also for our products, this is the plan we use.You can have 20 funnels, a total of 100 pages, and up to 20,000 monthly visitors in funnels.

Unless you bring serious traffic, this will be more than enough for you.


The Etison Suite costs $297 per month.It allows you to have an unlimited number of funnels, pages and funnel visitors.The big advantage of this plan is that it includes 2 separate products: Actionetics and Backpack.

Actionetics works as an email service provider.They work like ConvertKit or AWeber, allowing you to collect subscribers and send them via email.

Backpack works by allowing you to create your own affiliates for your funnel.You can convince other people to promote your product.It's huge!

Backpack allows you to set up the payment schedule, commission and manage all your affiliate partnerships.


Both ClickFunnels plans include some really cool stuff.With both plans, you can:

  • A/B try your funnels
  • Integration with your email service provider
  • Set up activation forms
  • Have membership areas
  • Run webinars
  • Set up payment processing
  • Visitors upsell/downsell


So the answer to this question really falls into the kind of internet marketer you are.Let's take a look at where you might fall on the marketing spectrum and whether you would buy the software in your situation.

Novice Niche Site Builder: No, you don't need the software.Focus on learning WordPress basics and learn how to create a website from scratch that gets a lot of organic traffic from Google. You don't have to worry about marketing funnels or sales funnels right away. 

Once you master the art of organic traffic, you can start experimenting with offers for your audience and then it is possible that you may find the software useful.For now, focus on learning the basics and you can worry about new ideas later.

Intermediate Niche Site Builder:  Do you have traffic?Maybe make money online? I'd say that depending on where you fall on this side of the spectrum, ClickFunnels might be worth it.If you're making $1,000 a month online from affiliate income, there's enough there to probably justify spending 97/month to test out a few different offers for your audience. 

You probably also have the option to set a funnel type or membership group for your audience and perhaps charge a reward for doing so.There are many uses for this, but at this point it is a call of judgment.I would say 50/50 if it's worth the expense, unless you already have an offer or a very specific idea in mind to test with your audience.

Advanced Niche Site Builder: Yes, it's worth it.If you earn more than $2,000 per month, I would consider you an advanced marketer.That's $24,000 gross per year, and that means you're officially an advanced niche site builder.You can afford ClickFunnel and it will come in handy if you are building a product or offering a service.

Small Business Owner/Coach/Consultant: If you're in this bucket and don't have a ClickFunnels account yet, you're missing out.If you're a small business owner, any advertising you want to do on your own will require you to create a landing page for special offers.Granted you can use Thrive Architect, Beaver Builder or Elementor if you wish. 

But ClickFunnels gives you just as much, if not more flexibility, than any other page builder, and you technically don't even need a website to launch it.Most people who have their own small businesses have a website these days, but even if you don't – ClickFunnels doesn't require you to actually have a website to use the software. 


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You can use the default URLs (they look a bit messy) or use your own custom domain and simply install it in the ClickFunnels integration.

The final word: ClickFunnels will provide a lot of value to anyone with 2-4 buckets, with buckets being a "maybe"."If you're a niche site builder earning just $1,000 a month online, your money will likely be better spent on other software to help you increase your organic traffic to your niche websites.

I think anyone outside of this can only win with software as long as they act and don't let themselves sit like a subscription that isn't being used.



Yes, you can find the tutorial here:


Yes – in fact, there is a detailed post on how to do it right here:


Absolutely.All different types of small business owners can make solid sales funnels that can be used on other advertising platforms to generate leads for their businesses.ClickFunnels is popular among real estate agents, restaurant owners, photographers, eCommerce store owners, insurance agents, and many other industries.


We have answered this in detail previously, but yes – absolutely.As long as you download and install the ClickFunnels plugin on your site, it's pretty easy to set up and get the software moving.


Yes!We use ClickFunnel for many of our FBA products as mentioned earlier, and we make them ourselves on the FBA side.This eliminates Amazon's referral fee that they take as part of each sale.


This is a highly personal preference.For me, I prefer Thrive Architect when building affiliate product pages.Same with Elementor.Both page builders are great for this.But specifically for landing pages related to products or services, in my opinion it is practically impossible to beat ClickFunnels.


Yes, you can absolutely integrate most of the larger email management services when creating sales funnels.It's all connected on the backend, and you can manage it with tags based on your email provider.You can segment your audience accordingly with different email sequences, just like you can if you collect email addresses on a WordPress-based site.


The only way I would recommend using ClickFunnels on WordPress would be for small businesses, coaches, or consultants.You can purchase the ClickFunnels software and then create the entire site directly in the database.Keep in mind that if you want to switch to WordPress later for a self-hosted solution, you'll pretty much start from scratch. 

Everyone else should use WordPress as their content management software and add ClickFunnel strictly for landing pages as you go.


This is done directly in the backend interface.There are instructions on how to do it right here.


Unfortunately, these SaaS companies focus on two different things.Convertkit is a good solution to replace Infusionsoft if you feel the need to switch to a new provider.


Yes.ClickFunnels allows you to set up evergreen webinars.You can set times during the day this webinar takes place, bring in new traffic, and ClickFunnels makes it look like a live event every time.You can also collect emails from the webinar and follow-up.


Yes.You can absolutely use it for signups and it's great to get started.If you're creating a very solid subscription for thousands of people, there are other business options out there that you might possibly consider.


Yes, it does, and it can be profitable.This is why the software is great in my opinion. Not only can you get software that works really well, but you can also cut the referral fee if you send people to the Clickfunnels program and sign up.It's always nice to have a product that you really want people to recommend. 

I would direct people to Clickfunnels even if there was no affiliate program.


Not that I have seen.BUT they offer a 14-day trial, so if you take it and don't like it, you can simply cancel your membership and move on.It's not even hard to undo it, so you don't have to stick around if you realistically won't use the software.If you're a small business owner, keep in mind that most advertising agencies using ClickFunnel will want to have an active subscription so they can build funnels for you in your dashboard.


Obviously anyone who is aware of affiliate marketing knows that you NEED some kind of software to make your offer known to potential customers.ClickFunnels is NOT a scam.The software is completely legal, which is why they give you 14 days to try it out.


I would like to start by saying that not everyone needs this software.Personally, I would never recommend a product that I don't feel very comfortable with and wouldn't want to buy myself.I struggle with many internet marketers who advocate using below-average products to get just an affiliate commission.This software is a very complete landing page builder, although if you want to see how other landing page builders compare, you can always check out some ClickFunnels alternatives.

Go ahead and try ClickFunnels right here.

I have my personal ClickFunnels subscription outside of our Niche Pursuits business subscription.I believe in software, which is what makes me pretty recommendable wholeheartedly.You also get a 14-day free trial in case you hate it.If you are completely uncertain about the software, feel free to leave a line in the comments below and I will be happy to give you any feedback I have on my experiences. 

Buying any internet marketing software is a very personal decision, but for creating landing pages, I feel that ClickFunnels has definitely hit the nail on the head.If nothing else, I recommend you try ClickFunnels for free for 14 days.If you hate it, no skin on your back.Just cancel and you haven't lost anything.

But if ClickFunnels is right for your business, you have the chance to make more profits with less work than ever before.

Click here to try ClickFunnels free for 14 days.



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