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Kartra vs Clickfunnels 2020 – Features, Pros & Cons

Undecided on which all-in-one marketing platform to choose?Is it better to choose Clickfunnels or Kartra?

If yes, you have found the right article to read.In this Kartra vs Clickfunnels 2020 review, I'll help you determine which software is right for you and your business.I will address each of their strengths, suitable users, and some pros and cons.


If you have already decided to buy Kartra or Clickfunnels, skip to the end of this review and take my bonus package.

All about Kartra and Clickfunnels

What Is Kartra?

Kartra is an all-in-one marketing software created by Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime under Genesis Digital.It is a professionally built platform that aims to help online business owners and internet marketers leverage their lead generation efforts and sales.

Review Kartra_home pageReview Kartra_home page

The platform features several applications ranging from website builders to data collection tools.Essentially, they are designed to help users perform various tasks such as:

  • Trademark display

  • Email campaigns

  • Lead generation and conversion

Other than that, the tools are quite accessible and most work like drag and drop.It also comes with predefined marketing funnels designed by advertising and sales experts like Frank Kern.In fact, it is typically compared to Clickfunnels' DFY funnel models when it comes to its efficiency.

As a professional platform, Kartra has achieved a steep learning curve as a result.So, I don't recommend it to people with little or no experience.On a good note, it suits marketers and entrepreneurs.

What Is Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels is a comprehensive digital marketing solution built by Russell Brunson with the goal of assisting and supporting business owners and digital advertisers in their marketing efforts.


Equipped with essential marketing tools, the software can help you bring the following:

  • Create professional and engaging landing pages

  • Drive leads and sales

  • Help us grow your brand

  • Increase audience engagement

  • Build a meaningful relationship with your viewers/readers

  • Run high-converting email campaigns

  • Leverage your sales and revenue through its membership site

  • Split tests and analysis of results

On the one hand, its main purpose is to help users build and design marketing funnels in a cost-effective but efficient way.The software works as a drag and drop which makes it convenient even for entry-level business owners.

Clickfunnels also offers a 14-day free trial, which gives users the opportunity to have full and unlimited access to all its features.It also comes with two pricing plans (which I'll explain further in the next sections).

Who can use Kartra and Clickfunnels?

Kartra target users

As I noticed, Kartra's target users are professionals who want to establish a strong brand and a competitive online business.It is not for the faint of heart as many marketers have rated it with a high learning curve.

So, although its user interface is intuitive, its overall function can be quite complicated for people with a sub-zero marketing experience.

One more thing: if you're just getting started and don't have solid subscribers of, say, over 2,000 active people, I suggest you start with a beginner-oriented software like Builderall or Kyvio.

If you are an amateur and not yet experienced enough, it would be difficult to maximize all its features.So, I suggest you opt for a software that is beginner-friendly and affordable at the same time. 

Clickfunnels targets users

Essentially, Clickfunnels is best suited to people whose top priority is to form high-converting sales funnels.And this is also why I find it suitable to use to extract high-quality leads and successfully push them to make a purchase.

Aside from that, if you're an amateur marketer or want to venture into selling online, Clickfunnels' features will also suit your intentions well.Its library of predefined funnels, for example, allows you to run a compelling sales process even without prior experience.

But there's a catch: it requires a significant amount of money to access all its tools.Its Etison suite plan costs $297 per month.And this is a real crazy especially for inexperienced solopreneurs and online marketers.

What are the pros and cons?

Benefits and disadvantages of Kartra

  • All plans offer full access to all Kartra tools. Although each package has a variable set of restrictions, all plans allow users to have full access to all tools.Perfect for both beginners and marketers who want to test out Kartra's features.

  • Allows users to host videos. The platform has a built-in video hosting app for those who prefer to add visual content.You can then play your videos anywhere, including subscription portals and marketing pages.

  • Its member portal system has many functions. The membership site builder not only offers a convenient way to manage your subscribers, but is also packed with applications that you can use to optimize your marketing efforts and sales as well.It comes with drag and drop interface, video embeds, file sharing and much more.

  • It's an all-in-one solution to run your business. Kartra saves you the hassle of using different external tools.You don't need to buy standalone platforms for email marketing, membership site creation, as well as page creation and funnel since the software has it all.

  • It comes with other useful tools like Kartra Videos, Kartra Helpdesks, and Kartra Calendars. As mentioned, you don't need to use other external tools since Kartra provides a variety of features.You can upload and embed videos, set up schedules via Kartra Calendar, and provide excellent customer support using the Helpdesk.

  • Pages and checkout process load a bit slowly

  • The website builder should have more features. Although its page/funnel editor is professional, it is not that advanced compared to modern builders.

Advantages and disadvantages of Clickfunnels

  • Professional platform (design) with a consistent user interface. Just like Kartra, Clickfunnels provides an intuitive user interface.Suitable for beginners with little or no experience in managing digital marketing tools.

  • It is an all-in-one solution to manage sales funnels. Creating high-converting marketing funnels is the platform's main selling point.Therefore, it provides all the basic and advanced features needed to perform efficient sales funnels.

  • Video cannot be hosted. Unfortunately, Clickfunnels does not allow users to upload videos directly.You can, however, embed videos from video streaming platforms like Vimeo and YouTube. 

  • Fewer subscription options. Although the site builder works perfectly, Clickfunnels has integrated fewer features than Kartra.It is rather limited and quite unsuitable for those who wish to monetize their fans through membership.

Price packages

Kartra Pricing Plans

Kartra PricesKartra Prices

Kartra offers five bundles: starter, silver, gold, platinum, diamond.Here's a quick overview of each subscription:

1. Starter. For $99 per month, Kartra's basic plan allows you to have access to all its features.However, it is rather limited.For example, if you want to run email campaigns, you are only allowed to send 15,000 emails per month.Therefore, if you are, for example, a medium or large company, it is better to get a higher subscription.

2. Silver. For $149, the silver package allows users to access all of Kartra's features with unlimited pages to create and products to sell.On the other hand, its email capacity is limited to 125,000 per month.

3. Gold.If you are an established entrepreneur or marketer, the Kartra gold package will fit well with your goals.It provides 200 GB of bandwidth per month with unlimited pages and products.Users, on the other hand, can send up to 255,000 emails per month.Not bad for medium and large teams.

4. Platinum. This plan has the same advantages as gold.The only difference is that users can send up to 500,000 emails per month.It also comes with a bandwidth of 500 GB instead of 200 per month.

5. Diamond. For large digital marketing agencies, the most recommended plan is diamond.The bundle offers users an unlimited number of products to sell and pages to create.But instead of an unlimited number of emails, you get 1,000,000.

Clickfunnels Pricing Plans

Users can take advantage of Clickfunnels for two pricing packages: the standard and the Etison suite plan.Here is a breakdown of the two packages:

1. Standard plan. Clickfunnels' core bundle gives users full access to all of its tools except its integrated email service provider Actionetics and affiliate management system Backpack.It's the cheapest and costs $97 per month.

The standard plan is very limited.It limited page and funnel usage, for example, to just 100 pages and 20 funnels.

2. Platinum plan (Etison suite plan). If you want to receive unlimited access to all Clickfunnels features, including Actionetics and Backpack, you must get the platinum plan.The problem is that it costs $297 per month.On a good note, it comes with unlimited pages and funnel usage.

Kartra vs Clickfunnels 2020: What are their best features?

Should you take Kartra or Clickfunnels?

In this section, I will list the strengths of Cickfunnels and Kartra that you should consider before deciding which one to buy.

The best features of Kartra

Membership Site Builder

Although it works best with people who have amassed a huge amount of active audiences, first on Kartra's list of best features is its membership portal builder.

Kartra Membership Site Builder and ManagerKartra Membership Site Builder and Manager

I find it the most powerful tool on the platform because of its wide usage.You can use it both to organize your members and to manage secure transactions.

Here are the other activities you can do using it:

  • Create a management system to organize your members

  • Efficient and fast content delivery

  • Integrate automation tools

  • Set access type

Apart from that, you can also set up different subscription payments for your audience.You can grant a one-time payment, a monthly payment, or an installment.

The portal allows you to monetize your subscribers using two methods: sell your full access subscription or sell gated content.

Integrated product builder and checkout page

If you have a sales system or plan to build one, it's essential to have an efficient and secure checkout page and a product builder.

In addition to giving your customers the assurance that their personal information is safe, you can improve your conversion rate by providing a convenient and accessible checkout page.

That said, here's how its product builder and checkout page work:

Product Generator

As the name suggests, it allows users to create and add new products.But it's not just about new products, you can also leverage your sales by adding upsells.

Kartra vs Clickfunnels_product builderKartra vs Clickfunnels_product builder

When it comes to its user interface, the tool is quite intuitive and simple.It comes with step-by-step instructions on how to use the feature.

The builder gives you the options to add all the visual elements you like to place on the page.Let's say you want to add an interactive tutorial on how to use the product you're selling, then you can upload a video.

You can also add other details like:

  • imagery

  • Product Description

  • Product name (official and internal name)

The app also includes editing tools that you can use when designing your product page.It allows you to integrate a shopping cart abandonment process, set languages, and change the color and font of text.

Payment page

Kartra's built-in checkout page is a reliable and secure app that you can use for your sales pages.It's not just about security, but also includes a wide range of options to make your checkout page look more professional.

For example, it has a function where you can set the types of payment processes.It allows you to integrate payment platforms such as PayPal, debit/credit card, or one-click payment.


Another profitable app from Kartra that you should check out is its analytics tool.As the name says, it is used to track and collect essential data from your site and your internet marketing campaigns.

Kartra AnalysisKartra Analysis

Data collection allows marketers to understand how their target market and their purchasing behavior interact.Such information is useful if you want to optimize your marketing efforts.And Kartra's analysis tool can help you do that.

To give you an overview, here are some key metrics you can monitor and record using the application:

  • Website traffic

  • Conversion rates

  • Number of subscribers

  • Sales

  • Click-through rates (CTR)

  • Open rates

Essentially, you'll regularly receive comprehensive data on your customers' behavior and how they interact with your sales funnel.

Kartra Email Analytics DashboardKartra Email Analytics Dashboard

The information obtained includes email sequences, content and site quality, products and offers.

If you want an in-depth review of Kartra's features, click here.

The best features of Clickfunnels

The funnel builder

The Clickfunnels funnels funnel generator is divided into two categories: the recipe book and the classic generator.Both come with funnel templates that you can customize or use as-is.

The only difference is that the recipe book consists of a wide range of templates, while the classic editor designs a funnel based on a specific goal.

Clickfunnels funnel recipe book builder_classic builderClickfunnels funnel recipe book builder_classic builder

To give you a complete view, here is an overview of each.

The cookbook maker

Essentially, the cookbook funnel generator is a library of marketing funnels made for you that users can use as-is or modify depending on their internet marketing strategy.But the remarkable feature is that it provides a variety of niches that you can choose and base your funnel.

Clickfunnels Cookbook Funnels Funnels Funnel GeneratorClickfunnels Cookbook Funnels Funnels Funnel Generator

For quick sorting, you can choose the type of funnel you like or need.Here are the three options you can base your funnel on:

  • Sales page funnels

  • Lead capture funnels

  • Event funnels

The process is also simple.You just have to choose a criterion and the tool will automatically transfer you to the editor page where you can change the material.

The cookbook generator provides paid and free templates.

The classic funnel generator

Clickfunnels' first funnel builder is the classic generator.It is a basic – and also limited – application to create a sales process.Compared with the newly added cookbook generator, it produces models only according to three conditions:

  • Sale of products

  • Lead collection

  • Webinar Hosting

It doesn't have a bookstore where you can order and choose one.And instead of basing it on a niche, the tool will derive it depending on the three "goals/conditions" mentioned.

Membership Site Builder

A reliable digital store is crucial if your online business involves selling products.You need to provide your products with a secure virtual space to store and a secure site to transact with your customers.

Access to Clickfunnels subscriptionAccess to Clickfunnels subscription

Thankfully, Clickfunnels has a built-in membership site builder.

Essentially, the feature allows users to earn money in various ways.But typically, it is used to sell via two methods: offering gated premium content or selling full access subscription.

It also supports several payment platforms including PayPal, Stripe, and Apple Pay.

It has default signup funnels that I find beneficial, particularly for those who are just starting out and have no idea how to take advantage of membership sites.It can help users with tasks like:

  • Page promotion

  • Convince potential customers to take action

  • Provide various approaches to push leads along the funnel

  • Show your content or product value

There's no need to worry when it comes to its user interface, especially if you're a tech noob since the application has entry-level accessibility.

Webinar integration

The webinar tool is another handy and cost-effective feature that you will find in Clickfunnels.Basically, you can use it to maximize and strengthen your lead generation techniques.

A webinar is a great platform for industry experts to showcase their knowledge and how they can provide help as "experts."

It is typically used by speakers, coaches, consultants, and other entrepreneurs whose service involves sharing knowledge.In fact, 60% of marketers say they use webinars as part of their content marketing strategy.But what's impressive, and really useful for beginners, is that it comes with premade webinar funnels that you can edit or use as is.The webinar funnel includes three phases.Clickfunnels

webinar app can help you hold live events online such as seminars, workshops, and lectures.It allows you to organize a live event or pre-record it using a video streaming tool.

  • Registration

  • Confirmation page

  • Transmission room. 

Putting it all together

Clickfunnels and Kartra are both all-in-one marketing solutions that share the same purpose and characteristics.The only difference is that:

  • Kartra is ideal for professionals who want to improve their online marketing campaigns and for online soloprenuers who want to sell digital products and leverage them through the creation of a membership site.

  • Clickfunnels is geared towards both beginners and marketers who want to create high-converting sales funnels and create eye-catching landing pages

Aside from that, Kartra's membership site builder provides more features than Clickfunnels.

But if there's one factor the two share, I think it would be the affordability and caliber of their sales funnel builder.

However, Clickfunnels is beginner-oriented with an extensive library of prefabricated funnels, while Kartra has a high learning curve and offers only a limited number of templates.

So ask yourself.Does your business require convincing funnels or an advanced portal subscription system?

Choosing the most suitable software to help you run your online business is crucial as an internet marketer and entrepreneur.

That's why, although Kartra and Clickfunnels share the same purpose, it's still best to diligently check what aspects of your business you need to improve and how the two platforms can help you. 

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