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Best WordPress Hosting Services You Need to Know in 2022

The Best WordPress HostingThe Best WordPress Hosting

Since I am a web developer and freelancer, I was able to try and test different hosting solutions.I have managed and hosted several WordPress sites in my 5 years of development journey.

So, based on my experience and hosting features, I ranked and reviewed the best WordPress hosting providers based on pricing, features, integrations, data migration, data recovery, and more.

So let's get started.

What are the best WordPress hosting providers?

The list of the best WordPress hosting in 2022:

  • Site land
  • Blue Host
  • Emotion Hosting
  • Kinsta
  • WP Engine

1. Site area

Best Cloud Hosting for WordPress (Starting at $7 per Month)

Site land

Site land

Siteground is one of my recommended hosting companies when it comes to blogging.The very simple reason is their good customer support.It is very useful in the first days of your business trip.Especially, since I've seen my clients not be very familiar with things like MYSQL, PHP, and cPanel.

They are constantly adding new features and keep updating PHP versions.This means that your performance will be updated with current ongoing technology.In addition, Sitegroung ensures that your website handles high loads and high traffic incredibly fast.

It has server locations in the United States, the Netherlands, Singapore, and the United Kingdom.It provides 99.99% uptime and less than 300ms load time.

Siteground WordPress offers:

  • Free SSL and CDN on all plans
  • SG Optimizer and SuperCacher plugins to increase website speed
  • Incredibly savvy and fast WordPress support 24/7
  • Free restore and backup on all plans
  • Automatic updates of applications and plugins
  • Proactive approach to security
  • Free migration for experts – GoGeek and GrowBig plans only
  • Staging environment
  • Malware and hack protection
  • 30-day money back guarantee

Siteground's Key Hosting Features:

  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) – Siteground guarantees 99.99% uptime on an annual basis.If they fall below that guarantee, they will compensate by offering 1 month of free hosting.Plus, an additional month of free hosting for every 1% uptime lost.
  • Website Builder – The drag-and-drop website builder helps you get started quickly with your website.
  • Free Cloudflare CDN – Helps you reduce page load time by fulfilling requests across multiple geographic servers for your international audience.

Money Back Guarantee: Yes, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

I recommend getting their Growbig plan for a two- or three-year package.

2. Blue host

Best Shared Hosting for WordPress (Starting at $3 per Month)

Hosting Bluehost

Hosting Bluehost

BlueHost is also one of my top choices when I started building my first website in 2012. Since then it has improved a lot and has officially become one of the four hosting recommended by WordPress itself.The best part is that you can host multiple WordPress websites if you're willing to buy a plan.

They can be counted in the list of the most secure WordPress hosting.The cost ranges from $2.95 to $5 depending on the package selected.Another great feature of Bluehost is the fact that their servers are really well optimized for WordPress blogs.That said, it only takes 4-5 minutes to install WordPress on the server.

BlueHost WordPress offers:

  • Unlimited traffic and bandwidth
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Server optimized for WordPress
  • Free SSL with PHP 7
  • The free domain name (it's a big deal)

BlueHost's key hosting features:

  • Multiple hosting: You can host multiple WordPress websites on the hosting plan you purchased.
  • Extensive documentation: BlueHost's support documentation is so vast that you can figure things out on your own.Thus saving technical consulting expenses in the future.
  • Advanced cPanel: Provides detailed website analytics, security, data backups, and marketing tools in one place.

Money Back Guarantee: Yes, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

3. Hosting Inmotion

Easiest WordPress hosting option (starting at $7 per month)

Emotion Hosting

Emotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting is a US-based hosting company founded in 2001. They are famous for their quality support and are based in Los Angeles.

Their WordPress servers offer various types of hosting and offer unlimited storage and bandwidth.Along with this, they also offer free website migration and a free domain name.

Inmotion Hosting offers:

  • Unlimited disk space
  • Free website migration
  • Free domain name
  • Over 200 Free WordPress Templates
  • Free SSL

Key InMotion Hosting Features:

  • Website Builder: You can quickly create a website using their drag-and-drop website builder.
  • UltraStack technology: UltraStack servers allow your website to have faster speed, faster load times, optimized server-side caching, and additional space for traffic growth.
  • Staging environment: Store and test a copy of your website in a specific location.

Money Back Guarantee: Yes, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

4. Kinsta

Best Fast WordPress Hosting (Starting at $30 per month)



Kinsta is a best-managed wp hosting option for growing or enterprise-grade blogs.What I really like about Kinsta is its excellent architecture and friendly support for hosting a WordPress website.I've seen many popular high-traffic blogs hosted on Kinsta, including some of my clients.

They are the only best scalable WordPress hosting that allows you to choose from 10 different server locations.You can get started with Kinsta with their $30 per month plan if you have the budget.Choose this fastest wp hosting company if you want to save future migration hassles and reduce your budget for technical advice.

Kinsta uses Nginx, so you don't need a caching plugin.In addition, its flexible architecture also makes them one of the fastest WordPress hosting options available on the market.

Kinsta WordPress offers:

  • Premium DNS Management
  • Obsessive architecture of speed
  • Staging environment
  • Multiple server locations
  • On-demand backup and daily backup option
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Advanced javascript display
  • Exceptional customer support
  • Free site migration
  • Free CDN

Key features of Kinsta hosting:

  • Free site migration: Switching to Kinta will not experience any downtime since it ensures providing a temporary domain to check before going live.
  • Flexible architecture: Because it is based on the GCP platform, it ensures that it automatically scales in the event of unpredictable traffic spikes.
  • Free Hack Fix – They keep all server software up to date so that no hacks occur.If something happens, they solve the problem with immediate priority.

Money Back Guarantee: Yes, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

5. WP Engine

Best Business WordPress Hosting (Starting at $30 per month)

WP Engine

WP Engine

WPEngine is the trendsetter of high-performance WordPress hosting.Their premium WordPress hosting is ideal for B2B based websites where performance is the top requirement.This is the best WordPress hosting for agencies looking to manage their clients' wallets.

With each WP Engine plan, you also get 35+ StudioPress WordPress themes and the Genesis framework for free.Plus, its best SSD WordPress hosting ensures you don't miss out on speed, which is an important factor in Google's ranking.Therefore, this makes them the best managed WordPress hosting service in the industry.

WP Engine WordPress offers:

  • Development, production and staging environments
  • Dedicated + Shared Clusters Offers for Hosting
  • Geographic IP Add-on
  • Free CDN
  • PHP 7.x+

Key hosting features of WP Engine:

  • Automated migration: It's easy to migrate your site from another host to WP Engine using its advanced migration tools.No technical knowledge is required to perform the migration.
  • Billing transfer: Ideal for developers and agencies.If a customer likes a site, they can buy an account and the site is transferred to them.If you're looking for the best WordPress multisite hosting, this feature definitely puts them on that list.
  • GEO IP: allows the website owner to customize the experience for users from different locations.

Money Back Guarantee: Yes, they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Best WordPress Hosting – Final Conclusion

This concludes my list of best value WordPress hosting.I will continue to update the list of the best WordPress hosting companies available in the market.Now, to make your life easier, here are my final tips for WordPress-optimized hosting:For WordPress beginners:

  • Site land
  • Bluehost

Siteground is good when it comes to server locations and customer support.While BlueHost has an edge with its unlimited traffic and bandwidth.

For average WordPress sites:

  • Kinsta
  • Site land
  • Blue Host

Enterprise-grade WordPress hosting:

  • Kinsta
  • WP Engine

These are my comparisons of WordPress hosting based on my experience and preferred order.Hope it helps you choose the right one for you.if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me via our Facebook or Instagram page.

Which WordPress cloud hosting service do you intend to use?Let me know in the comments below.

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Frequently asked questions


Do I need cPanel WordPress hosting?

No, you don't necessarily need cPanel.Today, many WordPress hosting offers a custom panel that requires fewer resources and offers greater security.

Can I change my WordPress hosting later?

Yes, you can change your WordPress host at any time.It's easy nowadays to switch from any WordPress hosting platform.