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Best Free and Paid Link Building Software in 2020

How can you get search engines to show your resource?You need to create backlinks for the blog.Some links come organically, if people love your content and send it back to their websites and comment, or use some marketing strategies to speed up the process.In this article, you will discover the best platforms for creating links for promoting your blog.

What is link building

Users need links to navigate between online resources, and search engines use them to crawl the web.Link building is a strategy that aims to place links on other websites to increase blog exposure, traffic, and monetization.

The more links you have, the higher Google values the value of your blog.So, if you want to start a travel blog, think ahead about your link building strategy.

Why are links so crucial for SEO?You can create top-notch content on a given web page, but it may be useless as long as a large number of links refer to it from external trusted websites.

What are the "building blocks" of link building?Basically, you need to find relevant authoritative websites in your niche and then approach them with an offer to link to your blog. 

The best link building companies

When you reach out to influencers manually, it takes a long time, and sometimes your offer may be rejected.To save money, consider using quality link building services.Such companies already have a database of bloggers who would agree to insert a backlink to your website and will not be considered suspicious by search engines.Below you will find the best ways to get backlinks for a blog.

Dissemination of the blogger

Blogger's outreach services allow you to find bloggers who create killer promotional content (posts, reviews, giveaways, case studies, etc.) In exchange for your product or any other profit.This is a fantastic and inexpensive way to create links for your blog.

LinkMarket LinkMarket
  • LinkMarket offers spam-free link building and provides link requests (up to 10 requests per month) and modified link anchor text, all free of charge.To expand your opportunities, purchase a paid subscription.
IxCys IxCys
  • FatJoe features content creators and helps find relevant websites to publish articles.Provide it with anchor text and destination URL placements.The price is between £35 and £360 per project.FatJoe provides a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results.
Awareness monksAwareness monks
  • Outreach Monks is another versatile platform.You can sort the appropriate content and backlink placements with domain rating, trust flow, and link history requirements.You will be provided with White Label reports to see the results and/or share them with customers.Such a promotion of bloggers will cost you from $ 59 to $ 319 per project.
From the futureFrom the future
  • From The Future is a digital agency that implements blogger outreach to increase organic keyword rankings.The service focuses on social media influencers and brand awareness.Sign up on the platform to see your pricing options.

Content creation

Many quality link building services are able to create valuable, accurate and up-to-date posts based on in-depth research, directed at your target audience and involving visual elements (images, graphics, videos, etc.).

Linkgraph Linkgraph
  • Linkgraph doesn't write content, but it also optimizes your website's copy and adds long reads to ecommerce assets with product descriptions.It provides regular blog posts for the target audience in order to ensure new content.The platform offers free analysis of your backlink profile, but the full service will cost anywhere from $899 to $10,000.
ContentHarmony Property ContentHarmony Property
  • ContentHarmony creates and promotes interactive content through PR, social and paid social channels.The platform has its own software and content marketing programs.It develops and implements integrated strategies and works on a turnkey basis, which means no service is available on its own.It will cost you $2,000 per month.You can download a free guide on how to build a content marketing strategy.
SiegeMedia SiegeMedia
  • SiegeMedia is a software provider that writes articles and creates a connecting profile through personal disclosure and professional PR.The platform focuses on ROI and reports revenue from content marketing versus investment.Sign up on the platform to see your pricing options.
Linkology Linkology

Analysis and reporting

To take link building to the next level, it's crucial to measure and analyze your campaign.This information helps to understand which links work best and which are useless to optimize the strategy.

Scrapebox Scrapebox
  • ScrapeBox is a desktop web scanning software designed for both SEO and private businesses.Research your competition, scan tons of web pages to analyze your existing backlinks and anchor texts.You can also find unindexed and prohibited content on your website.You should pay $67 to acquire this software.
  • SEOBook shows many free and paid SEO tools for both professionals and starter bloggers.Here you can find the means to get link data from many web resources and compare websites in a practical way.You will be able to find the most valuable directories, do thorough research, and reveal broken links and scan errors.The platform offers a free seven-day trial that includes tips on creating links.
SEO Cost CalculatorSEO Cost Calculator
  • The SEO cost calculator helps you evaluate your investments in SEO in general and link building in particular to allow you to plan your budget wisely.You will learn how many links you need to have to take on the niche. 

Broken links

Some web resources that contain links to your website may stop working.In this case, your links break.You should remove them from the internet to avoid a drop in the value of your content.

Xenu Link SleuthXenu Link Sleuth
  • Xenu Link Sleuth is a free downloadable software that allows you to check links and get a constantly updated list of URLs with the ability to get a report on your program.You can check saved URLs or HTML pages.The program provides clear reports on the status of each backlink to your blog. 
  • The W3C Validator link checker is the best free tool for instant page validation using a dynamic bookmark.It can reveal problems in your links, anchors, web pages, and CSS.You do not need to download the program as it is available online.
Netpeak Spider Netpeak Spider
  • Netpeak Spider is a paid platform that finds broken links and controls the SEO optimization of your blog.The service offers a 14-day free trial and a paid version for $19/month.

Find sources and citations

Sometimes, you may need to bolster your opinion with relevant expert quotes or link to other authoritative domains in your niche. 

  • HARO (Help A Reporter Out) provides writers and journalists with quotes from professionals.If you managed to become a source of their report or any other documentation, take a backlink to your blog.Sign up for the service for free, receive three newsletters with questions every day and expert answers.
ResponseSource PropertyResponseSource Property
  • ResponseSource lists journalists with experience related to your blog.As you only pay for requests within your industry, prices depend on the niche and start at an average of £600 per category.
PRLeads PRLeads
  • PRLeads is another dedicated software, which receives requests from many reputable editions such as the New York Times and Forbes.

Link classification

How can you identify tons of unnatural links that prevent further promotion of the website?Some dedicated services can help you check your blog's backlinks.

Ahrefs backlink checkAhrefs backlink check
  • Ahrefs backlink checker will check 100 backlinks to your blog for free.You will be able to see the latest backlinks.Such opportunities help to objectively assess the quality of the backlink profile so that the marketing strategy can be adapted accordingly.
  • Buzzstream is a multifunctional tool that offers link building services.Find junk links and monitor websites in the database to determine if they are linked to you.The list is updated every two weeks.The platform also reveals broken links.Buzzstream offers a free trial and pretty flexible payment plans from $24 per month up to $999 per month.
СognitiveSEO СognitiveSEO
  • СognitiveSEO performs a comprehensive link check, reveals junk links, and detects factors that could cause your website to be banned or penalized on Google.It analyzes your link's profile on a scale from 0 to 2,000 and allows you to browse all links.CognitiveSEO offers a seven-day trial and two paid plans.

PR & Marketing

This strategy expands your reach in delivering stories to media assets to increase awareness and recognition of your brand.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider - Version 10
  • ScreamingFrog offers PR consultants who have close ties to the most influential publishers.It's a versatile platform with free access to many tools except PR and marketing, which are only available under a paid plan for £149.00 per year.
  • Reputio's link building services include website selection, content writing, and publishing.The company will provide you with a list of 300 websites to choose from for where you want to be highlighted. 

SEO Agencies

SEO agencies offer an all-in-one solution for promoting your blog.It's a great option if you have to work in many directions.You'll save money by purchasing access to several SEO tools at once through those agencies.For example, if you want to start a travel blog and reach a large audience, consider using that agency to cover all aspects of SEO. 

SureOak Property SureOak Property
  • SureOak offers a free check of your SEO score and a one-on-one consultation with an SEO specialist.Also, you can access HTTP Header Checker for free to protect your website from broken links.When you create a link profile, your company taps into domain authority, page authority, real traffic, and trust flow.Agency service will cost you $100 – $149/hour or $1,000+ per project.
  • StellarSEO focuses on long-term link growth strategies and outreach services.The agency works with bloggers, small businesses and businesses.It has no fixed prices as the details of the negotiation are indicated individually in each agreement.The average check is $50 – $99/hour or $5,000+ per project.
HigherVisibility PropertyHigherVisibility Property
  • HigherVisibility uses third-party tools to reveal high-quality perspectives and links to webmasters, bloggers, and journalists.The plans call for different amounts of backlinks for a blog of several hundred and a few thousand dollars.

Which link building service you should choose

If you're an aspiring blogger and don't have the budget, consider using free tools to get your project off the ground.Such software usually solves a problem and offers a limited solution.On the other hand, paid programs might come in handy if you want to access advanced features to save time and work on many aspects of your hookup profile. 

If you decide to contact the agency or use the online platform, make sure that they do not pay for links from websites with little authority.Pay attention to services with a money-back guarantee and escape platforms that promise to bring your website to the top in a day.