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Top 15 niche markets to make good money from

Want to start an online business, but have no idea what the best niche markets are?Man, you're not alone.In fact, choosing a niche is the biggest hurdle faced by most digital entrepreneurs.

This is also where these same entrepreneurs stumble and fall because they make a critical mistake: they assume.

And this assumption is that they think they have found an untapped niche market based on their own perceptions or desired target audience.This is what is called confirmation bias – you think something exists, so it does.

So, what most online entrepreneurs do is move on, deciding to be maverick.Trace a trace in a new market they are passionate about.

You then quickly spend several months in the life of their niche business only to see that they are not making money.Their passion for their niche is undeniable.But the problem was that no one spent their money in that market.Basically, their niche audience did not exist.

Attempting to create a new niche market is possible, but you're taking a bet instead of a well-thought-out business decision.

A better niche strategy is simply to tap into an established market, selling what people are already buying.Not only is this approach simpler, but it is also much more profitable.

Most other articles on profitable niche markets go through the same routine of listing a handful of the same niches you'll find everywhere.They made their rounds on each one, doing their best to make it look like original research.

In this article, we'll instead give you a list of profitable niches to work with, many of which you would never have considered before.

But we will also show you how to find out about low competition, profitable niches that few people know about.  

So, let's go to this.

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We've already covered one of the key principles of niche marketing, one ignored by most people: Sell what people are already buying.

You see, what's all about niche marketing is tapping into the mindset of people who have a problem that they need help with.People who have disposable income to spend on things.People who are delusional fans of something and habitually spend money on it.

  • Golfers routinely spend money on their hobby year after year
  • People with acne are willing to pay for a cure
  • Anyone with "too little money and too much month" needs more income
  • Movie fans are always looking for collectibles to spend money

The best niches are those where you are solving a problem for someone.

And the great thing is that the solution to the problem could be as simple as owning the latest Star Wars collection.It doesn't have to be a dangerous situation for foreclosure, and it rarely is.

Instead, it is simply a matter of meeting the needs and expectations of a target market.

Also, your business doesn't necessarily have to rely on selling a niche product. Your niche might offer a specialized SEO service just for psychotherapists.Or help parents organize the best birthday party for their children.You can teach people how to start a dog grooming business.Or even how to write a great novel that will be sold in buckets.

A niche strategy to be wary of is starting a business based on any "passion" you may have.You may be fond of indigenous South American art materials, for example.

It doesn't matter because if there is no market for those products, then you are a hobbyist and not an entrepreneur.It might sound harsh, but that single piece of advice can save you thousands of dollars.

Once you've found a way to help people with their problems, the money will follow.

All you have to do is find a niche and fill it.

If you're looking for inspiration, we've already covered 15 of the most profitable niches.

Established niche markets

Established niche markets


Um, no. No, I'm not.With the exception of the adult and online gambling industries, everything else is fair gaming.

The reality is that you can compete in any of the thousands of niche industries.Whatever you want.Competing in the most profitable niches will require:

Some marketers want you to believe that some niches like health are too competitive.So much so that there is no way for you to get into them.

But what about all those boys and girls on shopping channels selling the latest trendy diet or sports equipment?They generate millions of dollars in sales and in a fiercely competitive market.

Dating is another niche that people say is too competitive to even bother.If so, then and Plenty of Fish would dominate the market and Tinder would not exist.

How can you gain traction in a competitive marketing niche?

You have two choices here:

1. Take an idea that works and then improve it so people can't ignore it.

2. Accept that you will have to invest 2-3 years of your life to master that niche.

Remember that you don't need to find 1,000,000 customers to get rich.All you need is 1,000 true fans who want to buy from you on a regular basis.

Even if they only spend $10 each per month with you, that's $10ka per month in revenue for your business.


I will not promise you an unlimited amount of money with minimal work.Building a business is hard.But I think building a business and failing is even harder.

One of the most powerful ways to avoid failure and achieve success is to find a mentor.The problem is that no one wants to mentor someone who doesn't know what they're doing in the first place.

So your next best bet is a course.

If you want to skip years of failure, it is recommended to take the System course of the authority site.They guide you step by step through what you need to do to win in the niche game.

Click here to skip failure and learn from some of the world's best in niche.



It makes no sense to give you "2476 niche ideas you can profit from today" because:

  • No one has time for that.
  • You'll feel completely overwhelmed by that amount of data.
  • You'll spend weeks analyzing information instead of taking action.

Instead, what you get are ten established niches, but the ones in which you can still compete.

Some of these will be familiar.Others will make you sit back and say, "What hadn't I thought of before?"

We want to show that choosing a niche does not mean reinventing the wheel.


Did you know that English is only the first language of 21% of the world's population?In fact, by 2050 the United States will have more people speaking Spanish as their first language than English.Canadian schools now teach Chinese as a subject due to China's growing economic power.

People like to learn new languages.But in the coming decades many of us will have to learn a second language in addition to English.The world is changing.Maybe we'll all eventually speak a language like Cityspeak in the movie Blade Runner?It would be confusing… but cool enough.

This means that there is a ready market for language teaching software, online language coaching services and everything else related to learning a new language.

Market Value: US$43 billion per year

puppy nichepuppy niche


Here is a market that will not disappear soon and has huge potential for all kinds of niche activities.Pets are very much a part of Western life and are becoming so in other parts of the world.We've already reviewed a lot of pet affiliate programs here.There is no point in waiting to start profiting from this market.

There is a generation of people who do not have children and raise pets.They refer to them as "fur babies". Note: The author of this piece must admit that he treats his dog like a child.Her name is Butters and she's fantastic.

Editor's note: I have 4 chickens that have a special place in my heart.They are called Dumpling, Noodle, Wok and Parm (it is the abbreviation of Parmesan).The pet market is real.

You can start a niche website about a specific breed of cat.Another option could be a YouTube channel that reviews chewing toys for dogs.Or you could start an authority site on the care of exotic birds.You can also go offline with your niche business by starting a pet sitting service.Pet owners in some cities are willing to pay up to $100 per day for reliable companion dogs

Pet owners are fanatical about giving their pets the best of everything from food to toys to health treatments.Why not tap into that?

Market Value: $66.75 billion per year

3. Preparation

If you listened to the news you should at least suspect that the world is getting worse by the day.

(That's a good reason not to listen to mainstream news.)

But even if there is no zombie apocalypse, there is no denying that it makes sense to be prepared to take care of your family.The weather patterns of our planet seem to be changing, for example.So why not prepare for situations where extreme cold or a violent storm could pose a risk?

You can choose to start a full ecommerce or FBA business drop-off shipping prepper supplies .If you're not sure what these consumables would be, you can figure out some low-hanging fruit with Jungle Scout or Helium10.

Or you could start a niche affiliate marketing site on preparation for complete beginners.The nice thing about this niche market is that it expands beyond just buying freeze-dried foods and shotgun ammunition.It also includes topics such as gunsmith, blacksmith, cutlery, food preservation, etc.

Each of these sub-niches will appeal to the prepper community.If you're looking to sell something on Amazon, you'll need to find keywords that get a lot of searches and don't have much competition.We love Jungle Scout and Spencer used it to sell his six-figure FBA business.

Read our Jungle Scout review here.

FIND AMAZON'S LOW FRUITS FOR YOUR BUSINESSMarket Value: US$16 billion – US$37 billion per year


Until there is a huge evolutionary leap where we become an asexual species, relationships will matter for a long time to come.And what's the biggest problem most people have in relationships?

Find someone to fall in love with.

It's a bit of fun to look back at how far online dating has come.There was a time when anyone using online dating was the ass of jokes.Now, it's an accepted part of the dating scene.Recent studies show that up to 50 million Americans have tried dating online at some point.

Now that it's a big market.

You can interact with this niche market in several ways.You could write a Kindle book about dating for people over 40 (or find another niche with low fruit), self-publish it on the Amazon platform, and earn over $100 a day.Or maybe you could put together a digital product on the best way to break up with someone.Everyone else is trying to get their ex back, so why not take a different approach?

Being in a relationship is one of the biggest commitments people make during their lives.This makes them more than willing to pay for solutions to their relationship problems.

This is an area where there are plenty of opportunities to publish books, and it's never been easier than publishing income-generating books on Amazon Kindle now. These books can generate more than $100 per day.

If you have an editorial dream, we recommend checking out KDP Rocket.It helps you find niches and dominate the Kindle direct publishing sphere.You don't have to struggle with traditional publishing, you can spread the word and bank.

WRITE BEST-SELLING BOOKS WITH KDP ROCKETMarket value: 2.5 billion US dollars

Personal Finance NichePersonal Finance Niche


The financial meltdown of 2008 taught many of us some very hard lessons about how quickly you can go from one boom to the next.What has woken up most people is the fact that diversifying your arrival and planning for your future is smart.

You can't rely on the government to take care of you.Especially when most countries in the developed world have actually failed.

This niche has tons of opportunities for different products or services, but all with the aim of increasing a person's income or helping them regain control of their outputs.Some people like Jeff Proctor are earning over $100,000 per month in this niche through SEO traffic and smart keyword targeting.

Niche companies that might be working really well in this market include budget information sites.Another sub-niche is how to live without cable TV.Or you might come up with ideas for family meals that cost less than $10 each.A financial advisory service is another option.

Selling high-end digital products in this market could prove to be a challenge, however.Remember, people are usually more interested in learning how to save money.If, however, your niche business is about generating more revenue, selling digital products shouldn't be a problem.

If you get into the niche of personal finance, you'll need to do some serious keyword research. A few years ago I created a tool that makes it easier to search for keywords.It's called Long Tail Pro (read our Long Tail Pro review here).

Click here to start keyword research with Long Tail Pro.



No one likes the idea of having to turn their family home into a "Fortress of Solitude," but crime won't go away anytime soon.Even the most liberal families are forced to see how safe their home is.

In short, home security is a growing market and has many niches within it.You could start a niche site focused solely on non-lethal variety home defense weapons.Home monitoring software and hardware are also growing in popularity, including video doorbells, Wi-Fi security camera systems, and PIR lighting systems.

A sub-niche could offer solutions to deter "pirate arcades" from stealing packages from outside homes.You can also create a series of digital information products for this marketplace or a YouTube channel that reviews gadgets and home security appliances.Another approach would be to start an affiliate marketing site to make your home burglar alarm.

Market Value: US$51 billion per year


In 1800 there were 900 million people alive. By 1900 this figure rose to 1.65 billion.By 1980 it had increased to 4.4 billion people.And in the last 40 years the population of our planet has almost doubled to 7.6 billion people.

That's a lot of babies born every single day. 386,000 of them

Unless we find ourselves in some sort of dystopian nightmare, like in the movie "Children of Men", the market for baby products grows every day.Not only that, but parents are "enthusiastic fans."New parents spend an average of $4,000 per year to care, clothe and feed their baby.

Subniches of this marketplace include Amazon affiliate marketing sites, such as organizing baby showers, and sites dedicated to children's names.You could create a blog dedicated to novice parents who are in their 30s.Or a blog about the adoption process in different countries.Even Spencer dived into this niche when he bought a mom's blog.

So yes, the opportunities within this niche are virtually limitless.

People in this market are willing to pay almost everything to make sure their families can get off to a good start.

Market Value: US$18 billion per year


America is in the midst of an obesity epidemic.However, it is not the only country in the world with this problem: the UK and Germany are following closely.

There is a huge market to help people lose all those extra pounds, and then keep them away.Sub-niches you might take part in include ideas like a personal trainer YouTube channel aimed at young adults.Or you could run a niche site or offline business that offers custom meal plans.Or maybe a digital product on weight loss for busy people.

As discussed earlier in this article, you just need to take a look at the shopping channels to see how much money is being spent in the weight loss market.Yes, it is very competitive.Yes, you can compete with time, innovation and effort.While there may be some ethical limitations with certain types of content promotion, you can still make good money from programs like the Amazon Affiliate program or even with display ads.

For those who go on the display add the route, you can do a murder.Spencer has had the best luck with Mediavine, but has a high need for visitors (25,000 per month) before he can attend.We recommend Adsense and Ezoic for beginners.

Ezoico in particular is great for any site that runs ads.They use artificial intelligence to send a message about optimal ad placement on your site and maximize your revenue.Spencer uses Ezoic on the Niche Site 4 project and they are doing well.A review will come out soon.Until then, you can sign up for free.

JOIN EZOIC AND INCREASE YOUR EARNINGS Market Value: US$66 billion per year

Learn an instrumentLearn an instrument


Now, this niche is not for everyone and it is because musicians are a different breed.They can locate a non-musician merchant a million miles away, so you've been warned.

With this caveat aside, learning to play a musical instrument is something most people aspire to.And it's not just for beginners.There is an equally large market to improve musicians who want to take their skills to the next level.

One of the most popular approaches in this market is creating a membership site ( we reviewed Membermouse here, but we also like Clickfunnels) with lessons on a specific tool.You could also start a YouTube channel that teaches people how to play covers of popular or classic rock songs, monetizing your channel as a source of income.Or, you could sell digital products on the ideal effects pedal configuration for the new guitarist or bassist.

If you like the idea of a membership site, Clickfunnels helps you do it all.You can create the landing page, use their cart software to save from big fees, offer upsells, and host the membership area.

Best of all, you can try Clickfunnels for free before committing.



It's worth taking a few seconds to examine how many electronic "gadgets" you own.

You have a smartphone, a tablet, and maybe an eReader like Kindle or Kobo.You probably also have a Netflix, Hulu, and Spotify account.

Basically, electronic gadgets and entertainment devices are part of your life.They are part of everyone's life, including people in developing countries.In fact, the developing world will be one of the largest markets for electronic gadgets and entertainment services over the next decade.

Making money in this market means taking a close look at focused niches.An example would be a YouTube channel on the video streaming services and media players they connect to.Or a digital product on how to make money with game streaming platforms like Twitch.

You can also create a niche website dedicated to setting up your own home media streaming servers and reviews of all the necessary equipment such as network storage devices.

Market Value: US$65 billion per year


Now, you probably have a hundred ideas for niche companies based on the multibillion-dollar industries we just shared with you.But we didn't want to stop there.


Because finding your niche in established markets can be daunting.There are, however, many emerging niche markets to consider.And most of them have much less competition than you might think.

Here are five of our favorite up-and-coming niches to check out.

Renewable energy nicheRenewable energy niche


As the supply of fossil fuels has decreased, the demand for renewable energy sources has increased.This includes everything from solar cards to Tesla's Powerwalls, to solar-powered USB charging packages.

There are opportunities to sell more than just solar solutions here.People are also looking at wind and water turbines to generate electricity for their home.


NichePursuits Rating

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If you don't think this is a big market, please take a look at the direction of Saudi Arabia.Their goal is to become the world leader in solar energy by 2030. One of the world's largest oil producers is rapidly moving towards renewable energy solutions.The writing is on the wall for the fossil fuel industry.

Market Value: $140 billion per year


This is a forecast based on current environmental trends.Everyone can see that plastics are clogging our oceans and landfills.Something has to change.

There is a huge space in this market for people to promote bottles, straws or other items that will biodegrade after several months.Biodegradable hemp-based straws are just one product with the potential to change an entire market.

People understand that plastic waste is no longer acceptable because it is now entering our food chain.It's not just birds and fish that consume plastic, so are we.

The author's prediction is that biodegradable packaging and consumables will be a huge market in the next 5-10 years.

Market value: 3.4 billion US dollars per year


Who would have thought they could convince people to pay for a box of "random" things that were sent to them every month?Sure, it's stuff they want to get, but it's as if the days of the mail-order catalog are back again.Postal and parcel delivery services must grin like a Cheshire cat.

Mishibox is an example of how you can put a different rotation in the subscription box template.Their Korean skin care boxes are generally sold out every single month.

Imagine owning a business where your entire inventory sells every single month?

There should be a meme for that.

You can also create a subscription box as part of your existing niche business, such as pet supplies for older dogs and cats, focusing on organic ingredients.

Market Value: US$5 billion per year


People have said virtual reality is the next "big thing" as far as I can remember.The desire of the market was there, but the technology did not exist to keep up with it.

Oculus Rift changed everything, making virtual reality interesting again.And not only for geeks and nerds, but also for people who want to immerse themselves in the virtual entertainment experience.

Market Value: US$12.1 billion

small home nichesmall home niche


After decades of "bigger is better" people now want to live a simpler life.Of course, the idea of owning a 12-bedroom villa is still interesting.But there are just as many people who want to tune in, abandon and get off the grid.

The emergence of small houses is proof of that desire.Regardless of the cause, more and more families are looking for second homes outside major urban areas.A small house is a very efficient way to achieve this.Plus, they get a small vacation home in case Yellowstone Park doesn't fall apart.

Tiny houses are also popular with people who want to expand their home to create more living space.There is also a growing demand from people who want to use them as a home office.

Market Value: US$400+ million


There's a quote that works really well for the niche marketing industry:

Give a man a fish and feed him for a day.Teach a man to fish and feed him for life. – Anne Isabella Thackeray Ritchie

Unless, of course, he lives near a body of water.Or it's vegan.But let's not stray from the subject.

We've already given you 10 established niches to work with.You also got 5 emerging bonus niches.But we're taking it to the next level, showing you how to find profitable niches on your own.


Because that's how Niche Pursuits rolls!

And don't worry if you're struggling.Spencer also had to face this challenge at the beginning.It wasn't always an easy road, but it worked well.

And there is also the reality that we could never find and search for every niche known to humanity.Could… but you will lose the will to live after page 2,438 of the PDF file.

So how do you find profitable niche markets to emulate?


The two best services of this type are Flippa and Empire Flippers.The advantage of using Flippa is that you can often see not only the URL of the site for sale, but also how much it earns per month.

Empire Flippers will provide you with the same data, but only after giving them a refundable deposit of 5% based on the value of the site.So we will stay with Flippa .

In less than three minutes of browsing through Flippa we found the following niches profitable:

  • Quilting
  • Water purification
  • Custom knives

Conduct your researchSearch the Flippa site

Search the Flippa site
  1. Go to the homepage of
  2. Scroll down to "Featured Websites"
  3. Click "See all"
  4. Adjust the "Monthly Profit" slider to the required level
  5. Leave the "Keyword" field blank
  6. Click the "Search" button
  7. Crawling through lists for sites with a public URL

Yes, website owners actually show you the niche they are involved in. This includes the amount of search engine traffic they get and how much money they earn each month.

Spending a few minutes on Flippa is enough to find several profitable niche ideas.Now all you have to do is find low-competition keywords in that niche.


Why spend time trying to figure out what's selling right now when Amazon did all the research for you?In fact, their lists of the best sellers are one of the best ways to find profitable niches that you would never have thought otherwise.

Best Selling Items on Amazon

Best Selling Items on Amazon 


You can find the best Amazon sellers using one of the following methods:

1. Go to

This gives you a breakdown of the top vendors into their most popular "departments" such as Toys, Electronics, and Books.

2. Click the "Departments" menu on the left side of the Amazon homepage.

Choose a category that you find interesting.You don't need to be passionate about it.It just has to be something that gets you going, "Yes, I can see the money here."

Let's say you chose "Beauty and Health" and then the subcategory of "Men's Grooming".

Scroll down until you see the "Best Sellers" carousel :Mens Grooming Best Seller

Mens Grooming Best Seller Now you can see what products sell as hotcakes in this category and how many reviews each product has.









NichePursuits Rating

You want to start a niche site that can bring in $3,000 per month… or more?Here I discuss:

  • The tools you'll need
  • How to get started with a budget
  • The best way to generate income quickly