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How to Start an Affiliate Marketing Business (The Complete Guide for Beginners)

Affiliate marketing is a fairly cheap and easy way to start building your online business because you don't have to create products to sell.

It is also possible to make a great fortune with almost no investments.Using it, some people have achieved total freedom and, as a result, are traveling all over the world.Unfortunately, so many people fail in this area because they do not know the right methods and do not have the necessary skills.

Would you like to know how to become an affiliate marketer?

In this guide I will tell you everything step by step on how to start an affiliate marketing business using the best strategies and some incalculable secrets.You will learn how to take advantage of it for years and get a stable passive income.

What is affiliate marketing and how does affiliate marketing work?

It basically means that you promote other people's products and receive a commission when someone makes a purchase.In other words, you sell products through the Internet for a fee.

This is one of the most popular business models nowadays that can be incredibly profitable and has many advantages.All you have to do is send traffic to someone else's product via your affiliate link.

What is affiliate marketingWhat is affiliate marketing

Of course, it is highly recommended to constantly modify and improve the system you are using.

There is a wide variety of methods and techniques that can be applied to make the system more effective.In short, you need to have an affiliate marketing business plan.

In addition, you can learn from the tips and mistakes of others, and in some cases even use templates.After that, you could even outsource the entire marketing process!

What is a two-tier affiliate program?

A two-tier affiliate system allows you to make commissions not only on your sales but also on the sales of your customers.

This way, you'll be motivated to train your customers on how to get started and how to acquire new customers.

You will earn money from both your customers and their customers.

Second-tier affiliates are also called sub-affiliates.One of the most famous companies that offers a two-tier system is WPengine.

Advantages and disadvantages

If you want to try this business model, it is essential to know how it is different from other possibilities.If you're interested in other business models besides this one, check out this lesson.

Now let's see the advantages of running an affiliate business:

  • No product needs to be created

  • You don't need to provide customer service

  • low tuition fee

  • can bring you passive and recurring income

  • No need for qualifications

  • minimal risk

  • High commission

As you may already know, creating products takes a lot of time and effort.By engaging in this activity, you do not need to create any products since it allows you to make money using someone else's products.

You don't even have to deal with customers or provide any customer service and you are not responsible for the products as these are curated by the company that created the affiliate offers.

If you're just starting out, it's a good way to get into the world of online business without having to invest a lot of time and money.

Aside from web hosting, email marketing, and a few other things, it doesn't require financial investment.

By the way, if you want to learn how to invest your money, check out this investment training course .

Also, you don't need any qualification to be an affiliate marketer, however a strong knowledge of online marketing is a huge plus.If you can't sell the product you've started promoting, you don't lose anything.You simply have to go ahead and keep trying different products until you find the one you will profit from.

This method however may take a long time, so I suggest you choose a product that is already selling well and is getting positive reviews.Find people who are already making a good profit from a product and choose the same.This way you basically validate the demand before deciding to sell.

The best thing is that promoting subscription-based services allows you to get passive and recurring income every month.

Benefits of Affiliate MarketingBenefits of Affiliate Marketing

There is no limit to how much you can earn with affiliate programs, it all depends on how good the product you are promoting is and how much time and effort you invest in it.

Now let's look at the disadvantages:

  • not a 100% profit

  • No control over the product

  • Dependency on the company

  • Competition is fierce

One disadvantage is that you won't keep 100% of the profits you generate.The commission you get for digital products is usually quite high.

For example, in some cases, you get between 50% and 80%, which is much more than the profit of the creator of the product.

Another downside is that you have no control over the offer.Product prices can change at any time, and you don't even have access to the checkout process.If the quality of the product changes, you can't do anything about it.If the business fails, you lose your business.

That's why I suggest the following:

If you take this seriously, you don't want to depend on just one company.Therefore, you should aim for multiple sources of income.It means that once you have built a solid affiliate business in one company, join others and after some time create your own products.

Multiple sources of incomeMultiple sources of income

Let's say you choose to sell a popular product.There's a considerable chance that many other affiliate marketers will promote it at the same time.Because of the intense competition, you have to find a way to differentiate yourself so that people buy through you rather than others.

Why Most People Fail at Affiliate Marketing

As I said before, this type of business can easily be started with minimal initial investment, but most people fail after some time.Guess why.

Lack of skills

The main reason is that they do not invest time to master all the skills necessary to succeed in this area of activity.Just like any other online business, a goal-oriented mindset is essential for success.


Building the foundations of web design and digital marketing skills are also necessary because you want to promote your business on a website through the Internet, right?

For newcomers, all this information might be a bit overwhelming, but that's precisely why I've created this comprehensive guide that includes many useful lessons.

Keep in mind that each required skill can be acquired step by step.Most people jump from one technique to another without mastering anything.Due to lack of concentration, their efforts fail and after realizing that it does not work they give up.

"Beyond promise and insufficient" approach

Another useful tip to remember that many marketers do is the "over-promise and insufficient delivery" approach.I'm sure you've come across sales pages promising that you'll earn thousands of dollars in a few weeks, even if you're a total beginner.When you bought that product, the result never came to fruition and as a customer you felt disappointed.Marketers who apply these strategies don't care about their customers.They just want the money.

As a result, they lose confidence and credibility.

This is not the right way to become a reliable source and acquire recurring customers.The right approach is to focus on customers and help them solve their problems.

promise and keeppromise and keep


A common problem I see a lot is that affiliates want immediate success and money without taking any real action.

They start promoting their affiliate link on every social media platform without giving value, which is a rather inefficient way.It's called spamming.

Most people who do this sort of thing earn almost nothing from this type of marketing.

What people should understand is that only by applying a long-term mindset will you become successful and profitable by showcasing your expertise and creating quality content that gives value.The whole idea is based on building quality relationships with people.

How affiliate marketing works

Now it's time to see how this business model works.

The first thing you need to do is find a product to sell and sign up as an affiliate to get a unique affiliate link to promote.Of course you need a quality website and content, but we'll come back to that later.

Basically, you first identify a problem, then solve it by including an affiliate link to which that person can purchase the solution.

Steps to Start an Affiliate Marketing BusinessSteps to Start an Affiliate Marketing Business

What is an affiliate tracking cookie?

The entire process is based on cookies.Cookies are small files that are saved on web browsers to identify website visitors later or to retrieve information about them.They also allow you to maintain access to sites that require a user name and password.

In case of this type of activity, cookies are used to identify the person who refers you.

By adding your unique affiliate ID to a product URL, you'll have your own affiliate link through which businesses can track that sales are coming from you.

If someone clicks on your affiliate link, a cookie will be saved on their computer that will be kept for days or months depending on the duration of the cookie.

For example, if a cookie is set to 60 days, you still receive a commission when someone buys the product 59 days after clicking on your unique link.If that person purchases the product after this period, you will not be assigned a commission because the cookie has already expired.

A good affiliate program will also give you the buyer's name and email address so that you can contact them again.This information is essential if you want to build a real business.

I strongly recommend that you choose an affiliate program that does not hide this information.This way, you will be able to build trust and support your downline.In addition, you can even work together.

Some advanced programs offer promotional tools and training to help you get started.So don't ignore this advantage either.

Affiliate Commission

The commission is usually paid weekly or monthly depending on the company you signed up for.

The commission rate can be between 3% and 100% depending on the product you are promoting.You usually get a lot more fees for digital products because they can be replicated at no cost.On the other hand, for physical products, you can expect to only get between 5% and 10%.

Strategies to earn recurring and passive income

Recommend a quality product

The key to succeeding in an online business is building relationships with people.

In case of this type of business, the only way to do this is to promote quality products and be honest.

Quality of the cost of timeQuality of the cost of time

You also need to use and appreciate those products.If you really like a product, it will show up in the content you create, blog posts, or videos.People can easily tell if you know what you're talking about.

On the contrary, you will lose your reputation and credibility if you recommend poor products.

Provide accurate information and honest opinions

Always give your honest opinion about the product, both advantages and disadvantages.

In doing so, by providing real value, you automatically build trust.Once you've established trust, your conversions will skyrocket!

You want to provide your audience with useful information that they can then use to make a decision.

Offer them help, answer their questions, and you'll be rewarded.Let them know you're there for them.

Choose affiliate programs with recurring commissions

Choosing a solid product is also essential to make sure it will convert even years later.Therefore, I strongly recommend that you consider which niche you enter.

Also, the best thing is if it offers recurring fees.This way, you only have to win over your customers once and get money every month as long as your customers keep their accounts.These are usually subscription-based services.Let's see some examples:

  • Software subscription (email marketing)

  • Content subscription (online courses)

  • hosting (Bluehost, Hostgator or SiteGround)

  • different membership sites and so on …

Of course, before marketing them, always validate the application and determine how stable it is.

Combining affiliate marketing with subscription-based services is the best way to develop strong relationships with your customers.Running this kind of affiliate business model isn't necessary, but it's a huge advantage.



Even the promotion of one-time paid products can be profitable as long as you continue to turn visitors into customers.

To sum up, promoting solid products in an evergreen niche, there is a great chance that you can get a passive income after some time.

From that moment on, it requires a minimum amount of time to keep your income constant and, at the same time, gives you the freedom you've always wanted.Sounds great, right?

Don't forget to check out my article: Best Affiliate Programs with Recurring Commissions

Key elements to consider before promoting a product

There are several considerations you need to think about before choosing a product.I'll show you what to look for that will help you determine if a product is worth promoting or not.

Evergreen niches for affiliate marketing

First, it is essential to choose the right niche you want to enter.

Now let's see the most profitable evergreen niches that will offer you a long-term income:

  • Health & Fitness

  • Weight loss

  • Games

  • Making money online

  • entrepreneurship

  • encounters

Products have been proven to work

With affiliate marketing, many marketers have become rich by selling specific products.What they sell has already proven to work and it's simple.

You also have the option to promote those same products.Of course you can pick up similar or different products.The point is to find the best-selling examples.

Also, you should ask yourself if you think it has good sales potential.In other words:

Would you buy it?

What problem would it solve for your audience?

which productswhich products

Choose the products you're excited about

It's always a good idea to choose something you care about and are excited about.

You'll be much more successful selling something you sincerely believe in. On the other hand, if you feel you can't really associate yourself with the product you're trying to sell, your sales tone will suffer.

Define your target market

In one of my other classes, we looked at how important it is to determine who your target audience is.These are the people you want to sell your product to.

You want to know who they are, what their buying behaviors are like, and most importantly, where you can find them.

Of course, it also involves some research.This means checking existing products on the market, some websites in that niche, signing up for email lists, and reading statistics.

market analysismarket analysis

Apart from these, you should also look at other sellers who are already doing well.

Search reviews

In addition, it is essential to dig to find out what kind of reviews people have left on the product.

If you find a lot of negative reviews, it's probably the wrong choice.Also look for them on forums, groups, and communities.


Choose affiliate products with high commissions

Another thing to consider is the commission and the potential profit you could earn from the product.

As I mentioned earlier, the fee is usually significantly lower for physical products due to production costs.That's why digital products are so attractive, especially when you sell services.

This way you could run a paid advertising campaign and still profit from it.

For one-time paid products, you need to consider which ones you can sell the most and which ones offer higher fees.

Also, it's important to think about the volume you're likely to sell.For example, a $29 product might sell more easily than a $97 product, but you obviously need to sell less volume from the latter to reach your goal.

What is the average customer duration and retention rate?

As for subscription services, it is also worth determining the average customer duration and retention rate.To put it simply, you need to know how long a customer will stay in the company.


Similarly, the retention rate shows what percentage of customers have continued to subscribe in the coming year.So, in this case, you may want to think about how much profit you could make in the long run.

What is the single sale proposal?

Before choosing a product to promote, determining its unique selling proposition should be a crucial step.

It's important to know what makes it different from other alternatives and why people should buy it from you.Ask yourself these questions:

How is my product different from the available alternatives?

Why should my customer buy this product?

Why is it better?

When selling a product, try to present this unique value in your content.

Unique sales proposalUnique sales proposal

In case it doesn't have any, it could be the wrong choice to promote it.Alternatively, you could add some uniqueness to the product that no one else offers.For example:

  • Some bonuses

  • Support

  • Coaching

  • Access to the community

Content and training made for you

I have already mentioned this advantage.Some companies are willing to give away extra content as part of their affiliate program to help you sell their products.

This added value should usually be very beneficial, but sometimes it is not.

Always check in advance whether it is high-quality content or not.The extra material they give you can be many different things:

  • Landing pages made for you

  • Sales copy

  • Design elements

  • Banners

  • Post

  • scrolling through emails

  • Training

It's a good sign if they provide quality marketing material.

What are the main affiliate networks?

One method of finding products to promote is through affiliate networks.

They are basically large markets and central databases that have thousands of products to choose from in every niche.They give you access to popular products and allow you to manage your sales and earnings.

By automating the entire process, you don't have to communicate directly with the seller.

You have many options if you want to choose an affiliate network.Let's see the most popular ones:

  • JVZoo

  • Clickbank

  • Warriorplus

  • Shareasale

  • Rakuten

  • Amazon