How to make money online?

How to make money online?How to make money online?

When you write to Google (making money from the Internet), you will see dozens of different articles.However, many of these articles are speculative ideas that are not well researched.

So how can you distinguish between a good business idea and a bad business idea?In this article, we will talk about 6 basic methods that can be a real source of income for you, and you can do it on the Internet.6 different business models.

Now let's first look at 2 basic rules about internet monetization.

Rule 1: The main problem is the customer

The main problem is the customerThe main problem is the customer
The main problem is the customer

When starting an online business, it is recommended to avoid phrases that begin with (I).

Instead, you should start with an idea that might be useful for people.

(I like helping people adapt.)

(My friends always ask me for recipes. I can teach them all the recipes I know as much as I can.)

Let's look at these phrases.Based on creating value for other people, i.e. customers, to give them an advantage.

Yes, the Internet makes money, more free time, more money, the reasons come from reasons like work.However, online business was not established for such reasons.These are not your starting point, but the goals you want to achieve.

First, you need to look at what customers want, the kind of things they need.When you solve these needs, you still start making money.

Rule 2: Being passionate is not enough

Make money online - Being passionate is not enoughMake money online - Being passionate is not enough
Make money online – Being passionate is not enough

This is one of the most useful facts to learn on the road to successful entrepreneurship.Just because you love something passionately doesn't mean you'll make money out of it.Of course, having something you are passionate about, turning your passion into work is a beautiful and important thing.But developing a passion idea alone is not enough to sell that idea.

What kind of business model will you develop and are you passionate about?Who will be your customers?How will you carry out a marketing campaign?

It is very important and even indispensable to provide valid answers to these questions.

Top 6 Methods to Start an Internet Business

Top 6 Methods to Start an Internet BusinessTop 6 Methods to Start an Internet Business
Top 6 Methods to Start an Internet Business

We can say that there are 6 proven methods of establishing business and making money from the Internet.Software development and mobile applications

  • Product sales (e-commerce)
  • Advertising
  • Business partnership
  • Consulting service
  • Online Courses

These 6 frames make it easier to see how the business idea can be implemented in your mind.In addition, you do not need to quit employment and take various risks to start an online business.

Let's take a closer look at these 6 methods.

  • Make money developing software and applications

Software and application developmentSoftware and application development
Software and application development

Everyone is trying to develop phenomenal apps like Snapchat or Instagram.Developing such large applications among software developers is a big goal.

We hear the startup news that gets millions of dollars (or dollars) for the software it develops every day.Why doesn't one of these startups belong to you?

Of course, many people obviously don't know how to write code.It may make more sense to transfer the idea of software or application you have in mind to a technical person and take care of the marketing of the company.

Or you can make the code, deliver other things to others, to your partners.In the world of software and applications, it is of utmost importance to shoot a target.Developing something that no one else will buy or use will be a waste of time and money.

  • E-commerce

E-commerce Earn onlineE-commerce Earn online
E-commerce Earn online

If you have niche products that interest customers, you can sell them online.If you are not an internet enthusiast or cannot manage a web page on your own, you can open your online store on eBay or e-commerce sites at no cost.Or you can hire someone to design a website or do it yourself.

The e-commerce sector is growing by more than 20% every year.But to get a small slice of this big pie you have to be very smart.You should do a detailed research of the products you sell at your profit margin.Maintaining high customer satisfaction with after-sales support is vital to this business.

  • Advertising

Advertising - Make money onlineAdvertising - Make money online
Advertising – Make money online

Blogging: Based on the size of the site, people who buy ads on the website earn a certain amount of money from this work.If you get traffic to your website and your website is relevant to a profitable topic, you'll earn £5 per click.However, if your website isn't very interesting to advertisers, you'll only earn a few dollars per click.In other words, traffic to your website should be intense and a mass that can show interest in advertisements, which is not easy to reach.

Youtube: Another platform where you can make money with advertising is YouTube.If you can reach a certain audience with your fun and informative videos, you can earn money while your videos are being watched.

Lesson: Making money on YouTube

Youtube - Make money onlineYoutube - Make money online
Youtube – Make money online

However, this is not as easy as the slogan (upload video, earn).This job, like any other job, really requires commitment and patience.

Instagram: if you manage to reach a certain number of followers on Instagram, whose popularity has increased day by day over the last 2-3 years, we can say that companies will line up to give you special advertising.

Instagram - How to make money online?Instagram - How to make money online?
Instagram – How to make money online?
  • Business partnership

Business partnershipBusiness partnership
Business partnership

You can make money promoting the products or services of others without stocking up on inventory.In affiliate marketing, the advertiser pays a predetermined commission per sale to affiliates in exchange for marketing their products or services online.Affiliates advertise advertising campaigns through many different channels.Affiliate ads are placed by adding articles linked to websites, blogs, and pages (your content is powerful and engaging, but you should avoid it appearing as spam), product placement videos, and banner ads (not very productive, people don't like it).You can also do affiliate marketing without a website if necessary.For example, you can share videos that contain links to the product on Youtube.

For example, write razor reviews and reviews on your website.If people click on the links to the products included in the item, you will receive a commission from this purchase.

If you do your niche research correctly, you can earn serious money from this work if you write quality articles, but we can say that it is not an ideal method in the long run.

  1. Consulting etc. Online course

Consulting etc. Online courseConsulting etc. Online course
Consulting etc. Online course

When consulting you deal with different customers, support them regularly in your area of expertise and your hourly rate is high.When you teach online, you have a lot of students.You'll take care of things like preparing for the lesson, shooting videos, but you can sell the once-in-a-lifetime lesson.

The main advantages of consulting are as follows:

  • It's a quick way to start a business.
  • You can set a high pricing policy based on the value of your business.
  • You can learn very useful things from customers and use this information to grow your business.

Consulting also has some disadvantages.For example, you have a limited number of clients, you may have to travel and work 24/7.

Online courses are a low-risk, high-reward business model.Sell videos or materials prepared with a specific topic.For example, if you are an expert in color editing in Photoshop, you can prepare a 15-video lesson on this topic and sell it in places like Lynda, Udemy.

The main advantages of online teaching are:

  • You have access to thousands of people from every country in the world.
  • It produces content once, you can sell it for life.
  • You have the opportunity to grow your business without limits.

In this context, we can say that the most ideal online business idea (sales courses) is one of the methods mentioned above.To do this, we will examine in detail the topic of selling online courses.

  1. a) What type of course content can you produce?

Think about your skills and think about which one you can produce a 2-hour program.

We give you some ideas to help you.

  • Digital Marketing
  • Seo
  • Fitness
  • cook
  • Playing the piano
  • Tennis
  • English
  • German
  • Career Consultant
  • Video editing
  • CV Writing
  • Law
  • Podcast production
  • Motherhood
  • Techniques for buying cheap tickets online
  • Writing text
  • Java
  • .HTML
  • Meditation
  • Landscape photography

These are just ideas that come to mind.You may have more skills and equipment.For this reason, you should think about your skills and produce a course that suits you.

You need to ask yourself these 4 questions to decide.

  1. b) What services do I have to pay?

What services do I have to pay for?What services do I have to pay for?
What services do I have to pay for?

As individuals we purchase many services.

  • We are cleaning our house.
  • We are a member of the gym and we do sports.
  • When we go on vacation, we entrust our cat to a person and pay for it.
  • Think about the services you currently pay for with your own money.
  1. c) What kind of skills do I have?

What kind of skills do I have?What kind of skills do I have?
What kind of skills do I have?

Now, think about your talents.In which field people can pay you and buy a service from you.

  • You may be fluent in German.
  • It is possible that you are using programs such as Excel, Photoshop, Autocad very well.
  • Or you could prepare excellent Mediterranean cuisine.

List the 10 skills you have.

  1. d) According to my friends on which subject am I very good?

According to my friends on which subject am I very good?According to my friends on which subject am I very good?
According to my friends on which subject am I very good?

What feature do you know best among your friends?A friend will cook, will you call first?When you start sports, do you think about it first?When he designs the interior of his house, will he ask for your opinion?

You can turn all these things into a successful business.Then, ask your friends and family to rate you.

  1. e) What should I do on Saturday-Sunday morning?

What do you get up on Saturday-Sunday morning when everyone is sleeping?

How do you rate this time zone?

Do you surf the Internet?Are you watching Youtube?Reading comics?Watching a movie?Are you modeling?

Or ask the following question: if you need to spend 3 hours in a room with 2 people, what topic would you talk about the most?

This method is very useful for determining your skill, equipment and passion.

15-20 items in total.You can identify the 5 articles that you are the best and start preparing an online course content on the most relevant topics.

In the process, these kinds of questions will continue to wander in your mind.

  • What if I'm not as good as I thought?
  • I'm preparing an online course, but I don't even have a website.
  • What kind of program should I create a video?

It is important to keep calm at this point.If you have taken this path, you can be sure to find a way and prepare a wonderful lesson.

In the rest of the article you will find quick ways to make money on the Internet, and also general advice for those who want to succeed in the world of the Internet.