How to increase Youtube views and grow your channel (4 tips)

If you're looking to grow your YouTube channel, do you have a set strategy for doing so?

YouTube boasts over a billion users, and with so much traffic, you need to have a set strategy in place to build brand awareness and gather opinion.It takes more than just uploading a lot of content and waiting for subscribers and attention to come. If you want to achieve your channel goals, you need to create a marketing strategy that brings your audience to you.

Using visual content such as videos on landing pages can increase conversions by 86 percent.Video marketing generates leads, drives traffic, and increases engagement for brands that use it correctly.

Let's take a look at four tips you can use to increase views and grow your YouTube channel.

1. Create content that aligns with your target market

If you want to get views for your channel, start by creating content for the right audience.Did you know that 43 percent of consumers want video content from marketers?Once you've identified your target market and understood their needs and interests, it's easier to create content they'll enjoy.

There are several ways to gather information about your target audience, but the best place to start is to create profiles of customers or buyers.These are detailed profiles of your audience that tell you about their lifestyle, weaknesses, interests, needs, and more.When you see what they're struggling with or what they want to learn more about, it's easier for you to create content that aligns with those needs.

When creating video content, consider your brand and keep your brand voice consistent across each video.This builds the credibility of your channel and increases your following.

If you have existing viewers, ask them what they want to see from you next.Suggest that they leave a comment on your video, email your business account, or contact social media.

2. Optimize video titles

The title of your video is the first opportunity to grab your audience's attention and get them to click.If it's not optimized or thoughtful, it doesn't entice users to watch.

YouTube, just like all social media, requires search engine optimization to thrive in search. This is especially important for your video titles because you want your content to appear before anyone else in the YouTube and Google search engines. Include target keywords in your title and description, and use these keywords in your video.

If you're looking for an informational topic on Google, you might see a featured snippet followed by YouTube videos on how to perform the task:

If you can get your video to the top of search results, it will drive traffic to your channel and encourage users to watch your content.This helps build your brand community.

To optimize the title of your video, make sure it's relevant to the content of the video.Its job is to tell viewers what it is so they can determine whether they are interested or not.For example, if you create a contest and your video talks about what subscribers need to do to participate, make sure the title reflects it.

The headline should also be compelling enough to encourage people to click on the video.Stay away from clickbait headlines that bring viewers because they reduce your credibility and your audience won't trust the information you provide them.

AmandaRachLee clearly states what each video on her channel is about so her viewers know what to expect when they click:

3. Create playlists

As your channel progresses, there will be more content that you will provide to your audience.The more content on your channel, the harder it is for viewers to find exactly what they're looking for.YouTube allows creators to separate their videos into categories called Playlists so you can organize your videos based on their content.

Playlists increase engagement and views because they make it easier for users to navigate content.Indicates that you want to provide a positive user experience and have a strategy that encourages people to sign up.

Playlists are also effective because they use autoplay.Even if viewers don't want to watch multiple videos in a playlist, they probably will because they play automatically.

4. Constantly promote

Promotion is mandatory if your channel will collect a substantial number of views.Unfortunately, organic SEO doesn't guarantee that your channel will gain views, so you have to take the extra steps to spread the word.

First, constantly promote.It's not over when you post a link on Twitter once.Your promotional strategy is just as important, if not more so, than your creation strategy.Without views, your content has no purpose or helps anyone.Use social media to post your videos on other channels where a lookalike audience can gain awareness of your brand.Use your existing email list to send emails to subscribers with the link and a brief description of its contents.

If you've befriended other creators in your niche, tell them about your new content and see if they're willing to share it with their audience.It's important to create an authentic connection before asking; If not, it seems like the only reason for connecting is to develop your channel.

To you

Increasing views on your YouTube videos means you need to create content for your audience that they'll love.Optimize for SEO so that your videos appear in search, reap the benefits of playlists, and create a promotional strategy so that your channel reaches its full potential.