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How to choose your blog name (the smart way) + 40 brilliant ideas for blog names to inspire in 2020

If you're interested in starting a blog, you've probably thought about how to name a blog, right?It's an important question to answer during this process.

Your blog name tells readers who you are, the topics you're blogging about, whether they'll resonate with your message, and more.So, how are you going to name your blog?

It is estimated that there are over 500 million blogs on the Internet.It is logical, therefore, that it will take some effort to really stand out from the crowd.Especially if you hope to write the blog content that people really want to read for the long term.

But before you can start writing amazing content, you'll want to think of a great blog name.Part of your branding strategy, and making yourself memorable to readers, is choosing an enduring blog name that you can use for the foreseeable future.

This is the part that strikes many new bloggers.How do you think about the name of a blog that represents your brand and can be remembered later when people search for it on Google?

Here are some of my top tips and strategies on how to name a blog , including 40 of the most creative blog name ideas and examples you can use as inspiration to come up with your smart blog name today.

How to name a blog (the smart way) + 40 ideas for blog names

  1. Blog naming ideas (quick tips and simple techniques)
  2. Search deep into your niche
  3. Think about why you want to blog
  4. Know your potential readers
  5. Identify strong branding opportunities
  6. Start with a focus on the keyword
  7. Use a name generator
  8. 40 blog name ideas and examples (plus why they work)

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and at no additional cost, I will earn a commission.Know that I only recommend products and services that I have personally used and that I am behind.When you use one of my affiliate links, the company compensates me, which helps me run this blog and keep all my in-depth content for free for readers (like you).

I get a lot of a version of this question from readers… "How can I name my blog, Ryan?"

Your blog name represents you and can be the difference between someone clicking on your blog or swiping over it to choose your competitor's site to read about instead.And while this is true, naming your blog is actually NOT the most important part of creating a successful blog.

The content you create, the feel you give to your readers, and the value you give them far exceeds any blog name you can think of when you first launch.

Consider the Apple company.People don't spend billions of dollars every year on Apple products just because they love the name.People buy Apple because they love their products and believe they have original intuitive ideas that beat the competition.Today, many people love the Apple name, but it was their ingenuity, branding, and marketing that made the company the way it is.

Despite this truth, your blog name is going to be the first thing people see in search results, and today's recent blogging statistics show that your name doesn't matter.Your blog name (and the domain you choose) will tell people something about you and your blog, so you want to make a strong first impression.

If you're ready to start your own blog, but can't commit to a name, start right away with my quick tips on how to name a blog .

Blog naming ideas (quick tips and simple techniques)

If trying to figure out how to create a blog name makes you feel stuck in a desert, take a deep breath and relax.

Blogger working on planning at Ryan Robinson coffee shop

Blogger working on planning at Ryan Robinson coffee shop

We'll start with some very useful (quick) ways to warm up your creative thinking, so today you can find the right name for your blog.

1. Read a book (or article) to find out the name of a smart blog

Did you know that reading can open your mind and improve your imagination in fascinating ways?

The name of your perfect blog may be hiding inside your favorite book.It could be a word or phrase that catches your eye on some pages.

Or more often than not, the simple act of reading something that interests you could open your mind to think outside the box for a while.This is a great way to come up with a new blog name that has a connection to something you're already interested in.

2. Dust the thesaurus or dictionary

When new parents want to name a child, they often turn to Amazon to order a book for children's names.These books are full of names in alphabetical order from Aaron to Zylina.If you're looking for a great kid name, there are even entire websites dedicated to that process.

So where should you go if you want to figure out how to name a blog?Try a thesaurus or dictionary.

Personally, I recommend that you pick up a physical book that you can flip through and actually see the set of words available right in front of you.But if that's not an option-go for the online Merriam-Webster Dictionary or Thesaurus.

If you have a theme in mind, but are still not sure which words to use, a thesaurus will be your best friend.

If you have no idea where to start with naming your blog, try browsing through a dictionary.Chances are you'll find words you've never heard of, meet those that piquish your interest, and that could lead to the right inspiration to figure out the right blog name for you.

3. Try alliteration to find a catchy blog name

Take a look at the address bar of this blog and you will see the domain "" sitting there (my nickname).

Best buy.Dunkin 'Donuts.Coke.PayPal.Lois Lane.Fred Flintstone.

What do all these names have in common?They are all excellent examples of alliteration.

Alliteration is a literary stylistic device and also leads to incredibly appealing ways to name a blog.Names that use this stylistic technique are fun and have a way of staying in your mind.

4. Find a good pun for your blog name

Puns are surprisingly common in the blogging world, and it's a great way to help readers remember your blog's name in the future.

If you want to use a play on words as a basis for figuring out how to name a blog, strive to use famous phrases and incorporate a word within your blog's niche.

Here are some examples of difficult blog names that do a great job of setting a light tone and communicating the topics discussed:

  • Dollars and meaning
  • In camping tents
  • Budget bytes
  • Girl Gone Travel
  • She is in the light

If you can think of a pun-inspired blog name, just be careful not to choose something too obscure that most people won't understand.This will leave readers scratching their heads.

5. Use humor to name a blog

Along the same lines as a blog name fueled by puns, you should consider using humor to lighten things up with your blog's name (if it matches your style and tone).

Finding a blog name that makes people laugh when they see it, is a fantastic way to get more clicks and keep up with your readers.

Here are some examples of bloggers who have used humor to decide how to name a blog that sets the tone for their content style:

  • Pregnant chicken
  • Fit Bottomed Girls
  • Cats Who Code
  • Will work for Margaritas
  • The Lazy Baker
  • Blog You too?

As with puns, just be aware of how readers will perceive and form their own opinions as you decide how to name a blog with a comic twist.

6. Unrelated words are memorable

Remember little John from Robin Hood?Its name is distinguished from a childhood story because it is the opposite of the small.

Many successful bloggers have applied this concept to their efforts when it comes to choosing how to name a blog that will stand out from the crowd.

Apart from that, you can also create a clever branding game by putting two totally opposite or unrelated words for your blog name.

7. Use your name (or nickname)

There are many bloggers who use their name for their blog (including myself – Ryrob).

This can be a great strategy especially for lifestyle bloggers or a single-person focused blog that offers a service.

Many bloggers who offer courses or share authoritative information on a topic often use their own names for their blog.

This technique can be especially useful if you have a unique or unusual name (as long as the domain is still available).

8. Brainstorming words that relate to your niche

Once you've identified your blog's niche, you can start thinking about the words that are most closely related to these topics you're now blogging about.

Start brainstorming the words that match your content topics.Here are some examples of how to name a blog with a niche domain, for bloggers in travel and creating niches.

If you're a travel blog, you can find a blog name that uses words like:

  • Adventure
  • Wayfarer
  • Explorer
  • Venturer
  • Trip
  • inhabitant
  • grifter
  • Vagabond
  • Nomad
  • vagabond
  • Vagabond

Think of the words that arouse excitement and a feeling of what it's like to travel through a brand new (new) country. Nomadic Matt is a great example of a blog name like this.Words that make people feel like they're joining you on a life-changing adventure can be super compelling when deciding how to name a blog.

If you're creating a craft blog, you can use words like:

  • creator
  • Render
  • Crafter
  • dots
  • Designs
  • Creations
  • Creative
  • Art
  • Do it yourself
  • Constructor
  • handmade
  • Projects

Each of these words shows that your blog is clearly related to DIY space creation in some way, but they work best when paired with another unique or interesting word. The Underground Crafter is a good example of an unusual word paired with an ordinary word in this particular niche.

9. Take a break and try something new

Sometimes, when you focus on a problem too much (or for too long), it's hard to find the solution.

It's almost like dwelling too long on a project to make your brain do the opposite of what you want.It closes and remote blog names cannot be found.I know, I've been there too.

If this is your case right now, then try taking a little break.Go outside and take a walk through a park.Sit in a bar and converse with someone new.Try going to the movies to relax or go to the gym for a good workout.

Give yourself a complete break from thinking about how to name your blog.

After giving yourself some time, go back and write a list of all the words or phrases that come to mind first, there is no wrong answer.This mental break might be exactly what you need to come up with your new blog name.

10. Use made-up words to name your blog

Finally, don't think you have to be forced to actual words for the name of your blog.

Think of some of the most recognizable companies in the world today.Many of them have names that are truly meaningless when taken out of context.

  • photocopy
  • Kodak
  • Sony
  • Google
  • Haagen-Dazs

Yes, the Häagen-Dazs ice cream brand is also completely invented.Reuban and Rose Mattis, the creators of Häagen-Dazs ice cream, wanted something that sounded both like old-world craftsmanship and a name that still sounded Danish.The name they invented doesn't really mean anything.And although it is incomprehensible even in the Dutch language, today this name is associated with high-quality ice cream.

The natural downside of using a made-up word as your blog's name is that it's essentially meaningless (until you've made it big).People won't automatically understand what your blog is about.

The upside is that you can make your blog name mean what you want to say.Using a made-up word allows you to brand your blog however you like.

How to name a blog: 10 easy ways to invent a blog name and domain

Everything is fine!We've passed the quick tips and techniques in this guide on how to name a blog.

If this has not yet given you the right name to the blog, then let's raise this activity to the next level.

Moving forward, follow this step-by-step approach to find a thoughtful name for your blog.

1. In-depth research in your niche

How to name a blog Search your niche image

How to name a blog Search your niche image

Starting at the beginning.Before you can launch your blog, you'll need to do some thorough research on the niche you're going to blog from.

Take time to discover other important people in your industry.Find out what works (or doesn't) for them in terms of how to name a blog in this space.Try to answer questions like:

  • How are they branding?
  • What kind of names do they choose for their blogs?Any trends sticking out?
  • How are their readers responding to their work?

As you gather data and analyze examples, determine the type of blog you want to create.How will your blog be different from everything else?

If you've spent enough time researching your niche on blogging, you'll know what kind of blog names are already in use.

You want a unique blog name.

If your blog name is almost identical to the other thirty-five blogs, there's a good chance readers will overlook yours.

You could also look for niches or companies outside your industry for inspiration.

Taking words or phrases from other places could just be the ticket to stand out and make your blog unique.

2. Think about why you want to blog

If you're starting a blog, you probably have a good reason.

Name a blog smartly in 6 steps Why you want to blog today

Name a blog smartly in 6 steps Why you want to blog today

Chances are, there's something you're passionate about that you want to share with the world.

Perhaps you have a unique skill to teach or career insights that others in your field can benefit from?

When choosing how to name a blog, think about how you want your primary message to be.

  • What are you trying to communicate to readers?
  • What parts of that message are most important to you?
  • How do you want your readers to feel after seeing your blog name?

If you can identify what your purpose is for starting a blog in the first place, you'll have a good basis for coming up with a smart blog name that relates to your message and overall goals.

Keep in mind that not all blogs need to be deeply meaningful or serious in nature.

While most of my content here is related to blogging and building a side business, I've also written things like my biggest failure, quotes that motivate me, and share weekly podcast episodes that cover a wider range of topics.

Some blogs are created just for fun.A good blog name will reflect this as much as one with a more serious mission.

3. Know your potential readers

The next step is to think about who your ideal reader is.What makes them tick?What will they be interested in?

How to Name a Blog That Is Your Reader Worksheet

How to Name a Blog That Is Your Reader Worksheet

In my guide on how to write a winning blog post, I outlined a crucial step in the process of writing (and defining) blogging.

When you write a blog post (whether for your site or part of a guest blog campaign ), you want to find topics that have common ground between you and your reader.

How to write a blog post and find relevant content for your readers

How to write a blog post and find relevant content for your readers

The crux between what you want to write and what they want to read is the sweet spot you should always aim for to cultivate lasting relationships with your blog readers.

Finding a name for your blog is a similar process – it should be mutually beneficial.

Your blog name should represent you and attract your audience.

If you're still not sure who your audience is or how to attract them, your next mission is to develop an image of who your readers might be, so you learn to understand their needs and desires as time goes on.

Often, your initial assumption about who your future readers will be will be quite accurate.But it can also evolve in the coming weeks and months as you start creating and sharing content on your blog.

To build this important relationship with your target audience, you'll need to do more than just keyword research.

One way to connect with your audience is to find them in the real world (or online) in Facebook groups, online niche communities, and comment sections of other, more established blogs in your niche.

Next, you'll identify those readers' pain points by answering questions like:

  • What are their most urgent needs?
  • How can your blog offer (unique) solutions to these problems?
  • Do you want your blog name to appeal to a specific demographic reader?
  • What kind of skills and abilities do your readers have?
  • Are you thinking of offering a blog to absolute beginners or are you interested in attracting people who are already very successful in your field?

Answering these questions will help you think about your brand, positioning, and help you find the right name that your readers will like.

Create a list of ideas that you like and that you think will resonate with your audience.

Having narrowed it down, try to choose a simple and memorable name.

4. Identify strong branding opportunities

How to name a blog looking for branding opportunities

How to name a blog looking for branding opportunities

No matter which blog name you choose, remember that how your brand is critical to your success.

Think again about our example with Apple.There's a reason they've become such an enduring household name.

One factor contributing to Apple's success is its consistent use of the brand over the years.

From their iconic 1984 Superbowl commercial, to one of their most recent commercials titled Apple at Work: The Underdogs, they've repeatedly reaffirmed their brand as cutting edge, non-compliant, and deeply valuable to their customers.

Your blog has the same potential to become a strong brand.

And the name you choose for your blog can be a crucial element in that overall branding strategy, if you choose wisely.

So, what you do with your blog name after it's chosen, is even more important.

5. Start with a focus on the keyword

Name your blog the right way Search for keyword opportunities

Name your blog the right way Search for keyword opportunities

There is a long-standing debate about whether or not keywords in a domain name should help your blog with SEO.

According to Google's John Mueller, there isn't a significant increase in visibility (if any) with keyword domain names.

What is a keyword domain (blog name)?

A keyword domain is when you choose a blog name that embeds a primary keyword that you plan to write about on the blog directly in your blog's URL.For example, if you want to start a blog about traveling the world, a keyword domain might be something like or where you have the exact word "trip" or a closely related term included directly in your domain name.

Pre-2011, a keyword in your domain has made tend to increase SEO rankings.

Since then, Google has been constantly tweaking its algorithm to devalue keyword blog names, so that they don't automatically rank higher.

However, there is still a clear advantage to choosing a keyword domain if you can secure one.

One thing to keep in mind is that a domain name with a keyword is   useful in terms of both brand strategy and topic reporting.But as long as you learn how to perform keyword research as part of the content creation process, you'll cover that basis.

If your domain name has a word in the title that people often search for, it can help make your content stand out.

Readers may think that your website is more relevant to their search and choose to click on your article on another blog name apparently unrelated to their query.

As a result, Google may also start ranking your website higher because it has a higher organic click-through rate.A win-win.

For example, if you're launching a blog that talks about web hosting as a niche subject area, then it makes sense to try to get a domain with the word "hosting" somewhere in it.That way, when you post content like a rundown of the best cheap web hosting plans or a breakdown of your monthly-billed hosting plans, readers who encounter your content in search results will immediately establish the connection that your blog is primarily about hosting, and trust can form more easily.

Just make sure you follow the other blog SEO best practices like choosing one of the best website builders and properly learning how to create a website that won't disappoint your readers.

6. Use a blog name generator

SmartWP Domain Name Generators Find Smart Domain Name IdeasSmartWP Domain Name Generators Find Smart Domain Name Ideas

If you're having trouble thinking of a name for your blog, there are entire websites dedicated to helping you name a blog.

They're called domain name generators and offer you clever variations and name ideas for your blog, and they usually also recommend one of the best web hosting plans to pair with your new domain name once you get a secure blog name.

Whether you already have a general idea of what you want to blog about, or even if you don't have any direction, these name generators can help you immensely.

In addition to giving you a variety of blog name ideas, many name generators also let you know if the name you like has a domain available right now.

Here are four of the top domain name generators you can use today:

1. SmartWP Name Generator

Domain Name Generator from SmartWP to find domain name ideasDomain Name Generator from SmartWP to find domain name ideas

SmartWP's name generator is a completely free tool that uses computer algorithms to come up with SEO-friendly domain name ideas for where your new blog will live.I partnered with my friend Andy to create this domain name generator as an extremely simple, easy to use and straightforward tool that all new bloggers should take advantage of.

When you land on our domain builder page, you'll see a single search bar that allows you to type in a few phrases, a few words that define your blog, or even the exact domain name you're interested in registering (like yourawesomeblog. com ) to see if you can take the name of your desired blog.

The tool then provides instant results with the closest domain names matching the typed words and will hide domains that are already registered.You'll also see a list of suggestions for domain names that are available right now and that can be registered in minutes via my discounted Bluehost link.

Here's a complete breakdown of our features:

  • 100% free to use and gives you instant results for your searches
  • See only currently available domain name suggestions
  • Built to be super clean, clutter-free, and without ads or distractions
  • One click on the "Download Now" button that will immediately take you to where you can register your domain name
  • Very large list of different domain name ideas (and TLD extensions) to choose from

Try it right here today and I promise you won't be disappointed.🙂

2. Mesh name

How to name your blog with Name Generator NameMesh

How to name your blog with Name Generator NameMesh

Name Mesh is free and one of the most popular name generators because it is so easy to use and offers you categories for name choices.

If you enter a word in the "generate" tab, you will be given a variety of categories to choose from.Some of these categories include:

  • Common
  • New
  • Short
  • Extra
  • Similar
  • Seo
  • entertainment
  • Stir

It also gives you synonyms, antonyms, and related words based on search parameters.This opens up many options for creating your blog's name.

3. Panabee

How to name your blog with Panabee Name Generator

How to name your blog with Panabee Name Generator

Panabee is a particularly great name generator for international bloggers, as it offers many extensions including and

This blog name generator also offers domain search, suggestions, word variations, and related terms.

A bonus feature of this name generator is that it also checks the desired name for available apps and social media handles to make sure that your names and branding can be consistent across all the platforms you will engage in.

4. Station name

How to name your blog with Name Generator NameStation

How to name your blog with Name Generator NameStation

Name Station offers many of the same features as other name generators, but it has some interesting additional features.

With Name Station you have the option to host a contest to collect suggestions on crowdsourced names, bringing other people into the brainstorming session to help nominate your blog.

When using this name generator, you can combine keyword lists and choose from a variety of extensions.Each search produces a list of synonyms for your word, which I also found extremely useful.

You also have the option of a "smart search" where you can choose a primary and secondary word for your search.

As in Name Mesh, you can also use several useful categories such as:

  • Compound words
  • Company names
  • Hand-picked names
  • Related words

That said, in my opinion, a name generator should be your last resort when struggling with a blog name.

Instead of rushing to crowdsource a name or letting a computer program spit out some options for you, I recommend being patient for a day to see if you can think of anything particularly exciting before rushing with a blog name you're lukewarm of, the right name can be a great help in figuring out how to grow your blog.

As long as you know what topics you want to blog, the right name will eventually come from you.

Here are some final tips to keep in mind and some great examples of blog names to spark your imagination.

End pointers on how to name a blog

Consider these tips when deciding on a smart name for your blog:

  • Use a domain extension that fits your blog.The use of .com is often the best and the most universally recognized and remembered.
  • Think of a name that is easy to pronounce.If the spelling is too different or the word is too unusual, people may have a hard time finding your blog again.
  • Try to avoid using hyphens whenever possible.Hyphens are another reason why people might have a hard time finding your blog again.
  • Avoid using copyrighted names.For example, if your domain name might be confused with a top-tier commercial website, you may be at risk of legal action.
  • If there's a name you know you want to use, try to retrieve it quickly.It may not be around for much longer.
  • Once you land on a smart blog name, you'll need a logo (check out my favorite creative blogging tools).

Well, now that we've covered a nice step-by-step tutorial on how to name a blog , let's go over some examples of blog names.

Whether to stimulate your imagination or simply to show you what's possible when it comes to naming your blog, these examples won't disappoint.

40 Genius blog name ideas and examples (more why they work)

One of the best ways to discover a killer name for your blog is to look at works for other bloggers.

So, how do you name a blog?Here are 40 examples of brilliant blog names (categorized) to get you inspired today.

Ideas and examples about the name of the personal finance blog

1. Smart passive income

How to Name Your Blog Smart Passive Income Example

How to Name Your Blog Smart Passive Income Example

One of the reasons Smart Passive Income stock is successful is because it tells people exactly what blogger Pat Flynn is about.

There are many blogs that talk about increasing your income, but this one is specifically dedicated to passive income.This is a niche that many people are interested in today and Pat has a lot of experience in the industry.

2. Sense of cents

How to name your blog example by making sense of cents

How to name your blog example by making sense of cents

Making Sense of Cents is a clever game of memorable words that lets potential visitors know exactly what to expect.

In addition, Michelle has been blogging for many years about her personal debt payment path, quitting her daily job and reaching seven-figure income from her blog.

3. The Penny Hoarder

How to name your blog example The Penny Hoarder

How to name your blog example The Penny Hoarder

Penny Hoarder is a fun title that will attract many people interested in finance, but especially those who deal with personal finances.

Their information page says, "Penny Hoarder's mission is to make personal finances less intimidating and accessible.We do this by providing actionable inspiration and advice to millions of readers on how to make, save and manage money."This is a pretty big mission statement that ties directly into their blog name.

4. The Millennial Money Man

How to name your blog Millennial Money Man Example

How to name your blog Millennial Money Man Example

The Millennial Money Man is a popular personal financial website and blog.The creator uses alliterations and appeals to a certain target audience (millennials) in choosing how to name a blog very intelligently for this niche.

Ideas and examples for parent blog names

5. Scary mom

How to name your blog Scary Mom Example

How to name your blog Scary Mom Example

Scary Mommy, a blog started in 2008, is edgy and also extremely recognizable.They chose how to name a blog in a way that thoughtfully expresses something atypical from Mom's common blog.As their website explains on the page, "[il blog] it has turned into a massive vibrant community of millions of parents, brought together by a common theme: parents don't have to be perfect."

In other words, parenting is hard.You are not alone and can be a good parent without being perfect.

6. Have Baby Will Travel

Have Baby Will Travel Example of Blog Name for Parents (Screenshot)

Have Baby Will Travel Example of Blog Name for Parents (Screenshot)

Have Baby Will Travel is a blog about how to travel the world with babies and young children.It satisfies a real need as parents of young children often have many questions about the best way to travel with their little ones in tow.

The name of their blog is easy to understand and a fun version of a classic English language sentence format.

7. Growing creatives

Growing Creativity Blog for Kids and Creativity (Screenshot)

Growing Creativity Blog for Kids and Creativity (Screenshot)

The Growing Creatives is a site about raising creative children (as their blog name suggests).On this blog you will find craft ideas for children, creative play ideas, how to educate children to be independent independently, and how to incorporate creativity into learning.

The creators of this parent blog have thought very carefully about deciding how to name a blog in this crowded space – and their content does a good job of showing that it's different from your average website with tips for parents – it's really a blog for parents to boost children's creativity.

Technology Blog Name Ideas and Examples

8. Learn to code with me

How to name your blog example Learn to code with me

How to name your blog example Learn to code with me

Coding has become enormously popular with both children and adults in recent years.This is what makes a name like Learn to program with me such a blog name idea so smart.

Many people interested in programming don't know where to start, but the name of this blog gives them an easy starting point.

9. The Verge

The Verge Technology blog (screenshot) of the homepage and examples

The Verge Technology blog (screenshot) of the homepage and examples

Sometimes a blog name is used to elicit a feeling.This is the case of the blog The Verge .

On their blog they write: "The Verge is an ambitious multimedia effort founded in 2011 to examine how technology will change lives in the future for a large mainstream audience.Our original editorial vision was that technology had migrated from the boundaries of culture to the absolute center as mobile technology created a new generation of digital consumers.We now live in a dazzling world of screens that ushered in revolutions in media, transportation, and science.The future is coming faster than ever. "

This blog shows that humanity is always looking for something new and I am here to expose what will be.

Food and nutrition blog ideas and examples

10. Pinch of Yum

How to name your blog Example of pinch of yum

How to name your blog Example of pinch of yum

While there are many food blogs on the internet, the blog name Pinch of Yum is recognizable and a lot of fun.

It allows visitors to learn about the niche of this site simply by reading aloud the name of this blog, without using other types of ideas for tired or worn blog names.

11. The Easy Homestead

How to name your blog example The Easy Homestead

How to name your blog example The Easy Homestead

Many people are interested in the house but fear that the learning curve may be too steep.

That's why the blog's name, The Easy Homestead, is a great landing point for people who want to be hosts but aren't sure where to start.

12. Minimalist Baker

Minimalist Baker Homepage Screenshot and example of a big blog name

Minimalist Baker Homepage Screenshot and example of a big blog name

The Minimalist Baker is a super interesting pair of words that also carries on the trend of minimalism.It's intriguing but also informative about the content of the blog.

How do you become minimalist in the kitchen?In this case, it is carefully choosing recipes that do not require many ingredients, time or kitchen products.

13. Kitchen for lazy cats

Example of Lazy Cat Kitchen blog name (splash screen)

Example of Lazy Cat Kitchen blog name (splash screen)

The Lazy Cat Kitchen is another blog about food and skillfully uses alliteration in the way they chose how to name a blog.The title is a bit curious, as it makes you wonder what a cat has to do with cooking.

The reason for the name is the love of blogger Ania for animals.She developed her blog after incorporating a plant-based diet into her life.The story is that he raised some stray cats while living on a small Greek island and during that time he re-examined his life as a meat and dairy eater.She decided to go vegan and created The Lazy Cat Kitchen to share preparation and cooking ideas with other vegans.

14. Beekeeping like a girl

How to name your blog Example of beekeeping as a girl

How to name your blog Example of beekeeping as a girl

To be honest, this isn't technically a food blog.However, bees (and their honey) are a hot topic today.Beekeeping is on the rise with the #savethebees campaign, but historically it has been a male-dominated field.

This is what distinguishes beekeeping as a girl as a great idea for the blog name.It is about beekeeping and appeals to inspiring beekeepers, especially female beekeepers.

Ideas and examples about the name of the fitness blog

15. Nerd Fitness

Nerd Fitness Blog Name Example of a Smart Niche and Idea

Nerd Fitness Blog Name Example of a Smart Niche and Idea

Nerd Fitness is a very popular blog in the fitness niche.What's great about this blog name is that it's very simple and gets straight to the point.

It's a fitness blog primarily for nerds, which means the content revolves around people who want to get fit, but are also interested in comics and movies like The Lord of the Rings.

16. No meat athlete

No meat athlete Great alliteration in a name for a blog example (Screenshot)

No meat athlete Great alliteration in a name for a blog example (Screenshot)

No Meat Athlete is a fitness blog for people who want to be fit, but still stay vegan.While many fitness blogs encourage eating meat for protein, this blog focuses on ways to be healthy on a plant-based diet.

The name of this blog is fascinating because it combines two niche interests: fitness and vegan nutrition, which shows people how they can do both.The name of the blog expresses this relationship well and is even more creative because it rhymes.

17. Break muscles

Breaking Muscle example of how to name a blog well (Screenshot)

Breaking Muscle example of how to name a blog well (Screenshot)

For stronger muscles they must first be torn and then repaired.This is the idea behind the blog name Breaking Muscle. 

A blog with an intense name like Breaking Muscle will likely attract an audience ready to get fit.

Travel Blog Name Ideas and Examples

18. Expert Vagabond

How to name your blog Expert Vagabond Example

How to name your blog Expert Vagabond Example

Expert Vagabond is a clever combination of two words you wouldn't normally see together in a fun blog name.

According to the website, the word vagabond means to lead an unstable and carefree life.The word "expert" gives the blog a level of authority while the word vagabond appeals to the adventurous side of its readers.

When you think about how to name a blog for your ideal audience, this blog could potentially appeal to two very different groups of people.The first is people who want advice and inspiration for their travels around the world.The second is those who simply enjoy following their travels while continuing to live a non-nomadic life.

19. Solo traveller

Example of a blog for solo travelers (screenshot)

Example of a blog for solo travelers (screenshot)

There are plenty of travel blogs to choose from if you're looking for information on where to go (or what to do) for your next big trip.What distinguishes one particular travel blog from another, is a more specific niche.

In the case of Solo Traveller , it's a blog all about traveling the world alone.The name of this blog lets readers know exactly what to expect.

20. Cranky Flier

How to name your blog example Cranky Flier

How to name your blog example Cranky Flier

This blog is about airlines and the airline industry.The blog name Cranky Flier definitely attracts a reader's attention.Anyone who has traveled knows the feeling of irritability, so even the name is recognizable.

21. The Fearful Adventurer

How to name your blog example The Fearful Adventurer

How to name your blog example The Fearful Adventurer

Similarly, The Fearful Adventurer blog touches on a very real idea.Many people want to be adventurers but at the same time they are afraid.

In his section on the author, the author carefully explains: "Adventure for me is a vehicle to understand myself and human nature through experiential learning.I believe that, halfway between the terror of fear and the euphoria of adventure, it is a sweet point to understand oneself. " This is a meaningful way to decide how to name a blog.

Ideas and examples of blog names related to writing

22. Copyhackers

CopyHacker blog name example How to name your blog

CopyHacker blog name example How to name your blog

Joanna Wiebe's world-renowned copywriting blog has long been a basic resource for marketers, writers, and freelancers, especially those with an eye toward conversion copywriting.He chose this clever name for his blog about a decade ago after launching the site to grow his conversion copywriting business.Their catchy name and immensely valuable content have cemented this blog's reputation for years to come.

23. ProBlogger

How to name your ProBlogger blog example

How to name your ProBlogger blog example

Another way to find a creative name is to play with prefixes and suffixes.A good example of this is ProBlogger.

This name quickly shows two meanings.The first is to be a professional in blogging.The second means "forward" because the Latin prefix "pro" means "in front," which is a nice play on words.

24. Literary Hub

Example of a Literary Hub homepage screenshot

Example of a Literary Hub homepage screenshot

Literary Hub  is a blog that explores many elements of modern literature.This blog covers news topics on literature and shares ideas about contemporary light.Literary Hub publishes original content and works also shared by their publishing partners.In their long list of partners are recognizable names such as Penguin Press and Little Brown Company.

The term hub means "a center around which other things revolve or from which they radiate; A focus of activities, authorities, trade, transport. " The name of this blog has worked hard to position itself at the center of the modern literary world.

25. Seth's Blog

How to Name Your Sample Blog Seths Blog

How to Name Your Sample Blog Seths Blog

Another way to create a blog name is to use your personal name (or nickname).That's what I did and many other bloggers did the same.

This is a good choice if you want to use your personal name for branding.

Seth Godin, famous entrepreneur, author and speaker uses his personal name for his blog: Seth's Blog.

Music, film and entertainment blog ideas and examples

26. The Music Ninja

The Music Ninja Blog (home screen)

The Music Ninja Blog (home screen)

The music and entertainment niche has many bloggers who want to prove that they have the best and most up-to-date information for their audience. Music Ninja is a blog and music center for indie music lovers and strives to separate good music from bad music.The name of their blog comes from the site's self-proclaimed ability to share quality music despite the surrounding world of "bad" music.

On their blog they write: "Radio has committed suicide for repeating the same successes over and over again, print magazines are on the verge of extinction and the Internet pipes are clogging with so much bad music, it is almost impossible to filter it all.Luckily, we've been trained in the secret arts of auto-tuning detection and mediocre bass lines to bring you digestible daily updates from up-and-coming and genuine artists of all genres whose music really deserves to be shared.And along the way a couple of fun remixes and mash ups..