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3 Bills You Need to Pay When Making Money Online

By now, you've probably realized that "the adult" comes with a whole world of responsibility. Perhaps you were prepared for adult responsibility.Maybe you weren't.Perhaps you have used your credit cards responsibly, so as to take advantage of all dividends, extend guarantees and buy the protection that cannot be guaranteed by living in cash.Or maybe you've been […]

Employee benefits I've never had as a self-employed professional

When you do business on your own, particularly when working from home, you can definitely enjoy some benefits. Since you don't really need to see anyone (and most importantly, no one really needs to see you), you can choose to work all day in your pajamas if you want. Since you work from home, you have convenient […]

MoneyGram closes Brooklyn Center offices; 28 will lose their jobs on June 30

The money transfer giant is reorganizing at the St. Louis Park.  MoneyGram moved its headquarters to Dallas, but kept its headquarters in St. Louis Park. MoneyGram is closing its Brooklyn Center facility, triggering a series of layoffs and leaving the company with only one headquarters in Twin Cities. The Brooklyn Center facility will close at […]

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