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IAB Seminar Native: the online advertising revolution is underway with the main players in the sector

All guests and the full agenda of IAB Seminar "Native Advertising – The Art of Making" have been revealed. Appointment on April 15th at 9.30 am at MiCo – Ala Nord in Milan.The curtain is ready to rise on the first event of the year signed IAB Italia. Just a few days to IAB Seminar […]

Bitcoin-inspired digital currency to power mobile savings app

A nonprofit is experimenting with using digital currency to give poor teens their first financial services experience. Proponents of the digital currency Bitcoin have often argued that money made from computer code could help poor people access financial services.But so far, applications for technology have been almost exclusively aimed at people with access to the […]

MoneyGram closes Brooklyn Center offices; 28 will lose their jobs on June 30

The money transfer giant is reorganizing at the St. Louis Park.  MoneyGram moved its headquarters to Dallas, but kept its headquarters in St. Louis Park. MoneyGram is closing its Brooklyn Center facility, triggering a series of layoffs and leaving the company with only one headquarters in Twin Cities. The Brooklyn Center facility will close at […]

Privacy, Guarantor establishes limits of profiling

The Privacy Guarantor has pronounced on the profiling of customers of Internet services and interactive television, specifying that this is possible only if there is the consent of users and compliance with privacy rules. In particular, the Guarantor did not consider lawful a new method of profiling its customers proposed by a telecommunications company based […]

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