Recognize the fear of success in yourself

Sounds strange, doesn't it? The American dream, which has power, respect among your peers and everything that entails achieving success.Who in their right mind would be afraid of success?

You may be struck by the idea of success and hold back without even realizing it.The only way to know is to look at the signs and see if you recognize them in yourself.

According to Psychology Today,

Achieving lasting change and getting what you really want in life, takes a sustained vision of the future.That vision not only serves as a continuous source of motivation to get there, but helps you identify and address the obstacles that have prevented you until now.

Fear is powerful

In fact, it is one of the most paralyzing tools we use against ourselves, often without even realizing it.Fear can weaken you physically, mentally and emotionally.Many times what holds so many people back is the fear of failure.The fear of failure prevents you from realizing your dreams , because you are afraid to let yourself try.

The reality is that your definition of failure may not be the same as that of the next person.What you perceive as a failure, should instead be a learning experience.

Many people are paralyzed by past experiences that have characterized as failures.Instead, try to analyze the experience, observe what went wrong, what can be improved, and apply it to the next opportunity.

Recognizing the signs of fear

  • A fear of accepting challenging opportunities.
  • Self-sabotage in the form of procrastination, anxiety and refusal to follow.
  • Feeling inadequate and unable to perform at the same level as teammates.
  • Blame the possibility of succeeding where friends and family are not.
  • Hide the results you have.
  • Undeserving feeling of results and successes.

Arming yourself with knowledge to understand what fear of success is and if it applies to you, is the first step to understanding how to find help and change your life for the better.How many of these signs do you recognize in your life?