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8 realistic ways to earn $50 per day (online and offline ideas)

I think there are some income milestones that stand out when you first start a secondary hustle or work on developing different sources of income.

Back in the days when I worked on the phone, the mission was always to earn a dollar a day.When I joined the blog and switched from Adsense to Monummetric, the goal became more like $15-$20 per day.

Now I don't know how it happened exactly, and I was almost surprised, but This Online World is slowly working up to $50 a day in terms of earnings.

Thanks to Mediavine ads and a variety of affiliate programs, the start of 2020 was definitely pretty solid.



FlexOffers has been decent so far this year, so I highly recommend checking out this affiliate network!

Now RPMs are hurting these days, so it's going to be a bit of a hard call to work up to $50 a day with ads and affiliates, so we'll have to see how this month shakes up.

Now, I know that not everyone is a blogger, so I wanted to create a list of other ways to earn $50 a day.

$50 is actually a ton of money, and this whole side hustle goal equates to an extra $1500 per month!!

It's money you can use to start investing, pay off debts faster, or set aside for a vacation or something special.

So, if you're looking to increase your revenue significantly but want a tangible daily goal to do so, this list of ways to earn $50 per day should provide some inspiration.

Let's go it!

How to Earn $50 a Day Fast – Offline Ideas

Let me start by saying that if you already work full-time, figuring out how to earn $50 a day will require serious work.

If you're desperate to make extra money or want to aggressively pay off the extra debt, these ideas will work.

Just know that you will have to devote time to your regular work and that this may not be the easiest solution in the long run (this is the main reason why I like to blog or develop passive income streams).

Either way, let's take a look at some offline side tricks that have the potential to earn $50 per day!


Food delivery companies are in a hiring frenzy right now, and personally, I think this is the easiest way to make $50 a day and doesn't have many barriers to entry.

Simply put, the only requirement to be a food delivery courier (over 18 years old) is to have a bicycle or functional vehicle.

Also, you have to live somewhere with at least a decent population density to make this a viable side hustle.

My friend survived Toronto by cycling for DoorDash and Uber Eats, and could easily earn $50 a day working a few hours:


You can see that my friend earned $126 in about 9 hours of work.As a driver, you could probably reduce that time, especially if you've been working on multiple apps at once.

There are many famous food delivery companies and they also pay respectable hourly rates:

  • DoorDash Delivery In fact, state drivers of DoorDash payment reviews earn $13 to $18 per hour.
  • Instacart Buyers – Instacart buyers earn around $13 per hour according toGlassdoor reviews.
  • Deliver For  Postmates – Delivering groceries with Postmates pays around $17 per houraccording to Indeed.
  • Become a Shipt Buyer – Shipt is a fast-growing grocery delivery service, and carriers earn $12 to $15 an hour based on Glassdoor reviews.

You get an idea: these side gigs pay around $15 per hour, so you can reach your goal of earning $50 per day in just over 3 hours.

This is possible, as long as you enter the hours.

This Medium story is a perfect example of how a food courier earns over $1,000 per week delivering for 3 food delivery apps simultaneously:

Food delivery earningsFood delivery earnings

This carrier used DoorDash, GrubHub, and Postmates.

As Chase, the author of this Medium story, explains, this line of work isn't for everyone.You have to commit and you also have to work smart (i.e. use multiple apps and the right schedules) to maximize your earnings.

I admit, figuring out how to make $50 a day with food delivery would be exhausting if you regularly work from 9 to 5.I guess you should use your lunch break (if you have one) and be willing to grind after work to achieve your goal.

But hey, if you need money, it's always worth considering apps that pay you for driving.

Extra Read DoorDash Driver Review – Pros, Cons and Payment.


Working as an Amazon delivery driver through Amazon Flex is another realistic way to quickly earn $50 per day.



Amazon has a constant need for delivery workers to meet demand.If you want a relatively flexible side hustle and don't mind driving, this option isn't too shabby.

Here's how Amazon Flex works:Sign up : Press the "Get Started" button on Amazon Flex to find the cities that currently need drivers and the type of work available ( vs. Prime Now/Amazon Fresh).

Check requirements – Drivers must be at least 21 years old, have a valid driver's license and insurance, and have a suitable vehicle. carriers must have a 4-door sedan, mid-size sedan, or larger vehicle such as a truck, SUV, or van.Open body trucks and motorcycles are not eligible.Prime Now couriers can use any vehicle.

Download the app : Download the Amazon Flex app and link your Amazon account.

Background check and training : Pass a background check and watch informative videos on what to expect while working.

Get to work: Set your available working hours and start scheduling shifts.

It's easy to schedule shifts using the Amazon Flex app.Drivers simply check the "Upcoming Deals" tab to select the available delivery slots they wish to work.

Many shifts are 3 to 6 hours, but there are some slight differences between, Amazon Fresh, Prime Now, and Store orders.The Amazon Flex FAQ page breaks down all the details.

According to Indeed, Amazon Flex drivers earn more than $20 per hour.



Amazon states that "actual earnings will depend on your location, suggestions you receive, the time it takes to complete deliveries, and other factors."

However, Amazon provides some basic payment information for the selected schedule blocks.

For example, if a block claims that it pays $72 for 4 hours, this is Amazon's exact contribution.Amazon always pays between $15 and $19 per hour depending on your location and current demand.

Keep 100% of the suggestions you make, and Amazon Flex processes payments every Tuesday and Friday via direct deposit.

If you want a stricter schedule and guaranteed hourly pay, working for Amazon Flex is a better option to earn $50 per day than being a food delivery driver.

Extra reading: 18 ways to make money with Amazon in 2020 .


I published a post about the different ways to rent items in exchange for money and I'll start by saying that this idea won't work for everyone.

Obviously, to rent a good … you must own one!

However, there are some pretty easy ways to start increasing your monthly income by renting things.

Things like renting a free room on Airbnb (when it's viable again) is a great example:

Airbnb host earnings

Airbnb host earnings

Airbnb estimates that I can earn over $600 by renting a private room here in Daytona.

Honestly, this is quite generous if I had to guess.

The calculation assumes 15 nights booked per month at expected daily prices.For an area like this, weekend beach trips would definitely be more common, but there's plenty of competition.

However, even if you've booked a few nights a month, this is progress toward your goal of earning $50 per day.

In addition, there are other opportunities to make money renting things, such as:

You got the idea.

Rental of fat blade

Rental of fat blade

Take a look at the example of Fat Llama above.

Someone is renting a simple camera setup for $25 a day and getting some sales.There are plenty of examples of people doing this with drones, recording equipment, or other things that most people would like to try but don't own.

If you live in a populous area, I think you can earn $50 a day by renting different assets.

You may need to be creative or invest in some resources upfront, but hey, maybe this option works best for someone with a full-time job who can't spend hours making deliveries every night.


Another offline way to increase your daily income is to look for same-day on-demand work opportunities in your area.

I've already mentioned this idea of side hustle in my post about gig economy jobs, but here's the gist of how these platforms work.

When companies are understaffed, they can use a labor market to quickly find skilled workers in their area to fill gaps when there is no other alternative.



Popular on-demand jobs typically include things like:

  • Restaurant and hospitality work.
  • Warehouses and production concerts.
  • Staff for events.
  • General labour work.

Three popular on-demand job markets include:

  • Jobble – The self-dubbed "market for the gig economy".
  • Wonolo A flexible way to find same-day work in over 20 U.S. cities.
  • Staffy – One of the best ways to find hospitality, restaurant or bartender concerts.



As you can see from these hourly wage reviews of Wonolo, you can earn up to $21 per hour.

While pay is variable and nothing is guaranteed, these kinds of markets might be worth looking into if you want to earn some extra cash on a day off/lazy weekend day.

How to Earn $50 a Day Online

Since this blog is after all this online world , it's time to break down some realistic online options that you can use to achieve this daily earning goal.


At the beginning of the year I quit my job and became a full-time freelance writer… Or at least, someone who blogs, freelances, and tries to make a living online.

But I've been freelancing to write somehow for a while, and it's been one of my favorite college engagements in the past.

Travel to ColombiaTravel to Colombia

I made a recent trip to Colombia to write while living in a place with a low cost of living.I highly recommend checking out Medellin if you want an adventure!

Freelance writing is great.In an ideal world, you can work with awesome editors, interesting websites, work the hours you want, and make decent money.

Now, freelance writing isn't always glamorous.

In fact, I think it's safe to say that most writers start writing for cheap content mills or concerts just for the sake of building their own portfolio.

But, since the goal here is to earn $50 a day, freelance writing actually works for most of these scenarios.

Here are some of the approximate freelance rates I've had so far:

  • Content Mill Writing – I wrote for $0.05 a word in college.This fee takes 1,000 words to reach $50.
  • First freelance gig – I found a $0.07 a word ghostwriting job for a financial publication in 2019 (when I was thinking of switching full-time).This fee takes just over 700 words to reach $50.
  • Best Freelance Concerts – Thanks to making connections through This Online World, a ton of luck, and creating Tom Blake Digital (lol) to help with presentations, I found 3 other amazing clients to work with in ranges between $0.10 and $0.15 per word.At this rate, 350 to 500 words equals $50.

I know there are many freelancers who earn more, especially in very high-paying niches like finance, but freelance writing is a bit strange this way; Sometimes it's hard to know where the floor and roof of earnings are as people don't always talk about these things!

But again, you don't have to be an award-winning freelance writer to make money on groceries or $50 a day through writing.

I also just posted a video on how to get started with freelance writing if you want a workable step by step guide on the process:

Freelance Writing - How to Start and Make Money (as a Beginner)

My only other advice would be to proceed with caution with content mills like TextBroker:TextBroker payment rate

TextBroker payment rate There is a huge difference in payment terms for a 5-star writer compared to a 4-star writer, and it is not always easy to maintain 5-star status.

My advice would be to start writing on Medium to build your portfolio.So, join some Facebook groups of bloggers in your niche and get to know the people.

Writing jobs will come, and when they do, you'll be able to submit your first work.

If you want to become a better writer, I highly recommend checking out Ashley Barnett's Hit Publish course as well .



I've been lucky enough to work with Ashley (she's an unreal editor) and I can't think of a better resource for anyone looking to become a better writer and write engaging blog posts.

You can also check out his recent post on how to make money with a freelance blog for even more inspiration on how to get started with this money-making idea.

Hopefully, one or two freelance writing clients will help you reach your goal of $50 per day and significantly increase your monthly income.


If you're still wondering how to make $50 a day, the answer may be in your wardrobe.

Selling unused clothes or tipping clothes over online has become an extremely viable side business these days.

With apps like Poshmark, it's easy to sell your clothes online by accessing popular second-hand marketplaces of clothing buyers.



Platforms like Poshmark are great because they make selling easier.

Once your "wardrobe" is uploaded, Poshmark sends you an electronic shipping label.All you have to do is pack your clothes and send them to the buyer.

Websites like Poshmark charge a fee (usually around 10% for clothing), but considering how many shoppers you have access to, it's definitely worth it.

If you're skeptical about how profitable all of this can be, check out this Reddit sales report :Poshmark-sales

Poshmark-sales $10,000 in sales in a couple of months is crazy.

While you shouldn't expect this as a beginner, it's clear that there's some money to be made selling clothes online.I would say that $50 is definitely an achievable amount to reach over time!


Companies or bloggers often hire virtual assistants because they provide a convenient way to outsource many day-to-day tasks or time-consuming administrative tasks.

Some common virtual assistant tasks include:

  • Data entry.
  • Social media management.
  • Scheduling appointments.
  • Phone calls.
  • Organization of travel programs.
  • Email correspondence/follow-up with customers.

According to Indeed, the average virtual assistant earns more than $16 per hour in the United States:Virtual-Assistant-Pay

Virtual-Assistant-PayNow, there is no exact formula on how to become a virtual assistant.

I've seen a lot of people selling their services in various blog groups on Facebook, and that makes sense… Bloggers are always asking for help with these kinds of groups.

You can also try working for a website like Fancy Hands, which pays virtual assistants $3 to $7 for tasks they complete (tasks are relatively short).

imaginative hands

imaginative hands

It may take a while to find enough clients to start earning $50 a day from VA work, but the hourly wage is high enough to make it feasible!


My last tip to figure out how to make $50 a day would simply be to turn to different freelance paths.

It doesn't matter if you program, edit videos, know killer SEO, or take on a consultant role – freelance hourly rates are generally pretty great.

The main challenge is actually finding stable contracts with good long-term customers .

After trying Upwork and other job boards in the past, plus an abundance of cold emails to find writing work, I'm starting to learn the importance of networking.

I hear complaints about Upwork or Fiverr all the time because they're "too saturated" or something.

This is true if you only create a profile and then stop working on it.But Fiverr or Upwork are really just a payment platform at the end of the day, and you can get eyeballs on your page in other ways.

Create your profile, but don't stop networking with people in your niche, sending emails, or looking for opportunities outside the confines of a freelance marketplace.



I started using Upwork in the most bizarre way : I emailed someone asking if they had any writing work available/some random questions, and it turned into a fantastic consulting contract.

You never know what can happen!

So, create your freelance profile, don't sell yourself out and start launching!

Eventually, you'll find a fantastic client to work with, and as you create reviews, the process theoretically becomes even easier.Remain faithful!

Final thoughts

There's something crazy about the power of writing a goal instead of internalizing it.

Somehow, when you write something, it is eventually done .

It may take longer than expected or you may reach your goal rather quickly.In any case, putting pen to paper is the best way to hold yourself accountable (better than proclaiming new random goals even on Facebook, I would say).

When I started This Online World, reaching Adsense's first $100 in earnings took forever.It also seemed like an impossible task to recover from numerous Google updates, get into Monumetric and eventually do it in Mediavine.

During the whole blogging process, I've also met tons of amazing bloggers who have done the exact same thing… they joined Monumetric/Mediavine, quit their jobs to go full-time, or grew their websites to truly impressive

levels At the end of the day, I'm adamant that as long as you set goals and work hard, you eventually get there!🙂

I'm trying to get to the point of earning a steady $50 a day with This Online World.After that, one day it will come to $75 and $100!

Whatever your secondary task, write down your goals, work smart, and trust the process.It's really crazy how far you can go in a few months and with a little luck on your side.

Do you have a method to follow that you recommend to earn $50 per day?I'd love to hear your suggestions!

See you guys in the next!