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51 Creative Ways to Make Money Fast: $100 a Day Today (Fast Money)

Are you finding a creative way where I can quickly earn $100 a day and gain financial freedom? Yes, there are many easy ways to make money quickly, no matter if it's a day or a night. 

If you are a housewife, a student or do a 9 to 5 job, it does not matter, you can still start making money quickly and solve your money problem. 

Here you will learn how to make quick money quickly with the techniques I have shared with you in this post. I will share with you reliable and creative ways to make money today in cash.


  • How to earn 100 dollars a day?
    • 1. Paid online survey (earn money every day)
    • 2. Driving a car to make money fast
    • 4. Become a virtual assistant and earn fast
    • 5. Earn money on Airbnb (Rent Room)
    • 6. Start freelance work
    • 7. Delivering food and earning fast money
    • 8. Referral income (earn recurring income)
    • 9. Start your own delivery business
    • 10. Realtor
    • 11. Start wholesale businesses
  • Creative ways to make money fast online
    • 12. Swagbucks (Make money online)
    • 13. Sell things online
    • 14. Ebates (Get Up To 40% Cashback)
    • 15. Mobile app for money (Cleo)
    • 16. Affiliate Marketing (Make Money Online)
    • 17. Google AdSense
    • 18. Sell images online
    • 19. Create an online course
    • 20. Teach English
    • 21. Acorns (earns from the stock market).
    • 22. Paribus (Get Refunds)
    • 23. Become a YouTuber
    • 24. Create an Amazon Kindle eBook for Money
  • The best ways to make money at home
    • 25. Testing websites for money
    • 26. Become an accountant to make money at home
    • 27. Web design activities
    • 28. Become an interior designer
    • 29. Start working from home
    • 30. Make money at home as a proofreader
    • 31. Graphic design
    • 32. SEO (search engine optimization) expert
  • Simple ways to make money on the side
    • 33. Digital marketing for others
    • 34. Swell Investing – Growing Stock
    • 35. Become a freelance writer
    • 36. Rent a car
    • 37. Write resumes to make money on the side
    • 38. Earn rewards from your brands
    • 39. Computer/laptop repair
    • 40. Teach others about driving
    • 41. Part-time work
    • 42. Mystery Shopping
  • Ways to make extra money fast
    • 43. Cashback (earn money and prizes)
    • 44. Stop automatic money deduction to save money
    • 45. Get Free Amazon Gift Cards
    • 46. Sell items that aren't in use
    • 47. Sell old books
    • 48. Start a car wash business
    • 49. Advertise on your car
    • 50. Car repair for extra money
    • 51. Become a personal trainer
  • Challenges to earn fast

How to earn 100 dollars a day?

I came up with simple and creative ways to quickly earn $100 a day by spending hours of time researching and finding a legitimate method. 

Let's see what are the popular methods that people are applying to earn $ 100 per day.

  • Online surveys – $60+.
  • Drive Car – $120
  • Blogging – $100+
  • Virtual Assistant – $110
  • Deliver food – $90
  • Affiliate Marketing – $100
  • Sell Online – $80+

I have seen many people working from home to make money online and support their weekly expenses such as rent, bills, purchases and much more.

There are many easy ways to make money fast today if you are ready to invest time in it and yes, self-motivation is more important.

1. Paid online survey (earn money every day)

Receive your monthly expenses paid from the online survey income.

There are many online survey companies that will pay you for filling out a survey.If you have 2 to 3 hours of free time, take part in surveys for money.

You just need to share your opinion in the online survey which takes 10 to 15 minutes and pays up to $35, depending on the type of survey.

The best paid survey sites to make money online.Sign up for free.

  • Survey JunkieOne of the best paid survey sites for secondary income.
  • Swagbucks – Make money by answering surveys, watching videos, playing games, and browsing the web.

There is no fixed amount per survey.You will get paid for surveys based on your profile.Then, update your profile to let them know which surveys should be relevant to you.

You can respond to the survey at any time.If you're free at home or on the go, simply open your mobile and start earning money with surveys.

Swagbucks  It will give you many options to earn money, including surveys.You can easily make money online for free for beginners just by watching videos, browsing the web, playing games and much more.

These survey websites pay a good price for each survey submission.You will be paid according to points.Survey points earned can be redeemed for cash or a gift card.It's up to you.

Earning potential: $25-$60 per day.

2. Driving a car to make money fast

Do you want to make good money driving a car?

Uber will make it easier for you to earn at least $100 a day.You can also work part-time and line your pockets with money.

There are many people who drive and make extra money every day.You can start at any time you want.

If you learn that you have a few hours to spare, simply open the app and start driving for cash.

To register with Lyft, you must submit your documents.You will become aware of the documents during registration.

They will also do a background check before giving you approval to start driving through Uber.

You'll earn more at peak times, late at night and even the miles you drive.They also give a bonus based on the runs you do.

If you want to work as a full-time driver, you can do more than a regular 9 to 5 job.

Earning potential: $100-$200 per day.

3. Making money with blogs

Making money with blogs

Making money with blogs

Are you good at explaining your ideas through basic writing?

Create a blog and start writing articles.You will start earning quickly online through ads on your blog.

There are many creative ways to make money from a blog like Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing, Sponsorships, sell your own products/services, etc. If you want to get started today, I recommend starting a blog first, writing some good articles, and sharing it on the social media platform.

Nowadays, Pinterest is very popular for getting traffic.It's kind of a search engine, but not like Google.It has a different concept.

Here you have to be self-motivated.Take this as a challenge to write at least 500 words a day.

The more articles on your blog, the more traffic you will receive and the more money will come into your pocket.

People are making money in millions by blogging.You'll understand how that's possible when you dive into the world of blogging.

Make sure the reader enjoys your blog.This can be possible when you share your unique thoughts.Keep everything original and not copy-paste.

This way you will achieve success and earn money quickly.

Earning potential: $5-$500 per day. 

4. Become a virtual assistant and earn fast

A virtual assistant (VA) is a work-from-home job that provides online support for money.The gain is really high in doing the work of virtual assistant .

You can also call it a kind of freelance job , but here you must have professional skills in whatever assistance you provide.

In simple words, you will earn money online for free by helping the activities of others in some professional tasks.The task can be anything.Depending on the industry in which the company is running.

There are many types of VA work available in the market such as:

  • Virtual marketing assistance.
  • Virtual assistance for social media marketing.
  • Virtual search assistant.
  • Virtual real estate assistant.
  • Virtual administrative assistant.
  • Virtual accounting assistant.
  • Virtual eCommerce assistant.

Many companies outsource their work to "VA" rather than hiring a full-time employee.You can work with as many companies as you want, but make sure you provide adequate service to your customers.

If you have professional skills, I would advise you to become a virtual assistant and earn quick money every day.

This is the good business opportunity you can create by connecting with other companies.

Earning potential: $50-$100 per day. 

Hey!WANT $5 NOW?Join Swagbucks and start earning money from homeby sharing your survey opinions, searching the web, participating in surveys, shopping, and more.

IMPORTANT: Don't forget to verify your email to receive $5 in cash PayPal.

5. Earn money on Airbnb (Rent Room)

You can make quick money by renting your rooms on AirbnbNowadays, people prefer to use Airbnb more for a place to stay rather than book an expensive hotel room.

Renting your extra space can help you earn $100 a day or even more depending on your location.Travelers can stay for more than 15 days.Here, you need to give them a small discount.

To host with Airbnb, you must list your room with good photos and amenities (optional).

Every time I book a room for an outing with my family or friends, I make a decision based on the quality of the house's image.And yes, how clean is the room.That's all.

Once you've listed your room, you'll start receiving a request from guests.You'll need to mention your home's availability on Airbnb.

An irbnb will automatically show people that your room is available in the calendar.

You can also pay off your debts, monthly expenses, EMI, etc. Earning quickly from your home by renting it.

This can also become a source of passive income that can make you financially stronger.

Earning potential: $50-$80 per day. 

6. Start freelance work

You can earn money by helping other people in different tasks.This is the advantage of freelance work.

If you want to make money online for free, I recommend becoming a freelancer.

There are many tasks you can perform such as freelance writing, programming, website development, design, proofreading, and many more.

Now one day, freelance writing is trending and people make a lot of money from it.If you're good at writing, you can easily earn more than $100 per day guaranteed.

Bonsai is the online platform where you can create your profile by mentioning the skills you have.I always advise people to read the profile of others in your freelance area, get an idea of how they created their profile to attract customers.Earn money as a freelancerEarn money as a freelancerPeople earn more than $100 a day simply by offering a basic package to their customers.

Indicate the quantity/number of services you will provide in each package.If the quantity is large, you should purchase a higher package.Play strategically.

Most freelancers prefer to work online from home and earn money quickly.They earn fast money every day, but it also depends on the amount of activity you do.

Always maintain the quality of work.If you impress your client with your work, it will give you a positive comment.

Positive comments help a lot to get more freelance work and, therefore, your ranking in Fever will increase.If you search for your freelance service, your profile will appear among the most relevant freelancers.

Earning potential: $80-$170 per day. 

7. Delivering food and earning fast money

If you want to earn extra money while working 2-3 hours a day, delivering food through DoorDash should be a good option for you.

People prefer to order online for food.You will earn based on the number of deliveries you make or the miles you drive.

The more you deliver, the more you will earn money and, of course, a tip that can be higher than the delivery of food.

Work with DoorDash to make money fast from today.You will receive a notification from DoorDash to pick up the food and receive it.

You can start working at any time and earn fast .Day or night doesn't matter, you just have to let DoorDash know that you're available for work.

Earning potential: $70-$90 per day. 

8. Referral income (earn recurring income)

Referral income is a very popular and effective way to make money online for beginners.You just need to report any product or service to your family or friends and the referral income will be sent to your account.

The best way to make money online from home is to simply refer the apps below to your friends or relatives.

It is a popular platform where anyone can earn and save money.There are many interesting features that can help you, your friends and relatives.

There are many other apps that offer referral income, but I prefer these three apps because they are authentic and well-known.

Earning potential: $20-$50 per day. 

9. Start your own delivery business

If you know how to drive an off-road vehicle, you should try for a transport license.You will earn money quickly by delivering food or any physical object from one place to another.

The accumulation will take place on the basis of miles covered or a fixed amount.

It is necessary to establish links with companies that transfer their product to different places.They always need drivers who can deliver their product.

Whenever you're free, let them know you're available for work.

Earning potential: $100-$500 per day. 

10. Realtor

A real estate agent makes a good commission compared to many other commission activities.

You can become a real estate agent and continue to earn fast based on how much deal you close each week or month.

It is basically an intermediary job where you connect the buyer to the seller and vice versa.Many people prefer to rent a house instead of buying.

In this case, you can charge a certain amount to both parties.

To grow in this field, you can get help from Facebook ads and start getting customers, but make sure you get permission from the property owner.

Earning potential: $500-$2,000 per month. 

11. Start wholesale businesses

You can become a wholesaler by buying a product from manufacturing companies and selling it to retail stores at a lower price.

To start making money as a wholesaler, you need to decide which product is making money fast.

Google the manufacturing companies that make these products and contact them by email, phone or direct visit.

A direct visit might be the best option as it creates a good impression on the person you're meeting with.They assume that you work seriously with them.

A retailer buys a product in bulk and, therefore, an investment is needed to manage retailer and manufacturer.

You may need money to buy their product.If you win their trust, they could help you grow by giving you some better options.This will only happen when they see potential in you.

Having a good connection with the manufacturer can help you set up your wholesale business quickly.

The other way is to start a wholesale commission business.In this, you will bring the customer to production and get a commission on the sale.

Earning potential: $1000 to $5000 per month net of expenses.

Creative ways to make money fast online

These methods of making money will teach you how to make money fast online.Now you have many options.Enjoy the fruits.

12. Swagbucks (Make money online)

Swagbucks  It is one of the popular ways to make money online that can help you earn money online without investments.

Earning money can be made through paid surveys, watching videos, shopping, surfing the Internet, playing games, and much more.

There's no time to work on Swagbucks.You can work whenever you want and enjoy your quick money.

Swagbucks is compatible with both your computer and smartphone.So, if you feel bored, grab your phone and start earning extra money.

You will earn SB points that can be converted into cash or gift card for shopping. 

If you want to quickly earn money from paid surveys, I highly recommend working with Swagbucks.It is one of the most reputable companies in the survey industry.

You will find many easy ways to make money online using Swagbucks.

Expected earnings: $5-$50 per day. 

13. Sell things online

If you want to learn the perfect ways to sell things online from home, you can sign up for Amazon or eBay and start your own internet business. 

You can buy a product from the wholesaler at an affordable price and sell stuff online with a good margin.

There are many wholesalers like Aliexpress who deliver the product directly to your customer.You don't need to bring that product to your home.It's called drop shipping.

You can also launch your own ecommerce store and promote it online.Yes, it took a little effort and money, but once your website became popular, you will earn huge money.

People promote their stuff on Facebook and Google, but first they learn how to create a website.

You can also sell services online through affiliate marketing techniques.Affiliate marketing pays a higher commission and can be much higher than the profit of a physical product.

Earning potential: $50-$100 per day. 

14. Ebates (Get Up To 40% Cashback)

Rakuten is a popular cashback company that helps buyers get commissions in the form of cashback.

You will receive up to 40% cashback on Rakuten from more than 2500 popular stores that include Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Kohls and Macy's.

You can buy online or visit the store.Cashback is available in both purchase modes.

Saving money is the business of making money.You need to figure out how you can get extra money from everything you do smartly.

Rakuten should be everyone's shopping friend who is always there for you with lots of cashback so that you can buy each item at a lower price than many other stores.

You can also earn $25 or more by introducing Ebates to your family and friends.

Earning potential: $10-$50 per day. 

15. Mobile app for money (Cleo)

Mobile app for money (Cleomeet)

Mobile app for money (Cleomeet)

Did you know that a single app can help you earn, save money, and even automatically create a budget for you?

Cleo is the app that advises the user what their balance is, whether you can afford to buy or not.

This app will show you how much you've saved since you signed up for Cleo.If you are seriously trying to manage your money, this app is for you.The app will guide you on where to spend and where not. Potential to save money: $1-$50 per day.

16. Affiliate Marketing (Make Money Online)

Affiliate Marketing (Make Money Online)

Affiliate Marketing (Make Money Online)

The affiliate marketplace is like selling other people's products/services for an agreed amount.Basically, you will make money.when you sell other people's products.It's one of the best ways to make money online fast.

So, how to sell affiliate products/services?

When you sign up for a product or affiliate network, you will be provided with a unique link for each product/service.

You will have to promote that unique affiliate link and if someone buys things using your link, then you will be paid a certain amount of money.

Learn how to sell affiliate products/services on various platforms.

  • Blogs
  • Youtube
  • Social networking sites (check if that product allows sale from social networking sites)
  • Email Marketing
  • Messages
  • Forum

In my opinion, the best way to sell an affiliate product is to use Blog and YouTube.These two platforms are trending and people make money from affiliate marketing on a daily basis.

Earning potential: $20-$500 per day. 

17. Google AdSense

If you have traffic to your blog, website, or YouTube, you need to sign up for Google Adsense and earn extra money.

Google will place ads on your page or videos and pay according to their statistics.You should have multiple sources of income, and Google AdSense is your best bet for making money online fast.

How does Google AdSense pay?

They pay on the basis of

  • Impression
  • click
  • How long an audience watched an ad (for YouTube).

If you have a good amount of traffic, be prepared to make money quickly online.Make sure you don't place too many ads otherwise you will disrupt the user experience and thus your affiliate earnings will have an impact.And yaa!Too many ads also affect the speed of the blog/website.

So, create a good balance between Google advertising and affiliate marketing.

Earning potential: $0-$100 per day.It depends on the number of visitors.

18. Sell images online

If you're good at taking pictures, you can make money fast by selling it online.

Shutterstock is the best company for people who want tomake quick money selling images.

People who like to take photos will definitely earn a good amount of money selling them online.

The best part is that you can sell your photos at a fixed price or do business with Shutterstock and get paid royalties for each download (people downloading images in exchange for money).

Earning potential: $20-$90 per day. 

19. Create an online course

Online teaching is one of the best sources of income from home.

You know the skills that can help other or many people, so you can make a tutorial and upload it to your youtube channel.

You will make money with ads and affiliate marketing.

Another idea is to sell your online courses or video tutorials on Teachable.Here you can set the price to allow access to watching videos.Make money with videosMake money with videos

Many people around the world make money from selling full-time courses or teaching online.

An online tutorial is trending because of the flexibility.People who don't take classes can learn online in their spare time.

Earning potential: $50-$300 per day. 

20. Teach English

If you are good at speaking English, you can teach children and continue earning online from home.

You will teach English mainly to Chinese children.There are more than 500,000 students registered on VipKid.

You can fix a schedule and number of hours that you can teach as per your availability. The teaching duration can be 30 min or 2 hours a day.

"Vid Kid has been ranked #1 by FlexJobs in Forbes 2018."

If you love teaching kids, then you will definitely be going to enjoy teaching small cute Chinese students.

Earning potential: $20-$100 per day.

21. Acorns (Earn From Stock Market.)

Acorns is very helpful for the one who wants to know how to make money quickly from the stock market or earn extra cash from spare change while you purchase anything.

You can invest in good dividend-paying company's stock through Acorns that will help you to get recurring income.

Your spare change that invested in stocks will give you a side income in the form of dividend income. This is a superb idea to make money quick from saving.

The money gets credited to your investment account when you pay through Acorns. It is one of the best way of making money online from saving.

It also assists people in creating their portfolio to meet the financial goal. Acorns is must try for sure.

Earning potential: $0-$20 per day. The earning depend upon the performance of the stock. The more you invest, the more you will earn.

22. Paribus (Get Refunds)

If you do online shopping, I believe there are many refunds you have missed. Yes, Paribus can help you to get refunds on price drops or late deliveries.

Suppose, you bought a product online and after some time or tomorrow you noticed that the same product had a huge price drop.

You don't have to do anything.Paribus will automatically scan your invoices and a price drop on an ecommerce site.Paribus will send a refund claim notification to the seller and get your money back into your account.

If you shop online, you must have Paribus for refunds.Try it now and check if you owe refunds.

Refunds can be $50 or $200, depending on your shopping list.

It is a fully automated process.You don't have to do anything.Let Paribus work for you to get money into your account.

Redemption potential: $1-$50 per day.Based on your purchase.

23. Become a YouTuber

A regular well-known YouTuber earns between $0 and $8000 per month.If you're good at something, why not start teaching people on YouTube.

Simply, go to YouTube, create your channel and get started.

It is one of the easiest ways to make money online from Youtube.You just need to make your own video and start uploading it.

As soon as you reach a certain number of views for eligibility, you'll be able to sign up for Google AdSense to show advertising.

You can sell many affiliate products by mentioning the link in the description area.Once you become popular, companies may contact you and ask you to promote their products/services.

Tips: Have a high-quality camera and microphone and a good video editor.Create eye-catching thumbnails to increase the number of views.

Earning potential: $30-$1000 per day.It can be even more, once it becomes popular on YouTube.

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24. Create an Amazon Kindle eBook for Money

People are making millions of dollars simply by publishing an Amazon Kindle eBook.You can create your own ebook and publish it in a Kindle format on Amazon.

Passive income consists of doing things only once, and the money keeps coming into your account.

You don't need to create a book in a day for Kindle publishing.It requires planning, research on topics and facts.

I recommend starting with 500 words per day and then increasing your word count every day.Do good research on anything you write.

You need to focus on the quality of the content and the rest of the work such as editing, cover design, proofreading can be outsourced to concerts on Fever.

You can also start this part-time job from home to earn more.When you have an idea in your mind, take your smartphone and take note.

Once you've completed your Kindle book, you'll need to work on your presentation.Create a topic that grabs people's attention.

The more people who buy your Amazon Kindle book, the more you'll earn.So, make sure you present the ebook very well.

Comments on your e-book will also be very important.Good comments about your published Kindle ebook can make you a millionaire, so take this as a serious topic for earning money.

One question!How will people know about your e-book?

There are many ways to popularize your Amazon Kindle book.

You can directly publish your ebook on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram etc. There are two other search platforms like Pinterest and Quora to push a customer to buy your e-book.

Think about where you can find an audience that will be more interested in the topic of your e-book.Emphasize more about that place.

If you have a good budget, you can run an ad on Facebook or Google, but make sure your spend isn't greater than your return.

Once you start making money fast through Kindle, don't stop.Create another Kindle ebook and start selling for more revenue.

Earning potential: $50-$500 per day. 

The best ways to make money at home

Do you feel comfortable making money from home?If yes, then this is for you.Take advantage of the benefits of the money-making ideas below and learn how to make money.

25. Testing websites for money

It is an excellent opportunity for those who know the computer very well.You will try the website and get paid.

You can think of it as an online job at home, which can make you money online without investment.

Your task would simply be to check the website and check for errors, visitor experiences, website navigation, broken website pages, website loading time, etc.

The activity may take as little as 20 minutes.It can be lower if you are a professional in checking websites.

You can easily earn $30 hours online from home.Make sure you have a fast internet connection.

You'll need a computer or tablet to perform a task and share your opinions and suggestions for improvements.

And xpected Earnings: $40-$120 per day.

26. Become an accountant to make money at home

An accountant does an accounting job that normally earns $20-$50 an hour.Hourly earnings may depend more on experience.

Anyone can become an accountant and start earning from home or office.You can earn more by working from home.

There are many ways to get clients for your accounting business.

  • Create an account on Freelance sites.Here, the client will approach you to give you an accounting job.
  • Search for companies on Google and send them an email that you can manage their accounting work.
  • Advertise or post on Facebook and Linkedin that you've started an accounting business.
  • Visit the offices to get an accounting job.
  • Ask your friend who can use their connections.

The more clients you get, the more work you will receive and eventually the money you will earn.

Make sure you are not overworked otherwise you may fail to provide good service to your customers.

And xpected Earnings: $100-$200 per day.

27. Web design activities

Making money with web design is very popular.And this is due to the fact that many people prefer to visit a website for assistance.

There is no age limit to become a web designer.Anyone can learn and start earning money quickly from web design.

Anyone who does a startup, usually looks for a web designer for the online presence of their business.

You can charge good money just by working from home.

And xpected Earnings: $40-$100 per day.

28. Become an interior designer

If you are good at designing or want to become an interior designer, you can earn well.

An interior designer takes a contract with builders or construction companies.There are many interior design companies that will only pay you to carry out projects for residential or commercial buildings.

And xpected Earnings: $30-$150 per day.

29. Start working from home

There are several ways to earn money from home even by working part-time.

You can create a blog, get paid to participate in online surveys, affiliate marketing, data entry work, start a Youtube channel, and much more.

If someone wants to earn extra money, they have to invest their time learning new things and start working from home.

You may find it difficult, but it is temporary.Once you have learned things, it will become easier for you to accomplish a task in a short time.

I also find challenges, but as time goes on, things get easier.

Earning potential: $50-$150 per day.

30. Make money at home as a proofreader

Make money at home as a proofreader

Make money at home as a proofreader

You can earn good money by proofreading for others and highlighting content errors.

Join Bonsai and start doing online proofreading and earn money online for free.If you are good at finding a mistake, then this is the right career path for you.

Many writers entrust their work to a proofreader to make sure there are no grammar, spelling, or framing errors in their writing.

You can upload based on the number of words and your experience.If you're doing a job, doing it as part-time won't be a challenge.

And xpected Earnings: $50-$130 per day.

31. Graphic design

If you love design, you will definitely love this job.Graphic design work can be done part-time from home.

There are various platforms where you can register and start your own graphic design business.

Here, people will contact you to get their graphic design work done.

It can be the creation of a logo, banner, letterhead, business cards, receipt structure, billboards, image editing and much more.

You just have to mention the skills you have and based on these you will be assigned a job.The more you create a reputation for your business, the more you will definitely earn money at home.Hence, provide quality work to grow fast.

Expected earnings : between $70 and $100 per day.

32. SEO (search engine optimization) expert

An SEO expert helps bloggers and websites rank on Google and other search engines.

This is an activity where you are required to learn and know how the search engine works, what are the parameters that can bring the web page to the top of the search ranking.

You can make money from home by doing SEO for your customers.If you already know SEO, you can start blogging and earn more for yourself.

Or join Bonsai and start your own business.It is a freelance platform where you will get clients.

Expected earnings: $50 to $200 per day.

Simple ways to make money on the side

There are many ideas for making money on the side to get rid of the money problem.If you are still looking for a secondary income, use the ideas below and learn techniques to make money fast.

33. Digital marketing for others

There are many companies that outsource their online marketing work to digital marketing professionals.

You can make money fast by helping others grow online.You can also start your own blog to promote your work in a professional way.

It's a great place to start your digital marketing business.

You can give them services or suggestions for money.The gain can be $ 100 per day or more.

If you're doing a job, work part-time from home, but make sure you complete your task on time.

And xpected Earnings: $100-$200 per day.

34. Swell Investing – Growing Stock

Want to start making money fast with the most impactful companies on the stock market? Swell investing creates a portfolio and invests your money in multiple companies such as renewable energy, green technology, zero waste, health, clean water and disease eradication companies.

They find high-growth companies in these industries and invest your money for maximum return on investment.

Swell Investing works best for long-term investments that can lead you to financial freedom.

Earning potential: up to 30% return on investment.

35. Become a freelance writer

If you are good at writing, then why don't you use your writing skills and earn money as a freelance writer.

You can make quick money by writing a blog post for yourself or others and earn $100 fast every day or even more.

You can work from home and make money fast today simply by writing good content.You don't need to be a professional writer.Basic English with good grammar is more than enough.

People will pay you based on the quality of writing you provided.You can charge a higher cost for express delivery.

And xpected Earnings: $80-$110 per day.

36. Rent a car

You can rent your car and earn money from the Getaround app. 

People who want to make money with driving will buy your rental car through this app.

You just have to mark your car available for drivers.The gain will depend on the type of car you are renting.

Getaround also offers insurance coverage for any damage caused during car rental (conditions apply).

And xpected Earnings: $50-$60 per day.

37. Write resumes to make money on the side

Do you know how to write a resume or do you have some basic knowledge?

Many freelancers earn $100 a day simply by helping others build their resumes.

You can create your own website or list yourself to find work.You can also let others know about your work on WhatsApp, Facebook, or other social networking sites.

People love to give their resume writing work that has good reviews because they want to create a first impression on the employer through a resume.

You need to make sure that your work has good reviews online.The more people appreciate your work, the more money you'll earn by writing your CV.

And xpected Earnings: $30-$70 per day.

38. Earn rewards from your brands

You can earn rewards by shopping for your lifestyle.

The Groupon app keeps track of your purchases and automatically credits rewards that can be converted into a gift card from famous brands.

Groupon will also allow you to select merchants to receive cash prizes.Select the merchant you use frequently.

You need to add your debit or credit card.Then, every time you buy something from your selected merchant, a reward point is added.You don't have to do anything.It is an automated process.

You can also refer it to your friends to get money for reporting.

And xpected Earnings: $40-$50 per day.

39. Computer/laptop repair

Computer repair for money

Computer repair for money

If you're computer savvy, making quick money repairing computers should be the best business idea for you.

There are many people who always find a person who knows the computer very well.You can also upload them to format and set up a computer and install apps.

Computers usually stop responding due to hardware or software issues.You can make errands from replacing these things.

Displaying banners in the public area is the most effective way to earn money by repairing a computer.And the important thing is to show a very low cost that attracts people's attention.

And xpected Earnings: $100-$175 per day.

40. Teach others about driving

You can earn extra money simply by teaching people to drive a car for their license.

Spending a few hours a day can easily get you $100 by earning fast or more.The people you teach can join you in their spare time to learn how to drive.

If you help them become a good driver, then they will definitely recommend you to others.

This is how people will contact you based on recommendations and reviews about you.

And xpected Earnings: $60-$150 per day.

41. Part-time work

If you are already doing a full-time job, but want to earn extra money, you can work part-time and start earning more.

There are two easy ways to make money doing a part-time job.

  • Start your own part-time business
  • Work part-time for others.

I have written a detailed post about working from home that will give you an idea of the field to choose.

If you already have a skill, use it to make money quickly from home.Help others in the task you know well.

Expected earnings: $40-$60 per day at the initial stage.Running your own side business may give you less money, but it will pay you the most in the future.

42. Mystery Shopping

A mystery shopping is something like you will be asked to visit a supermarket and check out their services.

You will give your feedback based on the things you try at the supermarket.

Being a mystery shopper, it is not mandatory to buy a product.If you buy something, you can return it to the store to check the return/refund service.

Expected earnings: $3-$12 per visit.

Ways to make extra money fast

We left a lot of money on the table, this is because we do not take advantage of the opportunities and ways to make extra money quickly, it may be due to carelessness.

But still, we have a chance to find out how to earn extra money.Check out the tips below and take the chance.

43. Cashback (earn money and prizes)

There are many companies that provide extra cashback on many items purchased.It can be your household groceries or your lifestyle.

Cashback can vary from 10% to 80%.

I mentioned some reliable and useful companies that help people get a refund.Join these companies and save your hard-earned money.

You can easily earn money with your receipt which can be more than $20 per day online for free.So, take 5 minutes of your time to see offers or cashback vouchers before buying anything.

You can't imagine how much savings you can make with cashback offers.You can reuse that cashback for the next month's expenses.It means that you will make purchases almost for free using cashback.

A billionaire Warren Buffett has a habit of using cashback, coupons and vouchers, so why don't you?

And xpected Earnings: $5-$30 per day.

44. Stop automatic money deduction to save money

Do you still pay for a service you no longer use?You may not be aware of any services you have subscribed to and they are automatically deducting money from your bank account or credit card.

Trim will help you stop the automatic money deduction by providing your subscription list.

Extra subscriptions can affect your pocket, and if you calculate it annually, it can become a large number.It is a total loss.

Trim will scan your subscription and show you the number of services you've subscribed to in the past and help you unsubscribe from services you're no longer using.

45. Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

Want free Amazon gift cards?

There are some reliable platforms where you can get free Amazon gift cards and creative ways to make money fast online.

Swagbucks $5-$10 bonus upon signup (earn extra money by answering surveys, shopping, playing games, browsing the web, and watching videos).

MyPoints – Answer online surveys and earn extra cash plus free shopping gift cards.

Shopkick: Make regular purchases through Shopkick and get free Amazon gift cards.Do your normal shopping as you do every month.

Expected earnings: $20-$80 per day.

46. Sell items that aren't in use

You must have things that are not in use.You can sell items on eBay and earn $100 quickly from home.

Due to too many unusable things, people find space problems at home.Also, your house looks very small since those things covered open spaces.

The other reason to sell items online is because we humans shop.The product we bought today may be that we stop using it after some time and buy other trending items.

It is better to sell such things that are not in use.In addition, there are many people looking for a used item to buy at a discount.

And xpected Earn: $20 -$120.

47. Sell old books

If you have a book you've already read, it's best to sell it online on Amazon or eBay.

Become a seller and list your books to earn extra money.People prefer to buy a used book at a discounted price.

It's a good way to make quick money today by selling used books online.

So, from next time, buy a used book and sell it as soon as you finish reading it.Always think of such creative ideas that save money and make money quickly.And seize business opportunities whenever you have them.

And xpected Earnings: $20-$60 per day.

48. Start a car wash business

Start your own car wash business with a small investment and earn $100 a day.

Car wash is one of the high-margin activities.Washing a car takes just 15-20 minutes and 10 minutes to dry.

The only thing needed is the liquid for washing the car, the water pressure machine and a dryer (optional).You can charge extra to use enamel to shine.

Take advantage of your contacts and ask them to target you and get a discount.It will be more effective if you share a small part of the profit on the reference customers.

It's a business and you have to think like a businessman.There's nothing wrong with taking favor with your family or friends.

And xpected Earnings: $80-$200 per day.

49. Advertise on your car

I have seen many cars promote a particular company on their car.Most of the time you will notice a car brand or a promotion of car services.

If you have a car and want to earn extra money, you can contact car advertising services and get an ad about your car.

This will add extra money to your weekly income.

And xpected Earnings: $20-$50 per day.

50. Car repair for extra money

How many cars do you see on the road?Many on the right!

If you know how to repair a car, believe me, you can make money turning cars.Yes, you need contacts, space, and tools to start a business.

There is a huge demand for a car repairer, and this job also pays more money than other jobs.

You can learn how to repair a car by entering a car garage as a part-time helper.As soon as you learn and have a confidant to repair the technical problems of the car, then you are ready to start your repair business.

And xpected Earnings: $120-$300 per day.

51. Become a personal trainer

Are you good at any task or do you have skills you can teach someone?

You can become a personal trainer for health and fitness, English language, computers, school studies and many more.

Training people will earn you extra money and this can also help you get rid of the financial problem.

Being a personal trainer, you will earn on an hourly basis.

And xpected Earnings: $30 -$130 per day.

Challenges to earn fast

Earning $100 a day is possible if you work full-time.Although you can still earn some good money by working part-time.

If you're already doing a 9-5 job, it may be difficult for you to earn $100.

The gain can be high or low.You can earn or not the same amount of money all the time.So, you'd better try more than one money-making idea.

Share your ideas in the comments section below!