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5 Benefits of Creating an Online Community for Your Business

Thinking about building an online community for your business?There are several ways to create an online community.For example, you can use your company's blog, create a forum, or start a Facebook group.

Recently, our WPBeginner team created a Facebook group called WPBeginner Engage, a WordPress group for non-techies.

But creating an online community for your brand takes time and effort.Is it really worth it?

The answer is a resounding yes.

Here are 5 benefits of building an online community for your business.

1. Build Social Proof

Imagine creating a Facebook group for your brand and getting 20,000 members.This makes your company great.When others see that your company is amazing enough to have an online community with so many active members, they will want to join and become a customer too.This is social proof in action.

You can promote your online community on your website and let visitors to your domain know how many members your group has, similar to how blogger Helene in Between does this below by promoting the number of email subscribers she has.

Image sourceThis shows your website visitors that your online community is worth joining and that your business is worthy of their business.

As you can see, social proof will not only help you grow your online community even more, but it can also skyrocket conversions for your business.

2. Gather valuable feedback

Having an online community allows you to interact directly with your audience and customers.With this kind of close relationship and interaction, you can find out exactly what your audience thinks and get valuable customer feedback.

Asking for feedback from customers and your audience will make them feel like important members of your community.In addition, you can use this feedback to further improve your product/service and grow your business.

For example, this radio station created a poll on Facebook to find out if their listeners wanted to listen to Christmas music in November.

Image source

With an active online community, it's easy to get feedback from your audience.And with that valuable feedback, you can give your audience exactly what they want.

3. Learn more about the audience

Asking for feedback from customers is a great way to improve your business.But you don't always have to ask your customers what they think.Sometimes you can relax and watch interactions in your online community.

Knowing your audience inside and out is necessary if you want to build a relationship with them, create marketing messages that resonate with them, and encourage them to buy from you.And your online community is the perfect opportunity to learn more about your audience.

Pay attention to the conversations your members have with others and the type of content they share in the group.This will help you discover the interests and weaknesses of your audience.You can then use that information to create content that is more relevant to them.

4. Increase customer loyalty

Creating an online community offers a sense of exclusivity for your customers.They will feel like part of something special, which will make them feel more connected to your company.And when your customers feel connected to your business and other members of your online community, they'll be more loyal to your business.

Also, being part of an online community requires a bit of dedication; Users must strive to join the community (even if they simply provide their email address or click a button) and spend time interacting in the community, sometimes checking in every day.Because of this dedication, your customers will be less likely to shop or leave you for a competitor.

5. Create brand advocates

Having an online community not only increases customer loyalty, but can also help you build brand advocates.Brand advocates are one step ahead of loyal customers.Brand advocates scream from the rooftops how much they love your product/service and promote your business for you.

Think Starbucks.Their customers love their products so much that they often post them on social media.

Image source

The kind of word-of-mouth promotion and user-generated content you get from brand advocates will help your business attract a lot of new customers.After all, 92% of consumers say they trust word of mouth or recommendations from friends and family, especially other forms of advertising.

To you

In addition to these 5 benefits, there are many other benefits to building an online community for your business such as driving more traffic to your site, getting more user-generated content, increasing new customer acquisition, and more. So, what are you waiting for?Start building an online community for your business today.

Syed Balkhi is an award-winning entrepreneur and online marketing expert.He is co-founder of OptinMonster, WPBevinener, MonsterInsights, and WPForms.