Month: March 2020

Brand Marketing: The Ultimate Guide for Fascinated Customers

You are sitting all well and comfortably on your sofa, your eyes glued to the screen. Eating popcorn you're waiting for Harry Potter to grab his wand and say the magic words. "Brand Leviosa!" Wait what? Exact marketing companion. This is the very special episode in which Harry Moo-tter modifies your marketing strategies, revealing the […]

Email Automation (email automation) : the 3 most effective Email Marketing WorFlows

Email automation is the most interesting. Seriously. I mean, think about it. * Warning – Explosion from the past * Remember those 80s rage movies with guys working on square computers with 3D graphics spinning and weird beep sounds doing all the work at the push of a few buttons? And were we devouring these […]

Increase your business sales by $$$% with Referral Marketing

When it comes to growing your business by increasing customer acquisition and sales, referral marketing is something businesses don't invest enough resources in. Referral marketing encourages customers to share your brand with people they know offline and online through a word-of-mouth marketing strategy, unlike more traditional marketing means. Word of mouth is incentivized with referral […]

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