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11 reasons why your search engine rankings are collapsing

Let's take a look at the rankings and the role they play in the SEO game. There is no doubt that they greatly affect the overall success of your business.Rankings drive traffic to your site that leads to emails, phone calls, and ultimately sales.



It can be a scary experience when your first business venture collapses without any reasonable explanation.You were the king of the hill, courting search engines and sales figures alike. Now suddenly the flow stopped and you left wondering what went wrong.You can sit back and obsess meticulously over the details, but if you want to know how to fix things, you need to follow the path already taken.

The mountain you are trying to climb has had visitors before.All you have to do is follow some simple tips and you can take the path already marked and avoid unnecessary pitfalls.

While rankings aren't the only tool with which to measure your SEO, they're a good place to start. There is a reasonable explanation as to why your site fell and today I will explain everything to you.If you want to know the 12 most important reasons why your rankings go down, follow me!

Monitoring bad rankings

The new technology allows users to express their questions in search engines and the trend is towards complete sentences.This is spilling over into typing questions, and natural language is taking over the market.If you're just tracking a few keywords in your rankings, then maybe you need to broaden your horizons and go with the natural flow.Expanding your tracking efforts to reflect user habits is very important in developing your business, and your SEO will reflect your attention.Here's a tip: Take a look at your keyword strategy and update it to incorporate current phrases and emerging new keywords.

Fluctuations happen

Don't worry too much about your SEO report and Google rankings.It is important to take them into consideration as it applies to the overall well-being of your company.However, specific results can vary greatly depending on your computer, location, and time.It is normal for Google rankings to fluctuate.Other variables also come into play, which can affect the overall picture.If you're having trouble understanding discrepancies in your rankings, you may simply need to hang it up on Google Dance and let other more important parts of your business take up your time and attention.

New website

A new design is very similar to planting a seed in the garden.It takes time for it to grow, sprout and finally blossom.You have to expect that the launch of a new design will lead to a sharp drop in your rankings.Your readers are used to looking for a particular logo or brand design that allows them to identify your service.What you will fight against is a hesitation in giving up what is old and familiar, but after 1-2 months you will see them slowly arrive and even come to appreciate your new design compared to the previous one.

You may want to implement a proper 301 redirect plan to minimize any significant drop in rankings and ensure your site is well optimized before launching.The main thing to keep in mind is that keeping things fresh and new takes courage and you have to expect things to fall off before they really take off.The break before the storm, so to speak!

A new design on your website

Patience will get you through many crises and you have to learn to make jumps and falls with ease.It's just bumps along the way.Make it a priority to invest heavily in SEO best practices.This will protect you when your first web design crashes or your redesign effort plummets in the rankings after covering a coveted coveted for several weeks.Failure is as much a part of the journey as success. Broadening your perspective and keeping the long term in mind means taking a shot or two here and there.Your creativity and ingenuity might list you as number one, but if you suddenly fall and drop a step or two, keep calm and let it roll off your shoulders.It's just a momentary loss, and recovery simply means reaching to the next bar and pulling back upwards.

Very low quality links

As a strategy to protect traffic and subsequent subscriptions, companies fell on mercy to a unique niche company that offered to create multiple connections for lower basement prices.The market was flooded with low-quality links that often led to dead space, and the term "spam search engine" was born.

In an attempt to correct the situation, search engines like Google continually update their systems in hopes of discouraging this practice.Google forces you to "make every effort to clean up unnatural links pointing to your site." Where this is not feasible, you have the option to deny links that you believe are unsuitable.

Lost Good Links

Losing high-quality links often has a direct impact on your rankings.Your job is to regain yardage by refocusing your efforts on building and attracting high-level links to your site.That's where amazing content can certainly come into play. You might even think about using a number of helpful tips.As long as your reader finds value in what you have to offer, you're sure to have their attention.By refining your content quality, you begin to build a solid platform with which you inspire trust and credibility within your readers.

Hosting can affect rankings

You get what you pay for!When you invest in a reputable company to host your content, you are making a deposit into your future.A server that understands the meaning of quality and is not overwhelmed by the demands of another 5000 websites is what you want to work for yourself.The user experience directly affects your position in search engines.Browsers appreciate those sites that allow easy navigation with fast page load times.Keep this in mind when making all the important choices on which platform to host your material.Quality comes at a cost, so invest in your business and allow yourself to ride the wave of success!


The competition stops for now man or website, as appropriate.SEO is an integral part of your business and should be seen as an ongoing investment in your overall success. There is only one first prize.Due to constant updates and revisions, websites are constantly looking for that sacred place at the top of the heap.The competition pushes us all to excel and dig deeper, but it also means that your site will never be fully optimized without the constant contribution of experts and SEO professionals.

Google Update

It is better to follow the rules!Google is constantly updating its server to improve the overall user experience.With this often comes new protocols that require compliance.Those who do not adhere to the new mandates of the system will not be supported by Google and the parish at the hands of negative rankings.

To avoid such a fate, be sure to follow Google's Webmaster Guidelines and adhere to white hat SEO tactics.If you keep best practices at the forefront, consistent traffic will be your reward for now and three years into the future.

Google's honeymoon is over

It is not uncommon for a relatively new site to experience rapid popularity combined with very high rankings.Like many other things, reality begins to work overtime and the honeymoon period comes to an end.It can be puzzling when you experience a spike like this only to be followed by a drastic fall that leaves you wondering.However, this is predictable and is simply a natural part of the process.The place where you land is probably a more realistic reflection of your ranking ability.Not to say that you will not advance, but only that this is your real base camp with which to start your trek on the mountainside.

Google Sandbox effect started

New sites are steadily increasing and falling. While staying on top is exciting, being allocated to the proverbial sandbox can make you feel like you've been sent back to kindergarten and need to relearn the basics.And maybe that's exactly what needs to happen.When you've weathered the storm and experienced the "Google Sandbox Effect" firsthand, it's time to reevaluate your strategy.Commit to creating great content and looking for inbound links to high authority.It's a good idea to start slowly with low-competition keywords and give Google the opportunity to witness the transformation on its own. Everyone eventually leaves the kindergarten and the sandbox only a temporary land!

Now I hope you've learned a little about what not to do!The mistakes mentioned above are extremely common, however this is just a short list to give you an idea of where to start.The rest is up to you!Please share your thoughts and ideas below.We want to know where you went wrong and help us make the journey easier for those who continue to walk in our footsteps!