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10 Legit Sites Online Where You Can Watch Ads in Exchange for Money (2019)

Want to watch ads for money?

You should, because it could very well be the easiest way to make money online. Seriously.

You can watch them in the background while doing other things, so it's like free money.

You can get paid to watch videos on your smartphone or laptop.

Just note: wherever you have to have easy money, scams follow.So, pay attention to the sites you visit to see money ads.

With a little dedication and patience, you can actually make a good amount of money.(You can also redeem your earnings for free Amazon gift cards or from other retailers.)

10 Legit Ways to Watch Money Ads in 2019

Watch ads for money

Watch ads for money

Let's start with the most profitable way of watching advertising for money: with Swagbucks .

Note: If you sign up today, you will receive a $10 bonus.

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is considered one of the most reliable and legitimate ways to earn money online, period.For good reason, too.

They have an A rating with the Better Business Bureau and an average rating of 8.4 on Trustpilot.

And you can make money fast by watching videos on their platform.

YouTube stream gamer

YouTube stream gamerContent varies, from sporting events and news to sponsored videos and more.

But you're not limited to that.You can also make money by surfing the web, surveying for money, or making money by playing.

It is one of the best apps to make money with PayPal, get free gift cards, and more.

They are one of the most popular Get-Paid-To (GPT) sites to earn extra money online.

2. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is another of the best online survey sites.

Founded in 2000, the company has paid millions to its members.They also have an A+ rating from the BBB (Better Business Bureau).

Insider Tip: You can keep videos running in the background while you work.

If you like watching videos, this will be a perfect way to get paid. InboxDollars offers a $5 registration once the profile survey is completed.

3. is another reputable rewards website.

You can watch ads for money at home or on the go.They will likely be a mix of movie trailers, trailers from different apps, and popular videos.

You just have to visit their websites (or Google Play Store or App Store).They also offer various apps that you can download and install on your smartphone.

Other things you can do to earn extra money on include shopping online, playing games, taking surveys, completing word search puzzles, and answering trivia questions.

4. MyPoints

MyPoints is another popular reward site.

Like the other sites mentioned, it offers its members the ability to accumulate virtual by taking surveys and other different ways.

When they have accumulated enough points, panelists can then exchange them for prizes or cash that will be deposited directly into your PayPal account.

Some of the funny videos you might want to watch include gossip from Hollywood, Golden Globes coverage, and of course, advertising.

In addition to watching videos, in other ways you can earn some extra money on MyPoints including playing games, participating in surveys, printing coupons, playing games, searching the web, shopping online and much more.

The minimum withdrawal amount at MyPoints is $25.In addition, you will receive a $10 sign-up bonus once you complete your MyPoints profile.

5. Netflix

Netflix has become one of the best entertainment channels, but the fact is that most people still don't know that they can actually make money by watching Netflix.Of course, I didn't believe it at first, but Netflix is an easy way to watch videos for money.

Netflix periodically hires "taggers" to watch their videos and tag them in their programming to provide accurate recommendations to other Netflix members.

These jobs don't come regularly, but make sure they're there.When there are open positions, Netflix puts them on their job board.

This work takes long hours, but if you enjoy watching something Netflix has to offer, this can be a great opportunity to earn some extra cash.

6. Viggle

Viggle is another money-making app that pays you by watching TV shows.You simply "tap the app" every time you stream to Amazon, Netflix or Hulu or simply watch your favorite TV shows.

You'll earn Viggle points for every hour you spend watching videos.Generally, you will earn one point per minute, as well as many different types of bonuses.

You'll find that some TV shows on Viggle are worth 10 times bonus – this means you have the opportunity to earn 10 points per minute.

In addition, you can earn more points when interacting with your friends and making comments on the shows.

The Viggle app can be downloaded on Android and iOS devices.

When you have enough points, you can redeem them for free gift cards, money, or rewards.

7. AppNana

AppNana is one of the most popular apps that rewards you for downloading and testing different apps.

Other ways to earn points on AppNana include playing games and viewing paid advertising.

Points earned with AppNana are called "Nanas". Once you have enough Nanas, you can redeem them for paid apps, gift cards, or cash via PayPal.

The most interesting thing about AppNana is that members are rewarded by simply visiting the app every day.

You will earn 400 Nanas every single day when you visit the app.

Overall, AppNana is 100% safe to use and one of the most legitimate apps you can use to earn extra money on the side hustle.

8. Slidejoy

Slidejoy is another fantastic way to earn money by watching ads on your smartphone.

This app is unique in its own way – unlike other video watching apps, your phone needs to be locked to work properly.Slidejoy unlocks ads the moment you open your smartphone.

So, how does Slidejoy work?

When you download and activate the app, you will receive a prompt to view the news or quick advertisements from Slidejoy.

You'll have two options: (a) swipe left to see ads or news; and (b) swipe right to ignore the announcement and unlock your phone and do whatever you're going to do.

The more content you view through Slidejoy, the more points you accumulate in your account.Slidejoy is only available for download for Android users in the Google Play Store.

9. FusionCash

FusionCash is another reliable website that you can watch advertisements for money.It's been around for quite some time since it started in 2005 and has an A+ rating at the Better Business Bureau.

In addition to watching video ads, other ways to earn money include taking surveys, reading emails, signing up for trial deals, answering questions, listening to the radio, and much more.

There are no processing fees that can consume your earnings.After accumulating enough points, you can get your money through PayPal, direct deposits to your bank account or check delivered by mail.

FusionCash rewards new users with a $5 sign-up bonus once the sign-up process is completed.The sign-up process will take more than a couple of minutes to complete.The minimum withdrawal threshold is $25.

10. AppTrailer

AppTrailers is another great website that pays you to watch movie trailers or short clips.

Apart from trailers, you can also get paid to watch music, videos, TMZ videos, and many more.

To become a member, you simply need to download the free mobile app.

The app is available for both Android devices on Google Play Store and iTunes App Store.

Then you can create an account using social media or your email address.

You can redeem points earned through PayPal or gift card from different retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, Sephora, iTunes, etc. Overall, AppTrailers is a legitimate and simple way to watch advertisements in exchange for money.

Summary: Watch ads for money

If you like watching videos, this can be a great way to get paid to watch them.The most interesting thing about this side hustle and bustle is that you do not need a specialist.There are no qualifications or requirements and you can do it wherever you are during your free time.So why not give it a try?